Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Young Master Mu Is Here

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Nan Zhi was wearing a red shirt and cropped pants today. Her shirt was tucked into her pants and a thin belt was tied around her waist.

The two rotten eggs slid down from the chest of her shirt and the disgusting smell floated in the air.

Lin Wanyue took a box of tissues and handed it to Nan Zhi, then picked up the microphone to calm the emotional audience down.

After the audience had quietened down and sat back in their seats, Lin Wanyue motioned for Nan Zhi to sit by her side.

The interview continued.

Lin Wanyue asked Nan Zhi, “What’s your explanation for the online reports saying that you are the one who caused Nan Yao’s miscarriage?”

Nan Zhi glanced coldly at Ding Shuman and Nan Yao sitting opposite and gave a careless smirk. “Nan Yao, do you dare to say in front of the audience that the miscarriage was caused by me, or that the child inside your stomach was a stillborn fetus?”

The audience erupted into a huge ruckus.

Nan Yao’s expression changed and the hands on her knees curled into fists. “Nan Zhi, what nonsense are you talking about?”

No, except for Dr. Lee and her, nobody knew that the child inside her had no fetal heart.

Ding Shuman couldn’t bear it any longer. She said angrily, “Nan Zhi, you put mifepristone tablets in Yaoyao’s juice and caused her to miscarry. How could you still deny it so shamelessly?”

There was another uproar in the audience.

Looking at the reports, everybody thought that it was Nan Zhi who had pushed Nan Yao and caused her to miscarriage, but it was actually abortion drugs.

This was too vicious!

Nan Zhi ignored Ding Shuman’s words and took out a B-scan from her pocket. “Nan Yao, your checkup scan is here. 12 weeks pregnant, the endometrium and gestational sac is about 5.2 cm in size. The embryo was visible but no movement of the primitive heart tube. The ultrascan prompts to consider abortion!”

“If the embryo stopped developing at the twelfth week, you have to abort it.” Nan Zhi smirked. “You already knew that you couldn’t keep the child, so you wanted to use my hand to cause your miscarriage during the wedding banquet. That way, you can successfully abort the child and can put all the blame on me. Nan Yao, I admit it’s really clever, since you’d be killing two birds with one stone!”

Nan Yao’s face paled and she kept shaking her head. “No, I didn’t.” Why did Nan Zhi have her B-scan? The only possibility was when she came to the house to apologize to her and spilled tea over her…

So that was the perfect chance to look for that checkup scan.

Damn Nan Zhi, how did she figure it out? Why was it that after four years, Nan Zhi was even more clever and difficult to deal with?

“Nan Yao, you recently had two transactions with Dr. Lee from the city hospital. Do you need me to reveal the transfer records?”

Nan Yao’s expression changed. “You know Dr. Lee?” As soon as the words came out, Nan Yao knew that she had revealed herself.

Ding Shuman did not expect Nan Yao to hide such a thing from her. After all that trouble, she could not let Nan Zhi off that easily.

Ding Shuman pressed Nan Yao’s arm, signalling her to stop talking. Ding Shuman stood up and said aggressively, “Nan Zhi, don’t try to change the topic. Yaoyao miscarried because she drank your abortion drug. I know you are cunning, but I didn’t expect you to be so wicked and unethical. If you’ve done something, you should have the courage to admit it…”

Before Ding Shuman could finish, the door of the studio was suddenly pushed open.

The people on the stage and the audience looked towards the door.

More than a dozen tall bodyguards in suits and leather shoes with earphones, came in with an extraordinary aura. They stood in two uniform rows, their heads bowed towards the person behind them.

Soon enough, strong footsteps could be heard.

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