Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Jealous

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This atmosphere was too enchanting. Nan Zhi’s heart thumped as she stared into Mu Sihan’s black eyes that were so deep that they seemed to be able to swallow a person’s heart.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, when he suddenly leaned down. His cool lips pressed against hers with a force that she could not fight against.

Nan Zhi froze. Taking advantage of her surprise, he took the chance to enter her mouth. His scorching tongue went past her moist lips, his lips pulsing with heat as he explored her soft fragrance.

Both of their breathing was a little heavy. His large palm pulled her towel away conveniently and his warm palm wrapped around one of her creamy white breasts.

Her heart beat sped up.

“Your heart seems like it’s about to jump out.” The man’s voice was low and hoarse.

Nan Zhi almost suffocated from his kiss. She panted as she said in both embarrassment and anger, “That’s because I’m afraid and rejecting it.”

Mu Sihan squinted his deep black eyes a little. There was a wild wickedness on his extremely handsome face. “Is that so? Let me check.”

With that said, his well-defined long fingers reached towards her abdomen before she could react.

Nan Zhi wanted to pull the towel over to cover herself, but he was faster.

“Mu Sihan!” Nan Zhi was very angry as she glanced at the bulge down below from the corner of her eye. “Didn’t you say you were crippled?”

Mu Sihan rubbed himself on her. “I only have a reaction with heavy petting. It would be like this with just a kiss in the past. It’s not like that now.”

What kind of reason is that?

Did he want her to be naked in front of him and let him pet her to his heart was satisfied?

She had never met someone who found such reasons, even when he was acting like a gangster.

“You go and heavy pet your girlfriend then!” Her hands were fisted as she pushed his shoulders with strength.

Both of Mu Sihan’s arms were placed on the sides of her head to support himself. He stared at her from above. His black eyes were filled with interest as he stared at her reddened face. “Are you jealous?”

Nan Zhi was astounded. What nonsense was he spouting now? Clearly she had different morals from him. It was impossible for them to talk properly.

Her expression hardened. “Let go of me!”

Mu Sihan’s black eyes darkened slightly. He hugged her suddenly and flipped them over.

Now he was at the bottom and she was on top.

Her slender waist was held down by him strong hands and she couldn’t move. “Didn’t you ask me to leave? Why are you straddling me?”

The towel around her was not clasped properly and her chest was completely exposed. Together with his strong reaction, she blushed from her ears to her neck from having been poked by him ruthlessly. How was he crippled?! It was clearly functioning fine!

“Mu Sihan, you’re the most shameless and perverted man I’ve ever met!”

His grip on her waist was locked and she could not get out of it no matter what she did. She did not want to continue this ambiguous situation with him, so she changed the topic. “Have you taken your medicine?”

The heated ambiguous and pink atmosphere earlier was broken by her one sentence.

Mu Sihan lifted his hand and pinched her cheek ruthlessly. “If I didn’t take them, I would have forced myself on you, since I’m erect now.”

Nan Zhi’s long and dense eyelashes trembled. “I want to tell you something about my uncle.”

Mu Sihan let go of his grip on Nan Zhi’s slender waist. He sat up on the bed as his expression hardened. “What do you want to say?”

Nan Zhi got down from the bed and said quickly, “I believe Ding Shuman’s words. I might really not be Nan Weiye’s daughter. To be honest, I’ve always thought that Nan Weiye definitely had something to do with the decline of my maternal grandfather’s family. I just couldn’t think of a reason why he would do it before. But now, I understand.

“He’s always been selfish and had a narrow mind. He did not love my mother truly and could not accept that I’m not his biological daughter. I suspect that my uncle’s accident is related to him. I heard from Auntie He that my uncle had a very high alcohol tolerance. I believe that something went wrong to cause him to hit your adopted father’s car!”

Immediately after she finished speaking, Nan Zhi ran to the bathroom again. To be honest, she was very afraid that Mu Sihan’s illness would act up again and that he would torture her.

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