Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Hes Been Very Close To Other Women Lately

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Nan Zhi usually did not like to care about such trivial things. Among her friends, if she lost out or was taken advantage of, as long as it didn’t cross her bottom line, she could tolerate it. To her, friendship was worth more than these things.

When they were still studying, Qin Yubing’s family was not that well-off and borrowed a lot of money from her, but Nan Zhi had never asked her to pay it back.

Except for the four years she was abroad, she had given Qin Yubing enough concern and care.

But all she received back in return was ruthless harm and cruel betrayal.

It felt terrible.

Xia Yanran looked at Nan Zhi’s red eyes and reached out, pulling her into her arms. “It’s better to have seen through her now. In fact, some people are like this. Zhizhi, you gave your everything, but she still felt that you were not good enough, and even took it all for granted, like it was expected and as if you owed her something.”

Nan Zhi leaned into Xia Yanran’s arms and cried silently.

She understood the reason but there was still a numb pain that spread out of her chest.

“Zhizhi, about today’s news, did Young Master Mu really sleep with Qin Yubing?”

Nan Zhi raised her head from Xia Yanran’s arms and sniffed her slightly red nose. “Qin Yubing must have been tricked by Mu Sihan. The person from the photos wasn’t him at all. I thought it was him at first but after looking at the photos carefully, that man in the photos has a small black mole on his ear. Mu Sihan didn’t have one.”

Xia Yanran looked at Nan Zhi’s serious expression and could not help but tease her. “Tsk, tsk, you observe him very closely huh!” Who would have known such a small detail if they weren’t intimate?

Nan Zhi blushed and pinched Xia Yanran’s arm. “Don’t laugh at me. By the way, I haven’t asked you, where did you go that night in Flower Island? Did Xiao Yi force you?”

The moment Xiao Yi was mentioned, Xia Yanran’s face paled unconsciously.

Recently, he was always calling her in the middle of the night. After she blocked him, he would call Junyuan and when Junyuan picked up the call, he wouldn’t speak.

She was afraid that he would bother Junyuan so she had to remove him from her blacklist. He was forcing her to breakup with Yi Fan.

Those who had struggled in the dark abyss were especially eager for sunshine and warmth. Yi Fan could give her those feelings that she was greedy and thirsted for. Her soul yearned for someone like him.

She really did not want to repeat that grey period from three years ago, but the devil was dragging her into the abyss.

“Zhizhi, it’s between Xiao Yi and me so don’t intervene. He is cold-blooded and ruthless and if you provoke him, he might hurt you.” Xia Yanran held Nan Zhi’s hands, her eyes slightly teary. “I don’t want you to get hurt again.”

After their split, Nan Zhi never saw Qin Yubing again.

But because of the explicit photos, Qin Yubing became popular again.

The focus of the media’s attention had been on her recently, so Nan Zhi could always see her activities online.

For example, as soon as you turned on your phone, there would be a pop up of recent news highlights.

“Qin Yubing having a date with the mysterious man from the explicit photos in XX Restaurant.”

“Qin Yubing chauffeured by mysterious man in explicit photos in luxury car.”

Every photo of the news, Qin Yubing was shown clearly but the man was very vague, either it was the side of his face or the back of his head shown.

Nan Zhi recognized that the mysterious man was Mu Sihan himself.

What was he doing?

He knew that Qin Yubing had once been her best friend but still got so close to her.

The results for the DNA testing would be out the day after tomorrow and Nan Zhi did not have any expectations.

Before leaving work, Nan Zhi went to the washroom and was preparing to come out of the cubicle when the conversation between Xia Xi and the female assistant of ‘Dreams Come True’ caught her attention.

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