Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Result of a Betrayal

Nan Zhi's maternal grandfather and Bo Shaoxiu's grandfather were comrades-in-arms, having fought together in the war during difficult times. As a result, the two families had always been close and the marriage between the two had been set in place since the two were children.

Over the years as Nan Zhi grew older, Bo Shaoxiu had become extremely satisfied with the arrangement and having her as his fiancée. After courting her for two long years, Nan Zhi finally agreed to start dating him last month.

The moment she walked through the door, Nan Zhi could see straight through to the living room. Nan Yao held tightly onto Bo Shaoxiu's arm as she pouted, "Shaoxiu Ge, do you think I look pretty wearing this?"

Nan Zhi walked straight into the living room without changing her shoes.

The moment she walked into the room, Nan Zhi attracted all of Bo Shaoxiu's attention and his gaze lingered on her, seeming to forget about Nan Yao completely.

Nan Zhi was reasonably tall at 168 centimeters tall. She had been discovered and photographed by a talent scout when she was only fourteen years old and had become quite well-known in the model industry, having featured in various advertisements and pictorials.

Her skin was fair. She was beautiful and her figure was amazing.

For Bo Shaoxiu, he had nothing to complain about regarding Nan Zhi's appearance, she was stunning. The only thing that he was not happy about was that she was too soft-spoken and boring, she lacked the gentleness and consideration that Nan Yao had.

In the one month that they had been dating, they had not even kissed yet. She would always use various reasons to evade or reject Bo Shaoxiu's advances, such as that she was still too young, or that she wanted to wait until their wedding night.

She would always be very unwilling whenever he touched her. However, she should really think about what day and age they were living in now.

Bo Shaoxiu swallowed his saliva as his brown eyes glanced at Nan Zhi's fair, shapely legs.

Nan Yao's heart boiled angrily in jealousy as Bo Shaoxiu was completely ignoring her now that Nan Zhi was back. "You're back, Zhizhi? Oh right, I didn't see you after I went to the washroom last night. Where did you go? Why didn't you come back for the entire night? … Oh my, what's on your neck, Zhizhi?"

Bo Shaoxiu strode towards Nan Zhi when he heard Nan Yao's words. His body trembled in anger and his fists clenched at the sight of the obvious hickies on her fair neck. His face darkened. "Nan Zhi, what did you do last night?"

Nan Zhi met Bo Shaoxiu's enraged gaze. She had the slight urge to cry as her red lips opened to explain, "I was by drugged by Nan Yao. She wanted to ruin my innocence!"

"Brother Shaoxiu, don't listen to Nan Zhi's nonsense! How could I have drugged her? I had been…"

From the thunderous expression on his face, it was clear that Bo Shaoxiu did not believe Nan Zhi's words. He had drank too much during Nan Zhi's birthday celebration the previous night and Nan Yao had been taking very good care of him. They had even done some very intimate things, and although they did not go the whole way, they had done everything they could have and should not have, with the alcohol raging in their bodies.

Originally, Bo Shaoxiu had been feeling a little guilty facing Nan Zhi, but an inexplicable anger rose up from within him after he saw the number of love bites on Nan Zhi's neck.

He had treated and cared for her like she was his most precious treasure, unwillingly putting aside his needs due to her hesitations, but now, she had been touched so intimately by another man before he had!

Bo Shaoxiu's gaze turned cold and sharp, his rage like an arrow with poison added on its tip. He did not care to listen to Nan Zhi's explanation at all. "I had always heard that you were promiscuous, that you had some treats up your sleeve. I never believed them before, but looking at you now, you were only acting chaste and innocent in front of me! The reason why you didn't let me touch you, no matter how many times I initiated it, is because you'd long been dirtied by sleeping with other men, isn't it?"

A loud, furious slap landed on Bo Shaoxiu's handsome face.

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