Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 319

Chapter 319 Lets Do What We Did That Night Again I Might Remember

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He was actually pretending to be drunk!

With that said, he definitely knew that the woman had brought him out of the clubhouse and into the hotel room.

Did he do it to test her reaction?

Nan Zhi’s ears and face immediately heated up when she remembered what she said to the woman.

“Kitten, you’ve really changed my view of you. To think you’d really dare to murder your husband.”

Nan Zhi’s scalp tingled from his intense gaze and she lifted her hand to her forehead. “You were doing it on purpose to see me embarrass myself, weren’t you?”

Mu Sihan’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he stared at her almond-shaped eyes and her white teeth biting her lips to leave a faint mark. His black eyes darkened to a smouldering black. “Kitten, come over here.”

Nan Zhi was super angry with him. There was absolutely no way she was going to go over.

“I’m leaving.” Spinning on her heel, she turned around to walk towards the door.

“Don’t you want to know how Qin Yubing arranged to meet me at the hotel?”

Nan Zhi turned back and looked at him again.

Mu Sihan took out a new phone from under the pillow. “Take out your SIM card and put it into this phone. Give me your phone, I’ll get people to research on how to crack the virus.”

Mu Sihan briefly explained the incident about Qin Yubing placing a virus into her phone.

Nan Zhi was surprised.

No wonder he never contacted her these past few days when he had been close with Qin Yubing. So it turned out that Qin Yubing was able to control and monitor her phone.

“What did you do to her afterwards?”

Mu Sihan narrowed his eyes as he said coldly, “Of course I have to make her suffer for daring to set-up my woman.”

Nan Zhi did not say anything else when she thought about the things Qin Yubing had done. Taking out her SIM card, she snapped it before she passed her phone to Mu Sihan.

“I’ll get a replacement card tomorrow.”

At the same time that Mu Sihan took the phone, his long fingers also grabbed Nan Zhi’s fingers. With a tug, he pulled her onto the bed.

In seconds, his tall figure straddled her body and she couldn’t move.

Nan Zhi’s heart skipped a beat as she stared at the man’s closing handsome face and his eyelashes that were longer and prettier than most women. “Mu Sihan, don’t be like that…”

Mu Sihan’s gaze darkened as he stared at her scarlet red face. “Do you still remember this hotel and level?”

Nan Zhi froze.

She only realized now that this hotel was Kaiyue Hotel and was also on the 26th floor…

Was this room the room that she barged into accidentally back then?

Nan Zhi looked around, feeling some sort of familiarity. However, it had been more than four years and the interior design of these hotels were more or less the same. It was hard to be completely sure if this room was the room that they had had intercourse in that night.

“Although the results are not out yet, however, I have an unprecedented and inexplicable adoration towards the brat.” Mu Sihan’s long and well-defined fingers lifted Nan Zhi’s chin. “Let’s do what we did that night again, I might remember what happened.”

Nan Zhi could hardly refrain from rolling her eyes at him.

After going through a big detour, he finally revealed his main goal.

He wanted to sleep with her.

“Young master Mu, it’s my first time seeing a man giving such a high-sounding excuse for wanting to sleep with a woman!” He had already gotten Yi Fan to redo the paternity test. Even if the test she did had been manipulated by someone, it was impossible for the test that Yi Fan arranged to be wrong again.

She did not need to use her body to help him find his memories at all.

Mu Sihan leaned down to bite Nan Zhi’s earlobe. His scorching wet tongue curled lightly and a spark of electricity seemed to run in Nan Zhi’s body and she flinched, as if burned. Moving away slightly, she lifted her hands to push him away. “Stop playing around, it’s tickles.”

He chuckled softly at her words. “Where is it ticklish?” His large palm moved dangerously southwards, towards her abdomen. “Here?”

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