Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Father And Son Reunited 9

Chapter 334 Father And Son Reunited (9)

The night was getting darker, the lights were bright and the traffic flowed endlessly. 0

Nan Zhi left the hospital and headed for the bustling area.

Xiaojie’s favourite snack was on a bustling food street on Southwest Road.

It was about a twenty minute walk from the hospital. So it would take around forty to fifty minutes to go and come back.

If she had not picked up that call this morning… If Qin Yubing had not had an

accident, which led her to feel down… then perhaps she would be happy to learn the truth of Xiaojie’s parentage.

Ever since she had met Mu Sihan, he would always come forward when she was in trouble.

Sometimes it would make her feel like he doted on her.

But she understood that it was just an illusion.

If the woman who he still thought about even in his dreams returned, he might just kick her away.

Where would that leave her and Xiaojie?

She must not be charmed by his sugar

coated bullets anymore.

Maybe she was thinking about too many things, but she felt that the twenty minute journey passed by in the blink of an eye.

After buying Xiaojie’s snack, Nan Zhi started to walk back.

When she was passing through a long alley, a few angry shouts suddenly rang out. “Stealing business in our territory, see if we don’t kill you!”

Two or three beggars in rags were beating another beggar who was in rags also.

The beggar who was being beaten had messy hair and her face was dirty, so Nan Zhi couldn’t see her face clearly. All she

could see was that the beggar’s body was thin and weak.

She was curled up and let the beggars punch and kick her.

“Stop! The police are coming!”

Nan Zhi shouted loudly.

The beggars looked at Nan Zhi and saw that she was holding her phone. They thought she had called the police and scrambled to leave after cursing the beaten up beggar a few more times.

Nan Zhi looked at the thin figure who shaking and huddling in the corner. Going over, she bent down and asked softly, Are you all right?”

The woman in the shabby clothes lifted her head and looked at Nan Zhi and very quickly lowered her head down again.

The light was too dim, plus her face was dirty so Nan Zhi still could not see her face clearly, but vaguely felt that she had a pair of beautiful eyes. Visit our v ipnovel.com website

“I have some snacks here…” Nan Zhi wanted to take out a box of snacks to give the woman but the woman gave a big reaction and pushed her away.

By the time Nan Zhi regained her balance, the woman had already run away in a panic.

Nan Zhi frowned and did not understand why the woman had such a reaction when

she saw her.

Standing up, Nan Zhi was preparing to leave when she saw a handkerchief dropped on the ground from the corner of her eye.

The handkerchief was light blue and several white snowflakes were embroidered on it. Perhaps it had not been washed for quite some time, the snowflakes looked a little dirty.

Nan Zhi realized that there were two words embroidered in the bottom corner of the handkerchief.

She glanced at it curiously.

And her slender body stiffened.

In that instant, her blood froze and she sucked in a breath.

A few seconds later, she lifted her heavy legs and gave chase in the direction the woman beggar had ran off towards.

In the hospital ward.

Xiaojie was holding a pillow and leaning against the head of the bed, his fan-like eyelashes were lowered and trembling.

With his little mouth pursed, he was frowning slightly, a thoughtful and mature look on his tiny face.

Suddenly, a tall shadow hung over him. He raised his head and saw the affection

flowing out from Uncle Coors eyes. Xiaojie puffed up his cheeks and lowered his head very quickly.

Mu Sihan sat by the bed, looking at the little fellow who was close by and his heart surged with emotion.

Nan Zhi would have told the brat about his relationship with him.

Now he had to face the little fellow as a father. As a novice father, he has no experience and had never felt more unprepared for anything in his life.

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