Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 371

Chapter 371 Mu Sihan Were Over

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Nan Zhi was wearing a classic black and white professional outfit.

The white shirt was tight fitting while the black miniskirt had a slit behind and wrapped around her bottom perfectly. Her long brown hair was curled and tied back into a ponytail that exposed her full forehead. Her pretty face had a thin layer of makeup on and she still tall and pretty, even though her complexion was a little pale. She was a sight that could not be ignored.

Nan Zhi glanced at the woman next to the men and moved her gaze away. Her red lips curled up in slight ridicule. “Mr. Mu, I think you should know the simple principle of first-come-first-served, right? Or, do you want to use your money and influence to suppress others for the woman next to you?”

The man pursed his lips tightly as he stared at the eloquent Nan Zhi. He did not continue the conversation and turned his gaze towards the staff instead. He said with a forcefulness that did not allow any objection, “Bring the dress over.”

As he said it, he looked down at the woman next to him as his sharp gaze softened a little, “Go and try it on.”

Nan Zhi’s hands that were resting by her sides tightened into fists. Although she already witnessed his deep affection for Xue’er that night, her heart still clenched in pain when she saw it again.

This feeling of falling into hell instantly after having been thrown to heaven by him was not good.

It hurt.

However, Nan Zhi was also not someone who could be played around with so easily.

Just as the staff was about to pass the dress to Xue’er due to the man’s strong aura, Nan Zhi took a step forward and blocked the staff with an elegant arm.

The staff could not help but give her a thumbs up in her heart when she saw Nan Zhi suddenly stepping forward, lifting her head and meeting the eyes of that man who had the terrifying aura.

The man furrowed his eyebrows a little at her challenging action. His gaze landed on her face, and an emotion that she could not read appeared in his black eyes.

Although they did not speak, the tension in the air was so thick and charged it was as though a spark would ignite and submerge the shop in a raging inferno. Xue’er tugged at the man’s arm again. “Ah Han, I don’t want to try this dress anymore, let her have it!”

Mu Sihan patted Xue’er’s hand as his black eyes seemed to stab into Nan Zhi coldly. “You can look at the other designs in the store. I’ll help you buy anything that you like.”

Choose another dress for him to buy for her? So she could hand over the dress she had taken first?

Nan Zhi really wanted to laugh at him.

And so, she really laughed in front of him as her eyes lit up and her dimples appeared. Although she was already beautiful, when she smiled, she was a million times more beautiful. So beautiful she could take your breath away.

Staring at her smiling face, the headache that never went away because of the high fever, became worse.

It seemed like Mu Sihan was going to come out.

He immediately moved his gaze away from Nan Zhi’s smiling face.

Nan Zhi watched as his facial features crumpled together, thinking that he already despised her this much in such a short time. Her voice turned cold, “There’s still something I didn’t manage to do after you left me behind that night.”

The man narrowed his black eyes slightly. “What?”

Nan Zhi took a step forward and suddenly lifted her hand.

A loud slap seemed to echo in the air, ruthless and unthinking on the man’s face.

Her expression darkened imperceptibly. “For the price of lying and hurting me, a slap is really cheap for you. Didn’t you ask which dress I liked in the shop?”

Nan Zhi suddenly took the limited-edition dress from the staff. Her lips curled up, but her hands pulled with sudden strength and a long tear appeared on the dress, ruining it in an instant.


Xue’er exclaimed softly from the side when she saw Mu Sihan getting hit and the dress being torn.

Nan Zhi tore the dress a few more times as she threw the tattered dress on Mu Sihan’s face with a cold smile. “You’re really angry, aren’t you? But know that this is nothing compared to the pain you gave me!” Her smile only became colder and brighter. “Mu Sihan, let me tell you officially now that we are over.”

Xia Yanran, who was trying clothes on in the fitting room, heard the commotion and ran over hastily. “Zhizhi, what’s wrong? What happened?”

Nan Zhi pulled Xia Yanran’s hand and gave a cold smile. “Let’s go to another store. There’s some pathetic dregs here and I feel disgusted just being here.”

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