Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 390

Chapter 390 His Change


The man stared at her with his deep dark eyes. There was no emotions except for a slight coldness on his handsome face. “Sister Xue’er, I don’t like pork bone porridge anymore.”

Xue’er’s breath tightened.

When she heard that he had transferred to the ward from the ICU, she went back to the manor to cook for him personally.

In just two days, he looked haggard and thin.

The pork bones were selected by her personally at the market and the porridge was cooked by her as well.

She thought he would like it.

And what did he just call her?

Sister Xue’er?

Xue’er looked at Mu Sihan with a puzzled look. She felt that his attitude was different from that of the previous few days now that he was no longer feverish.

The gaze he looked at her the past few days were cold yet there was a gentle tenderness in them.

But now, his gaze was like he was looking at his relative. It was not so cold but there was not much warmth in them either.

What had changed?

Mu Sihan did not know what had happened with Xue’er in those few days when he was having fever, but there were some things he had to make clear with her.

He walked to the cabinet by the bed, taking out a cigar from the custom-made wooden box and putting it in his mouth. He took out a small lighter and was about to lit the cigar when a thin hand reached out and took out the cigar between his lips.

“Since you call me Sister Xue’er, then you clearly regard me as an elder sister. The doctor said before that you’re not supposed to smoke during this period.”

Instead of taking back the cigar forcefully from Xue’er, he took out another one from the wooden box.

Xue’er looked at his unruly manner and frowned.

Were her eyes playing a trick on her?

The Ah Han now seemed to be the one she had known before.

Arrogant and disobedient down to his bones, there was no stopping him in doing what he wanted.

But he valued love highly.

After her father’s death, Grandma and her would not know how to live if it was not him.

Although he was still young at that time, his slender shoulders held up the world for her and Grandma.

“Sister Xue’er, you’re not going to ask me who that woman was?”

Xue’er looked at his perfectly handsome face and said softy, “I heard from Butler Yi, she’s Xiaojie’s mommy.”

Mu Sihan lit the cigar between his fingers. He took a breath with his eyes slightly narrowed, and exhaled slowly. The outline of his face was hidden in the hazy smoke. “She’s also my woman.”

He was silent for a few seconds and his eyes seemed even darker under the smoke. “Sister Xue’er, you and Grandma are all family members in my heart and I will take care of the both of you well.”

What he meant was to remind her that she was just family to him.

It was impossible to extend into anything more.

He was still as cold and heartless as he was back then!

The thermos flask in Xue’er’s hands fell to the ground and her eyes filled with tears. “Then why did you give me hope? Is it because you think I’m dirty? Ah Han, don’t forget, that time when I was raped by your brother, it was you who invited me to you and your brother’s birthday party.”

When she mentioned this, Mu Sihan’s eyes flashed with guilt and self-reproach.

That time, he did not know that Ye Qing had feelings for Xue’er. On their birthday, he could not get back to Country Z because he had a big project to develop, so he sent a message to Xue’er to come to Country S instead.

That night, he drank a little too much and he did not know what happened during the night. When he woke up again, it was to Xue’er’s sobs and Ye Qing’s silent remorse.

There were the telltale signs of them having slept together.

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