Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Hug

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After the death of his adoptive father, he suffered from bipolar disorder and he was bad-tempered and out of control. It was much more serious than how he was now.

When his condition acted up, he had hurt Xue’er several times.

But she stayed with him and did not give up, even though he had almost killed her a few times.

From her, he had always felt a long-lost warmth and care. She was like his sister, his closest relative.

But one day, she suddenly confessed her feelings to him.

She said that she liked him.

At that time, he had no experience in love and did not know how it was to like someone.

Was that warmth he felt from her this thing you called ‘like’?

He did not want to see her sad and disappointed, and so, they started to date.

After they got together, he went to Country S so that Grandma and Xue’er would have a good life.

He devoted more energy towards building his career. In the process of building his successes, he liked the feeling that he was gradually reaching the top.

Although he had ignored her a lot while they were dating, she had never complained in front of him, letting him have his freedom.

When she came to Country S to look for him, he brought her to meet Ye Qing.

He did not notice the subtle change between them.

Until after that fated birthday party.

After that, he did not speak to Ye Qing for quite a long time.

Until he was being pestered by the princess from Country A and could not get away, Ye Qing came forward and married the princess.

When he thought of all of this, Mu Sihan looked at Xue’er gloomily and full of remorse. “I’ve done you wrong. If it hadn’t been for me, your father would not have died, you would not have been raped by Ye Qing and you would not have been imprisoned and tortured for years.”

He could guess the reason she was imprisoned in the mental hospital was because Ye Qing and her relationship was discovered by the Ye family and the Ye family had manipulated it all from behind the scenes.

Xue’er’s long eyelashes trembled and her tears fell uncontrollably.

Mu Sihan looked at the woman with empty eyes and he stubbed out his cigar, his large hand clasping her trembling shoulder. “Sister Xue’er, although we can’t be lovers, I have always regarded you as my closest family and friend.”

Xue’er clutched at his clothes tightly and looked at his dark eyes. She leaned her head slowly into his arms, her tears running down her face. “Okay, we have to be family and friends forever.”

She seemed to have thought of something and raised her wet eyes to look at him, asking softly, “You did something that hurt that young lady when you were having the fever. She seemed to have misunderstood, do you want me to explain everything to her?”

Nan Zhi went out of the elevator and walked to the parking lot only to find that her car keys were missing.

Thinking back, when she was thrown to the bed by Mu Sihan, her bag accidentally dropped to the ground. Her car keys might have fallen under the bed at that time.

Sighing, Nan Zhi had no choice but to return to the ward.

Walking to the door, Nan Zhi looked inside through the gap.

Although she had prepared herself, her mind still turned blank seeing the man and woman embracing by the bed.

Xue’er was crying and Mu Sihan seemed to be comforting her.

Although they were embracing each other, Nan Zhi noticed that Mu Sihan did not hold on to her that intimately.

It was different from how he had always held her, with his chest pressing tightly to hers as he wanted to mould their bodies together.

He seemed to have taken notice of the boundaries and put some distance between them.

It did not seem intimate at all.

How strange.

Nan Zhi shook her head hard and could not help but reprimand herself. At this time, she was still making excuses for him.

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