Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Becoming Cinderella

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Nan Zhi moved her gaze away very quickly. She laughed lightly before she left the washroom.

Rather than returning to the private room, she got the service staff to tell Qiao Yanze that she was not interested in him and not to waste anymore energy on her. She then left the restaurant.

Nan Zhi drove back to the broadcasting company.

She turned on the radio in the car, and the radio channel was playing a soundtrack from a drama from years ago.

Being more than friends puts people in a hard spot emotionally, cant find the evidence of loving each other, when to move forward, when to give up, dont even have the courage to hug

Nan Zhis eyes suddenly swelled with tears when she heard the melody and lyrics of the song. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, tears fell from her eyes.

They covered her face in silent streams.

She returned his credit cards and bullet necklace to him when he was hospitalized.

And he had given it to Xueer.

Nan Zhi bumped into Nan Yao when she was waiting for the elevator after returning to the broadcasting company.

Nan Yao, who she had not met for more than two weeks, was a completely changed person.

In the past, Nan Yao would try to dress in the style Nan Zhi did four years ago as she was trying to please Bo Shaoxiu. She often wore bright long dresses that did not suit her petite figure. The dresses were often too long so they only emphasized her shorter torso.

Today, she was wearing a sheer, white lace dress that was not too long and not too short. The cheongsam-styled collar made her appear dignified and graceful. Her hair was twisted up into a bun, and she wore a white hat that made her seem elegant and refined.

She wore seven-inch heels, and she looked like she walked out from a royal palace the moment she stood in front of people.

This time, Nan Yao was not in a hurry to boast to Nan Zhi about something when she met. She smiled gracefully, Zhizhi, Im going abroad soon so Im afraid I wont be able to see all of you for a while. I just bought afternoon snacks for all the colleagues in the broadcasting company, and left a portion on your table as well.

Nan Zhi could not help but feel a chill run up her spine as she stared at Nan Yao, who changed her speaking style to a soft and dulcet one.

Nan Yao was not possessed, right?

However, Nan Yaos following words told Nan Zhi that she was still the Nan Yao she knew.

Zhizhi, well be on different levels in the future. Youre at the most bottom level while I Nan Yao smiled, not finished her words as she huffed up like a she had become a Cinderella. I wont be bothered with someone who is nothing anymore.

With that said, Nan Yao left the broadcasting company with her pretentious elegance, as a few bodyguards led the way for her.

Shaking her head, Nan Zhi walked into the elevator. With her eyebrows furrowed, she stared at the Nan Yaos departing figure before the elevator closed.

Did something big happen to Nan Yao recently that she did not know about?

The change on her appearance, the protection of bodyguards and the escorts by the luxurious car.

Nan Weiye never acted like this. Nan Yao

Nan Zhi walked into the office amidst the confusion and she heard An Xiaolin and several other colleagues discussing it the moment she entered the office.

I heard Nan Yaos family is very strong, shes going to be a princess in the future! Im so envious!

An Xiaolin had yet to see Nan Zhi walk in, as she added mysteriously, I heard Nan Yaos family is stronger than Nan Zhis financier, Young Master Mu!

A colleague saw Nan Zhi and nudged An Xiaolins arm, telling her to stop speaking.

An Xiaolin turned around and saw Nan Zhi who just walked in.

She laughed, jutting her butt out as she walked towards Nan Zhi with swaying hips. Nan Zhi, Nan Yao helped me transfer to the Dreams Come True team. I heard that after the hosting awards ceremony next month, Lin Wanyue will entered the acting industry as well, and I will become your rival. But Im not scared of you. I will definitely surpass you and take over Lin Wanyues position as the top female announcer in the broadcasting company.

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