Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Are You Happy If You Torture Me To Death?


Nan Zhi’s tone did not seem jealous, nor did it contain much emotion.

It was a very calm question.

If he had to identify an emotion, it would be purely disgust or hate.

She really hated unfaithful men.

Unfaithful men were worse than trash and were the scum of the earth.

Nan Weiye and Bo Shaoxiu were like that. She had been hurt by them before, which was why she really looked down on people like that.

Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he took out the bullet that she returned to him from his pocket.”You mean this?”

Nan Zhi froze slightly.

Didn’t he already give it to Xue’er? Did he take it back again?

This bullet had a platinum necklace chain, while Xue’er’s seemed to have a red string instead.

Was it not the same bullet?

Or was it that Xue’er was not as simple she thought she was, that she knew the importance of the bullet to Mu Sihan so she went to make something similar and make her misunderstand them when she saw it?

“My older brother forced Xue’er to wear the one on her neck. It’s been nearly five years now, and it had been taken away when she was forced into the mental hospital. The doctor got a red string for her to wear the bullet and she said that she’s too used to it after she returned, which was why she did not take it off.”

His older brother?

“My older brother and I are twins, which is why the gifts we give the woman we like are the same.” He was silent for a while. “However, he passed away a few years ago during an aviation accident.”

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan with a complicated gaze.

She did not know which of his words were true and which were fake.

“Both your older brother and you like Xue’er, right?” Nan Zhi asked carefully.

If he did not like Xue’er, then what happened during the deserted island and the stormy night did not make sense

Besides, he said himself as well that his older brother had passed away a few years ago.

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, not saying anything. Just when Nan Zhi thought that he would not answer her, he said softly with a hoarse voice, “I told you before that Xue’er is family to me.”

“Would you forget everything that happened when you have a fever every time once you recover?” It had been like this two times now, where he would be cold and ruthless to her when he had a fever, but he would stick to her shamelessly like he loved her after his fever was gone. It made no sense at all.

The man hummed hoarsely in agreement.

Nan Zhi did not ask anymore.

She knew that he was definitely hiding something from her that he could not and was not willing to tell her.

She had not heard anything about such a situation like his before.

Now that she thought about it, she would have to go and ask a psychiatrist about it.

A few seconds after the two of them looked at each other without a word, Nan Zhi started walking towards the door.

However, her fingers had just touched the door handle when she was pulled back into the man’s embrace. She placed her hands against his firm and wide shoulders instinctively.

“Are you leaving just like that after making me hard?” His voice was a low and husky against her ear.

Nan Zhi did not have the chance to react before her hands were pulled down below his taut abdomen. Her brain almost exploded when she touched the scorching hotness

“Mu Sihan, you’re the pervert that imagined those type of unhealthy scenes yourself and you have the face to blame me for it? Noone told you to hide in my room like a pervert!”

The man wrapped his other hand around his neck, pulling her towards him intimately. He placed kisses all over her crimson, soft lips and fair, pretty face, before moving to her ears. She was like a drug and he couldn’t get enough of her.

He acted like he really liked her.

When he was cold, he was very cold, but he was so bad that he made her grit her teeth when he was bad.

He was sinfully bad.

Each and every time, he seemed to know all of her most sensitive spots.

His warm and wet tongue kissed and caressed her ear and his voice was hoarse, “Will you be happy if I died from suffering?”

Nan Zhi could not help but laugh when she heard his words.

She did not resist and struggle like she usually did when he was flirting and touching her earlier. She had finally understood him, the more she struggled and resisted, the more she would stir his desire to conquer her.

Doing nothing was the best attack she could give him!

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