Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Strolling Through The Supermarket As A Family

Chapter 405: Strolling Through the Supermarket As A Family
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Nan Zhi struggled out from the mans embrace and left the bedroom to go to the kitchen. It was only then that she saw what the father and son had done.

She heard that Auntie He had been sent to a hotel by the two.

The father and son come over around six, wanting to make a scrumptious meal for her.

However, she did not see any dishes, only the complete and utter mess in her kitchen.

Pretty Zhizhi, I didnt think that Daddy would be that bad. I thought that he was good at everything, but he cant cook at all. Xiaojie said sheepishly when he saw Nan Zhi holding her forehead in exasperation.

The man who had taken a cold shower to lower the fire within him, stalked out at that moment and happened to hear Xiaojies words. His expression darkened in protest. Brat, didnt you say you knew the steps for cooking? Would it be such a mess if you didnt give the wrong instructions?

Nan Zhi was silent for awhile.

After she tidied the messy kitchen, she turned back to glare at the man who was leaning by the kitchen entrance. Arent you embarrassed to blame the mess on a three-year-old child?

Mu Sihan stared at the womans moving crimson lips. They looked even more attractive right now. Even when she was angry, she looked extremely pretty. His Adams apple moved, as his voice became hoarser, Kitten, the two of us cant do anything without you.

Xiaojie also blinked his eyes pitifully, Pretty Zhizhi, Daddy and I havent eaten dinner yet. Im so hungry right now. Listen, my stomach is rumbling like an earthquake.

Nan Zhi could be cold and ignore anyone, the only exception being her baby.

Her heart melted the moment he whined to her.

She patted his head and her cold voice softened, Mommy will go to the supermarket now to buy some food back.

Pretty Zhizhi, I havent been to the supermarket with you in a long time. I want to go with you!

Nan Zhi stretched her hand out to Xiaojie. Alright, lets go.

The man who had been completely ignored walked over and lifted Xiaojie on his shoulders, as his large hand naturally held Nan Zhis.

Xiaojie, who had been forced to sit on his shoulders, stared at the scene helplessly. He noticed that his daddy was becoming more shameless, because even he could tell that Pretty Zhizhi was ignoring him.

Nan Zhi retracted her hand with her strength after the man held onto her, The two of you can go down first. Ill change first.

In the supermarket.

Nan Zhi finally spoke up when she was fed up from the man staring at her legs for the nth time, Are you a pervert? Why are you always staring at my legs?

Nan Zhi had changed into a t-shirt and denim shorts. The outfit was one that girls wore during summer, though for Nan Zhi, her legs appeared to reach the heavens when she wore the shorts, due to her amazing proportions. Her skin was also so fair and flawless that it radiated in the light. It would be hard to find someone who could resist looking at her perfect legs.

Mu Sihan noticed that several men that passed by them all looked at her after they entered the supermarket.

Her pair of legs were too annoying.

Although you already had a child, youre still an announcer. How can you not care about your image and wear something so short? What are you trying to do?

Xiaojie was sitting on the trolley and looking around. He did not hear Mu Sihans soft and unhappy scolding, but Nan Zhi did.

Nan Zhi sent him a glance that called him crazy and ignored him.

Mu Sihans gaze landed on her shorts that were so short one could almost see her buttocks. Its okay if you go back and wear it for me. Cant you see the perverted gazes from all those other men?

Nan Zhi was fed up with his madness and she hissed at him, No one is as perverted as you.

Fine, Im perverted. He suddenly pressed his face against her ear, his smile devilish and arrogant, And all I want to do right now is to take you home and take off all your clothes.

Nan Zhi had no words

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