Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Forcing Him To Show Himself

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Xueer could not hide her sadness and anger at the thought of her grandma being still at the funeral home and the missing Mu Sihan. Her tears fell again.

How are you going to explain it to Ah Han when we dont even know where he is? Grandmas funeral has not even been settled yet and this is all because of you, Miss Nan! Xueer had been too agitated and down for the past few days, and the tenseness in her caused her to faint after her outburst.

Nan Zhi hurriedly called Junyuan to help her.

Luckily, she had only fainted due to exhaustion and her high-strung emotional state. She was not in any danger.

Yi Fan rushed back to the manor that night.

Nan Zhi had never seen him that angry and unrestrained.

Butler Yi, what happened? Too many things had happened recently, and there were too many things that she needed to digest as a result. Nan Zhi was still tense from everything that had happened, and any small movement would be able to tug on her nerves.

That ex-daughter-in-law the Old Madam has is too unreasonable. She said that she is going to take charge and settle the Old Madams funeral if Young Master still did not appear in the next two days. She has no relation to the Mu family anymore, who issheto take charge of the Mu familys matters?

If an outsider were to settle the Old Madams funeral, Mu Sihan would definitely regret it in the future.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly as she turned towards Yi Fan. Butler Yi, if we cant find him, lets force him to appear.

Yi Fan stared at the calm Nan Zhi, asking hurriedly, What plan do you have in mind?

Nan Zhi told him.

Yi Fan was still hesitant after hearing the plan. Will it work?

If Nan Zhi had not read Mu Sihans diary, she might think that this plan to force him to appear would not work. But since she had, she had a feeling that it would work! It had to!

Yi Fan was also out of any ideas, so he nodded. Alright, then well do it as you have suggested.

The two of them discussed more on the details and execution, before Yi Fan left to make the necessary arrangements.

After Yi Fan was done, Nan Zhi suggested to start the plan that night.

That very night, media managed to catch the host, Nan Zhi, who was the one suspicious of making an old lady kneel in front of her, entering a hotel with a man who looked very similar to Yannis.

There were all sorts of chummy photos, such as ones of them in an intimate kiss, those of them hugging as the two entered the Presidential Suite together.

The woman had long hair and was wearing a miniskirt, revealing her alluring figure.

Of course, the media that Yi Fan arranged did not take Nan Zhis frontal photo. However, anyone that knew her well would be able to recognize her from her side profile, figure and hair.

As for the man, it naturally was not the real Gu Sheng. He merely looked like him from the back. The two of them did not kiss or hug either. It was just that the photos were all taken from an angle that made it look like they were.

Nan Zhi had been a hot topic recently, and the addition of the man who looked like Yannis, the news immediately covered that of the Old Madam kneeling down.

On the night of the second day.

Nan Zhi asked Auntie He to go to the manor while she remained at the apartment alone.

There was still no news of Mu Sihan after the news last night. Despite everything, she believed that Mu Sihan would definitely find her once he saw the news.

Nan Zhi lay on the sofa she held onto her phone in her hands. Unable to fall asleep, she suddenly heard a soft knock from the door when it was around midnight.

If she was sleeping in the room, she definitely would not have heard such a soft knock.

However, she was in the living room, and she jerked awake immediately.

Not even bothering to change her shoes, she ran towards the door barefooted.

The blood in Nan Zhi seemed to stop flowing when she saw the black figure standing outside the door when she opened it.

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