Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Candy So Sweet

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As the hill became steeper, the speed she was skiing at also increased. Nan Zhi started to sway even more, and she could not help but scream out loud.

Relax. the mans hoarse but stable voice rung from behind her, Bend your knees and waist a little.

The mans voice was completely calm, as if containing a magic that made people calm as well. Nan Zhis long eyelashes trembled, as she did her best to follow what the instructor told her to do.

However, she really did not have any talent in this, as she was still swaying left and right after doing what the instructor told her to. The man repeated again, If youre about to fail, try your best to not move in a random direction and try to and lean back instead.

Nan Zhi followed the instructors instructions, leaning back when she was about to fall and fell backwards. Her swaying body finally stabilized, and it was not as painful as she thought it was. In fact, she felt so carefree and relaxed. It was something she had never felt before and made her feel surprisinglyfree.

The man stopped next to her with a skillful agility that filled her with awe. His dark eyes under his black goggles stared at her and he said flatly, I didnt think that you would be so stupid.

Nan Zhis cheeks blushed uncontrollably after being scolded impolitely by the instructor.

How was this person an instructor?

Cant he have a better attitude? Wasnt he getting paid after all? He really didnt suit this kind of job at all!

Nan Zhi had always been competitive and did not like seeing others looking down on her. She wanted to stand up and continue skiing, however she tried to stand up a few times, but could not at all.

She was cursing loudly in her mind!

Just as she did not dare to look at the instructor, afraid that he would call her stupid again, a gloved hand appeared in front of her suddenly.

Although youre stupid, I still have to teach you since I already got paid.

This person

Would he die if he didnt speak?

However, there was no other way. Nan Zhi still placed her hand on his despite being really unhappy with his attitude.

After the man pulled her up, he said hoarsely, Lets continue.

After falling down for the nth time, Nan Zhi was too embarrassed to continue learning.

Its alright, lets just stop here. I really cant learn these sort of things. Even Xiaojie was stronger than her, having probably inherited Mu Sihans athletic genes.

After the man pulled her up again, his tone was a commanding one, Learn it again.

Nan Zhi was slightly dazed when she heard his overbearing and commanding tone.

This instructor was a little similar to Mu Sihan with their overbearingness!

Nan Zhi clenched down on her jaw. Alright, Ill learn it once more. She was not willing to believe that she could not do something that even Nan Xiaojie had learnt.

However, fate seemed to be playing with her even though she was full of confidence. She did her best and managed to ski about two meters. However, a completely inexperienced novice appeared behind her suddenly, The person in front, move away quickly! I cant control my speed, and I think Ill knock into you

Nan Zhi did not have the time to react when that person flew past her and hit her shoulders accidentally. Nan Zhi immediately lost her balance, and she pulled the mans arm beside her when she was about to fall. The man lost his balance as well, as he leaned forward, falling forward together with her.

The two of them rolled several rounds in the snow.

It was only when they stopped moving that Nan Zhi noticed that the man was hugging her and protecting her by taking on all the impact, while she fell onto him.

Even so, a sharp pain trailed from her ankle.

She had probably sprained her ankle.

The man hurriedly let go of her when he heard her suck in a sharp breath of cold air.

The two of them sat up on the snow, before the man squatted in front of her. He asked coldly, Whats wrong?

Nan Zhi seemed to forget about the pain momentarily when she heard the mans voice.

Her long eyelashes blinked hard.

Where did you injure yourself? the man asked again, when he realized that she was not replying.

He actually forgot to alter his voice, having probably been too anxious about her injury.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips, lifting her hand up to take off the mans helmet and face mask.

The man wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

A cold and exquisite handsome face appeared in front of her after she took off the face mask and helmet. The straight eyebrows, dark eyes, well-defined nose bridge and sexy thin lips who else could it be apart from Mu Sihan?

He seemed to freeze for a few seconds at her sudden action, though he quickly regained his cold and aloof expression.

Where did you injure yourself exactly? he furrowed his eyebrows, his voice as cold as ice.

Nan Zhi looked around them, noticing that they two of them had rolled down a hill. There was no one around apart from the two of them.

She did not pretend to pick a fight. It wasnt the time nor place as her right ankle really hurt a lot right now.

I sprained it a little when I fell.

The mans expression relaxed a little. Ive never seen someone so stupid. He took off her shoe as he said so.

Nan Zhi stared into his eyes. His eyes seemed to have absorbed the galaxy, they were so dark it seemed like they wanted to suck her into them deeply.

Although his temper was still as bad as usual, he did not seem too happy. He did not have the arrogance on his face like before.

Have you been well recently? she asked, her voice slightly choked.

Mu Sihan had already taken off her shoe, and was pulling her socks down slightly to expose her ankle. He pressed down on the red, swollen area with his fingers, and Nan Zhi immediately sucked in another painful breath.

Its dislocated. His expression was cold and aloof. Bear it for a while, Ill set it back in place for you.

Nan Zhi widened her eyes immediately, replying instinctively, No, I should just go to the hospital.

The man looked up at Nan Zhi, squinting a little. Afraid of the pain?

Nan Zhi turned away, acting like she would not admit the truth even if she died. No, Im afraid that you wont do a proper job.

Ha. the man laughed softly in arrogance, Dont be afraid. I have candy.

Nan Zhi did not hear what he said clearly. She only watched as he looked down and used his other hand to unwrap a candy before throwing it into his mouth. Suddenly, both his hands grabbed her ankle and pushed hard


Nan Zhi felt her eyes well up from the pain and it was this moment that the man leaned down, hands supporting himself on both her sides as he cornered her.

Taking the chance when her mouth was slightly opened from her painful moan, the mans cold lips kissed her.

She wanted to move back instinctively, but he held onto the back of her head, forcing her to look up at him.

Nan Zhi felt like she had been electrocuted, as she froze immediately.

The mans lips curled up into a smile, as his wet, warm tongue opened her jaw and transferred the candy from his mouth and into hers before she could even register what had happened.

Her mouth was suddenly filled with the fragrance and sweetness of the milk candy.

The candy was placed on her tongue.

The sweetness entered Nan Zhis throat and sneaked into her heart.

The man moved away, after his tongue sucked the corner of her lips like he had not had enough of her. He asked with a hoarse and sexy voice, Does it still hurt?

The soft and sweet candy melted in her mouth. Although her ankle still hurt, she seemed to have lost all senses because of this candy.

When Xiaojie and Qiao Yanze found Nan Zhi, Mu Sihan had already left. She never saw him again even after they returned to the ski route.

Nan Zhi did not tell Qiao Yanze about Mu Sihan acting as the instructor. Whatever had happened, she would just treat it as a small interlude!

Xueer originally wanted Mu Sihan to teach her how to ski. However, she somehow met one of her old classmates from when she was still in school the moment she reached the ski route.

Her old classmate was super warm and chatty, pulling her to chat for a while and by the time they finished chatting, Mu Sihan needed to return to the hotel to settle some work-related matters.

He hired an instructor for Xueer. When she reached the ski route, Xueer saw Nan Zhi, Qiao Yanze and Xiaojie.

It was no wonder Ah Han wanted to leave, the three of them were here too. From the looks of it, Nan Zhi still had a very large influence on Ah Han.

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