Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Intense Confrontation

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Xueer was wearing a casual purple outfit. The collar of the outfit was quite low, and revealed a large portion of her collarbones. Nan Zhi glanced over and immediately saw the two patch of red marks at the bottom of her collarbones.

It looked extremely like it was left after their rendezvous last night.

Nan Zhis lips curled up in an almost invisible angle. She could understand when a woman was a bit more scheming for their relationships.

Because everyone would want to protect their own relationship from any third party.

However, it was different if it was obviously directed against her. If she continued to seduce Mu Sihan after they broke off, it was her fault, but she did not

Miss Mu, you made that call last night, didnt you? Nan Zhi moved her gaze away from the two red marks on Xueers neck.

Xueer froze, before she looked at Nan Zhi with a decidedly defensive stance . She had been praised by others as pretty since she was young, and she indeed was. However, she also had the pride that other pretty girls also had. To her, many girls were incomparable to her.

However, the woman in front of her had fair skin that was as smooth as a peeled boiled egg. She looked like she had not had any plastic surgery as well, her facial features pretty from her eyebrows to her lips. She was young and it was impossible to pick out any flaws even when she did not put any makeup.

If she did not know that Xiaojie was Nan Zhis son, it would have been impossible to guess that Nan Zhi was someone that had already given birth to a child.

She was tall and slender, and any simple piece of clothing on her could bring out the unique calmness and elegant aura she had.

Miss Nan, I dont know what youre saying.

Nan Zhi did not plan to be indirect about it with Xueer. Her lips curled up in a scoff, That conversation had been played from a recording, right?

Xueers pupils constricted.

Her pretty expression changed. Miss Nan, I dont know what you mean.

It wasnt raining in H City last night, but I heard raindrops outside when the couple were doing that thing in the call. She could be sure that Mu Sihan would never play such a recording for her, unless the Ye Qing personality had surfaced again

At first, she had only planned to test Xueer, but from Xueers reaction and the expression on her face, she could confirm that Xueer was the one who made the call.

Xueer did not think that Nan Zhi would be so smart. She thought that Nan Zhi was merely a pretty vase that was useless and incapable.

Xueer smiled slightly, as she pushed the long black hair covering her cheeks behind her ear, Thats right. It was just a recording last night. However, it did happen a few days ago.

Nan Zhi froze for a second, as her blood started to boil. A warning horn seemed to blow by her ears.

Even though she had already broken up with Mu Sihan peacefully, and should not fight with the woman he was currently with, her personality had always been the type to not let herself suffer when it came to things that she could not endure.

Oh, so thats how it is. Nan Zhi seemed to smile. Her slender fingers lifted her chin as she stared at Xueer, Then, Im sure Miss Mu should know about the tattoo in his private area, right?

He dragged me to get a couples tattoo after Xiaojie and him acknowledged each other as father and son. He had a key while I had lock tattooed on. Nan Zhis smile widened slightly, I dont know if he removed that tattoo yet, did he?

Xueers long eyelashes started trembling. She did not think that Ah Han would be that romantic and do something only a passionate teenager would do.

Tattoos were something that she would never have imagined him doing.

Do you know who he is? How can he get a tattoo? Xueer furrowed her eyebrows, as accusation appeared in her bright eyes.

Nan Zhis originally thumping heart immediately calmed down.

The elevator door opened just then. Nan Zhi walked out, before she said softly, Miss Mu, the truth is, Mu Sihan didnt take me to get a couples tattoo.

Xueers mind went blank.

She stared at Nan Zhis back that was getting smaller as the woman walked away. A sad small appeared on her lips.

Indeed, the woman that Ah Han liked was not someone simple.

After Nan Zhi walked out from the hotel, her straights shoulder sunk down uncontrollably.

Although she had won this battle, what was the point of it?

Was it just to prove that Mu Sihan did not sleep with Xueer?

She no longer had any relations with him, and how does Xueer and his issues concern her?

Why did she poke Xueer back like a hedgehog when Xueer came poking her?

If Mu Sihan wanted to fulfill Grandmas final wishes, in the end, he would have to marry Xueer.

In a grand castle in S Country.

Nan Yao and Ding Shuman had been here for almost a month.

It felt like a dream for the mother and daughter to be able to live in such a grand castle and have countless number of servants and bodyguards waiting on and protecting them.

The chandeliers were gorgeous when it was night time.

Nan Yao and Ding Shuman were standing by the water fountain. They could not hold in the awe they had for the grandeur the castle had at night.

Mom, are you really the Dukes daughter?

Ding Shuman glanced at Nan Yao. The test results are out already, why are you still asking this? Yaoyao, if you want to live a nice life like this, you have to stop asking such stupid questions in the future.

Ever since Nan Weiye hit and embarrassed Ding Shuman, and after her true identity had been revealed, she had changed quite a bit.

Nan Yao could no longer see through her mother now. Her mothers eyes had a ruthlessness and calculating glint lingering in them now.

Hows Nan Zhis situation like in Ning City? Ding Shuman asked.

Nan Yao answered, Didnt Uncle go and approach Nan Zhi? With Uncles charm, Nan Zhi would definitely be in a very bad state if she falls for him.

What about her career?

Itll almost be the Golden Broadcasting Awards soon. I heard that Nan Zhi got nominated for the Best Host category. Lin Wanyue and several other hosts from other broadcasting companies will also fight for this award.

Ding Shuman thought about the embarrassment and torture she received from Nan Zhi. She narrowed her eyes. Not only can she not get the award, her reputation also has to be ruined. Yaoyao, do you know what to do?

Mom, trust me. Ill arrange everything perfectly.

This time, she would make Nan Zhi lose everything during the Golden Broadcasting livestream.

Time passed very quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it would be the Golden Broadcasting Awards tomorrow night.

Nan Zhi thought very highly of this award ceremony. If she were able to win an award, her career would reach an unprecedented peak.

Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran agreed to go try on evening gowns at the store after work.

However, they met Lin Wanyue, who came to try on evening gowns as well. If that wasnt bad enough, Xueer was beside her the moment they entered the store.

Nan Zhi also only found out these few days that Xueer used to work at the broadcasting company before, and was one of the closer colleagues that Lin Wanyue had.

Lin Wanyue and Xueer had their backs facing the entrance of the store. They did not see Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran who just entered the store and were chatting.

Xueer, are you getting engaged to Young Master Mu at the end of the month? I remember that your wish used to be able to marry Young Master Mu. Its about to come true, congratulations!

Xueer bowed her head with a soft smile, in a very happy and blissful manner.

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