Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 438

Chapter 438 Ruin

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A pair of deep, dark and cold eyes appeared in Nan Zhis mind.

Everytime she met with difficulties, he would help.

Was it him who helped her get past this crisis?

Sister Zhi, are you all right? Xia Xi crouched in front of Nan Zhi and asked with concern.

Nan Zhi nodded. Im all right.

The awards ceremony is about to start. Lets go over now!


In another lounge.

Lin Wanyue heard from her assistant about Du Xiwen being encircled by the reporters and her exquisite eyebrows furrowed in concern.

Du Xiwen had always been cautious, how could the media have found out?

Sister Wanyue, this is the coffee you wanted. The assistant handed Lin Wanyue the coffee. I saw An Xiaolin when I was coming over. Im guessing she was the one who called the reporters.

Lin Wanyue took a sip of the coffee and a complicated look flashed past her eyes. An Xiaolin was also Nan Yaos informer.

It seemed like Nan Yao really hated Nan Zhi. She wanted to control everything here even though she was abroad.

But Nan Zhi was too lucky and clever. Every time she was set up, she could escape and on the contrary, the person who had set her up would end up in dire straits.

Sister Wanyue, its time. We should go to the awards ceremony

Before the assistant could finish speaking, Du Xiwen, who had gotten away from the reporters, came.

Lin Wanyue waved her hands, signalling for her assistant to leave first.

When there were only the two of them in the lounge, Lin Wanyue wanted to explain when she felt her body getting hot, as if there were countless ants crawling around.

Her expression changed.

Oh no the coffee

The awards ceremony opened with a grand start.

Nan Zhi sat in the third row with Xia Xi and Zhang Yijun by her side.

After each round of the other awards were presented, the host announced, The next award will be the Best Host Award. Please welcome the presenter for this award.

After the presenter came on the stage, the big screen behind began to play, Nominated for the Best Host Award are: NCTV Nan Zhi, HCTV Han Jia, SZTV Zhou Tong, NCTV Lin Wanyue

Lin Wanyue was the most famous among the nominated hosts so when her name was shown on screen, the applause and shouts were the most enthusiastic.

Liu Chengren, the director of Dreams Come True, was sitting with several colleagues of the program. When Liu Chengren saw the camera sweep pass, he smiled and gave a little wave. After the camera moved away, he asked An Xiaolin, Why isnt Lin Wanyue here yet?

An Xiaolin wanted to say that she did not know, when her eyes suddenly swept to the screen that was playing a clip of Lin Wanyue. Her eyes widened and almost fell off in surprise.

Di-Director Liu, l-look

Liu Chengren saw An Xiaolin grabbing his arm and he frowned. Xiaolin, what are you doing? Pay attention to your behavior in the public

Liu Chengren had not finished speaking when he saw what was on the screen.

In the video, a man was being pressed onto the sofa by a woman. The woman was very bold and open, her dress was half taken off, revealing her upper body. Her fair skin under the camera was eye-catching and she sat on the man, lifting up the hem of her dress.

And the man pressed under her had the buttons of his shirt torn off and his tie was tied around his wrists. His neck, chest were full of intimate marks.

As the womans rhythm sped up, the mans low groans became clearer.

Lin Wanyue, you little slut!

Mmm Ah ah

Slut! Be gentler! Ah!

Werent these the voices of Lin Wanyue and Du Xiwen?

Oh my God, isnt Du Xiwen a good husband and the judge for this years Golden Microphone Awards?

He had something on with Lin Wanyue and they did such a scandalous thing during a live broadcast?

How shameless, adulteress!

The host for Dreams Come True is really too disgusting. Im never going to watch this program in the future!

What is this? Its so eye-burning!

The video only played for ten seconds before the screen was turned off.

The venue was in complete and utter chaos.

Liu Chengren and the team from the program were completely dumbfounded.

Especially Liu Chengren, his face was very pale and he could not wait to find Lin Wanyue and give her a few good kicks to the ground.

A good program was destroyed because of her scandal.

She could have become the biggest winner tonight and Dreams would have benefited from it. She had such good cards but she dealt with them too poorly!

Nan Zhi and Xia Xi were also shocked by what was shown on the screen just now.

This video was only ten seconds but it was enough to destroy a persons life.

Even if Lin Wanyue was the top female host of the industry, after that, she would be destroyed.

Oh my God, its so satisfying! Lin Wanyue is reaping what she has sown! If she was not in a public area, Xia Xi really wanted to stand up and clap her hands.

Nan Zhi was also distracted, but she was wondering who would use this method to destroy Lin Wanyue and Du Xiwen

Suddenly she thought of when she was eavesdropping on Lin Wanyue and Di Xiwen, Mu Sihan seemed to be not far away

When she thought of this, Nan Zhi looked towards the man sitting in the first row. She could only see the back of his head and his straight and upright back.

He should be the only one who knew what had happened in the backstage lounge

Her eyes became slightly moist.

Why was he still helping her so much in the background?

The Best Host Award goes to the host for Delicacy Wins The World, Nan Zhi!

When the camera landed on Nan Zhi, she was still in a daze. Xia Xi was the first to react and jumped up with excitement.

Sister Zhi, you won the award!

When the screen was showing the inappropriate video, Xiaojie, who was in the spectators seat behind, got his eyes covered by Uncle Gu and his ears covered by Uncle Qiao, so he did not know what had happened, nor did he hear who had won the prize.

Suddenly, the two uncles released him at the same time and not caring about their image, started to shout Pretty Zhizhis name.

Xiaojie learned that Pretty Zhizhi had won the prize and he clapped and shouted excitedly, Pretty Zhizhi, youre the best!

The audience around Xiaojie could not help but exclaim when they saw how delicate and pretty he looked, and how he also looked somewhat similar to award winner, Nan Zhi.

What a lovely little child! I heard that the award winner Nan Zhi has a son, could this little boy be her son?

Hes so good-looking that I want to give him a kiss!

Nan Zhi is too good-looking, so its almost a given that her child would be good-looking too. This is the difference between a natural face and a face enhanced by cosmetic surgery!

Some of the audience wanted to take a picture with Xiaojie, but the two uncles beside him immediately stopped them.

Only then did the audience realize that there were two handsome men beside the cute baby.

What a feast for our eyes today!

These people must have saved the galaxy in their previous life. They are too unbelievably handsome!

Nan Zhi returned to her senses under the warm applause and she looked at Xia Xi who was beside her. Is it really me? Xiaoxi pinch me?

The scene where Nan Zhi let Xia Xi pinch her was caught by the camera and shown on the big screen.

So the netizens who were scolding Lin Wanyue and Du Xiwen while watching the live broadcast immediately changed their attitude.

Oh my, our Anchor Nan is so cute!

Anchor Nan, we support you!

She deserves it!

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