Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 447

Chapter 447 To Love Or Not To Love

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When they arrived at Ning City, Bo Yan arranged for her to stay in the hotel and after that, she did not know where he went.

The few days they were having their honeymoon, he was basically on the phone all the time handling work matters whenever they were out.

But as long as they were having meals, he would take good care of her and ordered what she liked.

Yan Hua always kept in mind that she was on a diet and no matter how delicious and attractive the food outside was, she would only eat very little.

Therefore, during this period of time, she lost another ten kilograms.

Her figure now was noticeably not as fat as before.

But she was still slightly fleshy.

After practicing yoga for a while, Yan Hua received a video call from Yan Cheng.

Seeing that she had slimmed down again, Yan Cheng heart ached for her and he couldnt help but nag at her.

Later, the topic somehow changed to the married life of Bo Yan and her. Yan Hua did not tell him that they did not have their nuptial night.

But Yan Cheng was a smart person. Seeing that Yan Huas neck was fair and smooth with no trace of intimate marks on it, with just a few words, he realized that Bo Yan did not touch her at all.

Didnt Daddy give you a nightdress when you left? Wear that at night and wait for Bo Yan to come back.

Yan Hua thought of that nightdress and her face turned red. Daddy, I dont want to.

Listen to Daddy. Wear it, now that youre more slender, youll look good in it. Although in Daddys heart youre the most beautiful, you have to find ways to charm your own husband. Listen to Daddy okay!

After Yan Hua came out of the bathroom at night, she remembered what her father had told her to do and opened her suitcase.

Daddy had put in her suitcase a Victorias Secret nightdress.

It was very sexy.

It was a lace sling design with a deep V-neck and the chest area was cut-out. After wearing it, her chest could be vaguely seen, the waist section was also cut-out, revealing her stomach and navel. The fabric at the lower hem was also very little, if a mans hand pull it gently, the dress would fall off from the body.

Yan Hua had not even worn it and her face was already blushing just by taking it out.

Bo Yan went to have drinks with Lan Yanzhi and Mu Sihan in the evening.

He only returned to the hotel in the early hours of the morning.

There was only a wall lamp lit in the room. Yan Hua was reading a book on the bed in the nightdress.

Although he was with her every day, Bo Yan felt that he had not looked at Yan Hua properly for a very long time.

He only knew that she was getting thinner and thinner every day.

But not liking a person, no matter how fat or thin she was, there really was no difference.

Under the orange light, Yan Hua wore her long hair over her shoulder, her head slightly lowered, looking carefully at the book in her hands. For the first time, he found that her eyelashes were very long and dark, like two small fans.

She really had lost a lot of weight. The fat face before was now only a little round, her facial features well-defined, exquisite and beautiful, giving people the impression of a kind of artistic beauty.

Perhaps feeling his gaze, Yan Hua, who was concentrating on her book, looked up suddenly.

Seeing that Bo Yan had came back, Yan Huas big round eyes lit up like bright meteors that flew past in the dark night sky.

The moment Bo Yans eyes met hers, his heart tightened.

Her eyes were the most beautiful and left the deepest impression of her facial features. He had already noticed it when she was wearing spectacles previously.

Her eyes were dewy and clear like the trickle of a mountain stream.

Did you drink? Yan Hua lifted her blanket and got out of the bed. She came up to the man and wanted to help him, but he stepped back and avoided her hand. Im not drunk. Im going to take a bath first.

Looking at his cold figure going into the bathroom, Yan Huas heart tightened slightly.

She took a deep breath, smiled and told herself that it was okay. He was treating her better than before and she should learn how to be content.

He liked to smoke and drink so in her suitcase, she had prepared sober-up tea and stomach medicine.

She made the sober-up tea and put it on the bedside table.

Twenty minutes later, the man came out from the bathroom.

Yan Hua had already taken off her night-robe and lay nervously in bed. She heard the sound of the man coming out and said softly, The sober-up tea is on the bedside table over at your side.

Bo Yan gave a faint hum of agreement. He took off the rimless glasses, pinched between his eyebrows, and drank half of the tea before lifting the blanket and lying down in bed.

Yan Hua had her back towards him, her small hands were so nervous that they were pinching the corner of the blanket.

She listened to Daddys words and changed into the sexy nightdress.

Her thick and curled eyelashes were slightly trembling.

Yan Hua closed her eyes and listened carefully to the movements of the man behind her.

One second, two seconds, three seconds

After waiting for nearly five minutes, there were no movements from the man behind her.

Given her appearance, Yan Hua had a bit of an inferiority complex and was especially shy and sensitive in relationships. Although they were married and legally a couple, she was still hesitant in terms of married life.

But she did not want to continue being passive. Since they were now husband and wife, they could not always be courteous to each other like guests.

Yan Hua, with her face red and heart beating fast, moved towards the man.

But as she approached him, he suddenly turned so that his back was facing her.

Huahua, its late. Go to sleep.

Yan Hua could touch his back if she reached out her hand. But she did not have any courage and strength to do it even though he was so close.

Her hands grabbed the bedsheet unconsciously, her breathing tight and her body trembling.

It seemed like there was something stuck in her throat, her eyes filling up with tears. But faced with this situation, she was helpless and could only stare at his cold back.

The sexy nightdress her father had made her wear turned into a joke.

No matter how she changed, he did not want to even look at her.

Yan Hua felt a deep sorrow.

She moved her body back towards her side of the bed.

The two of them were lying in the same bed but it seemed like they were separated by a galaxy in the middle.

Nobody could ever cross over.

Or, this was the difference between a couple who were loving and one that was not

Country S.

Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran followed An Feng to the house she had bought.

An Feng lived in a quiet suburban area, surrounded by green grass and there were a variety of flowers, vegetables and fruits grown in the courtyard. The two-storey milky white house had a homely feel to it.

No wonder Auntie likes it here. The environment here is really comfortable! Xia Yanran ran into the courtyard, looking around and liking it very much.

Nan Zhi had not seen her mother for some time and had been sticking close to her mother after getting in the car. It was hard to imagine a girl who was usually so independent and strong had such a clingy side.

An Feng was only in her early forties, apart from being thin, her skin, features and temperament were befitting of a beautiful woman walking out from the misty rain.

Gentle, tender, beautiful and intellectual

When Nan Zhi went out with her, no one would think that they were mother and daughter, they would usually think that An Feng was Nan Zhis elder sister.

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