Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 448

Chapter 448 He Is A Big Jerk

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With her daughter, grandson and Yanran here, An Feng was in a wonderful mood, shown by the gentle smile on her face.

The maid, Auntie Sun, who had been with her for many years had already prepared the room. The blankets were washed and dried during the day and there was a faint smell of laundry detergent.

An Feng moved here after Nan Zhi had returned to Ning City. Before this she had been treating her illness in Country M.

Nan Zhi did not why An Feng had moved here but she would support her mother, whatever she did.

Xiaojie pulled Xia Yanran around the courtyard to play while An Feng and Nan Zhi talked in the room.

Neither mother nor daughter was particularly chatty, but when they meet, they would have endless things to talk about.

But as they talked, An Feng talked about Nan Zhis marriage plans.

The neighbours here are all friendly. Auntie Lee next door also immigrated from China. Her son is a university professor, hes only six years older than you

Nan Zhi was most afraid when her mother talked about these things. She quickly held on to An Fengs arm and said with a smile, Mom, Im still young. Besides, Xiaojie is still sick. I really dont want to think about marriage.

An Feng patted Nan Zhis arm. Not marriage but to see if you are compatible.

Mom, you look like my elder sister. Didnt you ever think about remarrying?

When An Feng saw that Nan Zhi was turning the topic to her, she pinched her nose and said, Your mom is already so old, why should I think about remarrying?

My mom is not old at all. When the two of us go out, people still think you are my sister.

Naughty girl, making fun of your mother again!

At night.

Xiaojie climbed into An Fengs bed and whispered to her for a while.

Grandma, you dont have to worry about Pretty Zhizhi not finding a boyfriend. She has me, and two super handsome uncles are pursuing her!

An Feng looked at the delicate and beautiful child and held him in her arms. Your mommy only reports the good things and not the unpleasant ones to me. Tell grandma what happened with your mommy in Ning City!

Xiaojie kissed An Feng on the face. Grandma, Pretty Zhizhi has Brother Jies protection, so dont worry!

An Feng patted Xiaojies fluffy hair, her gaze gentle. Our Xiaojie baby is the best.

Thats right. When Brother Jie grows up, I will let Grandma and Pretty Zhizhi live the happiest life in the world!

Nan Zhi was lying alone on the bed, the window was opened and she could see the moon with the lift of her head.

Perhaps it was quiet here, the air around was fresh and even the moon seemed to be brighter than in the city.

Tomorrow would be Mu Sihan and Xueers engagement ceremony.

Although it was only an engagement, for Xueer and him, it was a lifetime decision.

She could not help thinking about the things that had happened in the ski resort and private beach.

Her lips twisted into a bitter smile.

Before he got engaged, he did two things that was unforgettable to her and thinking about it, they were sweet yet left her with a sour taste in her mouth.

Her phone suddenly rang just as she was thinking about it.

She took out her phone from underneath her pillow and looked at the caller ID.

It was Mu Sihan.

Although she had not recorded his name, the series of numbers had been deeply engraved in her mind.

With a glance, she knew it was his number.

It was already so late. Was it him or did Xueer take his phone to call her?

Nan Zhi did not pick up and let the phone continue to ring.

Until it hung up automatically.

Ning City.

Mu Sihan, who had drunk a lot with Lan Yanzhi and Bo Yan, could not help himself and called Nan Zhi.

After it got through, it rang for a long time but she did not answer.

Looking at the gradually fading screen, there was a trace of disappointment in his dark eyes.

He leaned his head on the sofa, closed his dark bloodshot eyes and picked up his phone again. These past few weeks, he hadnt had much rest at all.

He typed a line of text and sent it over, then deleted the message.

Nan Zhi wanted to force herself to sleep but she received a message.

After reading the message, she was completely awake.

Remember to watch the live-stream of the engagement party.

Nan Zhi stared at the message for a long time, her eyes suddenly filled with tears. If Mu Sihan was in front of her now, she would directly smash her phone into his mean face.

How shameless and cold-blooded this bastard was!

He even specially sent her a message before his engagement to watch his and Xueers engagement party live-stream.

Hadnt he considered her feelings at all?

Was his heart made of stone, making her to watch him become another womans fianc?

Nan Zhi gritted her teeth. She did not want to receive any calls or messages from him and put him in her blacklist.

That night, Nan Zhi tossed and turned and could not sleep.

She was not a person who was easily moved but after she was moved, it was not easy for her to remove herself.

It would be good if a persons feelings could be rubbed out by an eraser.

Unfortunately, it was not possible.

She only fell asleep at four or five in the morning. When she woke up, it was almost two in the afternoon.

Xia Yanran had already brought Xiaojie to visit the neighbours.

When Nan Zhi woke up, An Feng was arranging flowers in the living room. The TV was on and it as showing the live broadcast of Mu Sihan and Xueers engagement party.

Nan Zhi picked up the remote control and turned off the TV.

Why arent you watching it? Its the wedding of the daughter of the Mu family. The Mu family was a big family in Ning City before, but later An Feng seemed to have thought of something and felt a slight pain in her head. Ill stop talking about this. It happened when you were still young, you probably dont know about it.

Nan Zhi squatted down in front of An Feng and helped her to prune the flower branches. Mom, I know, Miss Mus father was hit by Uncles car, he

An Feng stopped arranging the flowers and looked at Nan Zhis eyes. Yes, we did something bad to the Mu family.

Mom, I heard from Auntie He that Uncle was good with liquor and his driving skills were good too. How could such a serious accident happen that day?

Despite all these years, when it came to that car accident, An Feng was still sad. During that period, your uncles temper became very bad suddenly and was often emotional. He never got angry at me, but a few days before the accident, he got angry at me and said that I shouldnt have gotten married to Nan Weiye. But he really cared about me. Whenever I felt uncomfortable, he would get anxious and that time, he seemed to get overly anxious. More than before. I wonder if he was under too much stress during that time when he crashed into the Mu familys car.

Nan Zhi felt doubtful. But if she continued to ask questions, An Fengs head would began to ache again. Nan Zhi quickly comforted her and moved on to other topics.

In the manor.

Mu Sihan stood in the changing room. Today, he was wearing a white shirt and white suit and when Yi Fan was choosing a tie for him, he wanted that wine-red tie.

After tying it, he untied it again.

That damn woman! Not answering his phone calls, not returning his messages and she had even put him into the blacklist again.

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