Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 449

Chapter 449 An Exciting Moment 1

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Yi Fan put the burgundy-colored tie that Mu Sihan threw away back to the tie section. He was about to take another tie when the man scolded again, Who told you to change it? Bring it over here.

Yi Fan sighed in helplessness as he stared at the Young Master, whose temper was only getting worse, and brought the burgundy-colored tie back in front of him.

Mu Sihan glanced at Yi Fan as he wore the tie. What? Do you think Im very scary?

Young Master, do you want to hear the truth?

Do you still dare to lie?

Yi Fan coughed once, Young Master, Im afraid theres hardly any woman that can stand your temper.

Yi Fan did not know if his words had poked Mu Sihans sore spot, but Mu Sihans expression darkened as he kept quiet for a while.

Yi Fan hurried tried to salvage the situation. Young Master, youre actually alright when youre normal. If not, Miss Nan would not like you as well, right?

Mu Sihans dark eyes glanced at Yi Fan, Do you think she likes me? He was about to get engaged with another woman, but she had never shed a single tear in front of him or show any unwillingness to leave him.

Not to mention, she had even blocked him now. This damned woman, did she even care about him?

Young Master, Miss Nan is different from those women outside. She is more reserved and respects your decisions a lot. I think that she didnt pick up you call because she didnt want to trouble you!

Mu Sihan hummed coldly, he was very displeased about that womans calm and cold reaction anyway.

At the venue of the engagement party.

Several media reporters were all carrying their big cameras, all ready to make a live report of the engagement party held that night.

Dressed in a cheongsam, Lian Yun was standing at the entrance as she welcomed their guests.

Although they were not marrying straight away, however, she would not allow Mu Sihan to break off the engagement easily once they were engaged.

In the makeup room.

The designer had specially designed a pink gown for Xueer, since she was afraid of the color white. She had applied exquisite makeup, and she smiled at the mirror, pleased to see herself being so pretty that she could make people stop breathing.

Miss Mu, its time. Lian Yuns assistant came over to remind Xueer.

Xueer stood up as she asked softly, Is Ah Han here yet?

Mr. Mu has yet to arrive.

Xueers smile was a little stiff.

However, she believed that Mu Sihan would not go back on his words.

In S Country.

Nan Zhi could not find Xiaojie and Xia Yanran after she was done eating, so she went out to look for them.

Her mother told her that they went to visit their neighbor and Nan Zhi entered their neighbors courtyard after ringing their doorbell.

A teenage girl was sitting in the courtyard. She was holding her phone and watching a video on it.

Nan Zhi walked over, wanting to ask her if Xiaojie was at her place, though she accidentally glanced at the video the girl was watching.

It was the live-stream of the engagement party at Ning City.

The engagement party had not started yet, and only Xueer, who was wearing a gorgeous gown, could be seen. She was holding a cup of red wine and exchanging toasts with the guests that came to congratulate them.

It was no wonder people said that brides were the prettiest. Although Xueer was not an official bride yet, she was indeed the prettiest and most radiant person present at the engagement party.

Even the girl watching the video exclaimed at Xueers appearance, before she continued to say that Xueer was the prettiest bride she had ever seen.

The girl looked up, and she smiled at Nan Zhi when she saw her. She started to gossip, I heard the groom is very handsome too, that he looks a little like our

The girl had not finished her words when Nan Zhi heard Xiaojie and Xia Yanran calling her from outside. She quickly bid the girl bye before she rushed out.

Nan Zhi did not want to watch the live-stream of the engagement party. She felt extremely conflicted about it. At the same time, there was another person who was also uneasy and panicking.

Xueer was filled with expectation and sweetness at first, thinking that she was going to get her happiness.

However, as the waiting time grew longer, that franticness almost made her lose control of herself.

Lian Yun comforted Xueer, before glancing around at the banquet hall. She said softly, noting that Mu Sihans best friends, Lan Yanzhi and Bo Yan were here. Why do you lose your cool so easily? If he doesnt come, he will become the worlds most despicable laughing stock today. A person who goes back on his words will never be able to survive in the business world in the future!

Xueer nodded with a pale face. She was about to say something when a ruckus erupted from the entrance of the banquet hall.

The man that she originally thought had gone back on his words, was walking in with Yi Fan and Wei Lin.

Xueers darkened eyes immediately lit up when she saw him, and her uneasy heart fell back into place.

However, Xueers pupils constricted again when she noticed that he was wearing a white suit.

Why was he wearing white when he knew how sensitive she was with the color?

Although the white suit made him look taller and more handsome, like he was Prince Charming that came out from a fairytale, did he not consider her feelings at all?

All of the guests subconsciously made way for Mu Sihan the moment he entered.

He had a hand in his pocket, while his handsome but indifferent expression was completely aloof. His eyes were dark, while his aura was strong. He did not sway at all as he walked, looking like he was completely indestructible.

Everyones attention was on him, but he did not seem to be in any discomfort. He was completely at ease, walking elegantly and dignified.

Xueers bright eyes landed on the mans unusually handsome face, as she did her best to ignore the white suit he was wearing.

Lian Yun, who was sitting in the first row, smirked when she saw Mu Sihan and muttered to herself, I bet he didnt dare not to come.

As one of the two main characters of the party today, Xueer hurriedly rushed onto the stage when she saw Mu Sihan walking straight to the stage.

Her small hand grabbed Mu Sihans sleeve lightly. Her voice was soft and slightly pitiful as she said, Ah Han, youre late. Although, it was a good thing that they were still on time.

Yan Hua sat next to Bo Yan. An indescribable heaviness was present in her heart when she stared at the couple holding onto each other on stage.

She could tell that Zhizhi cared about this man, but this man was going to get engaged to another woman today

Knowing Zhizhis personality, she would probably never contact the man after they got engaged, no matter how much she liked him!

Mu Sihan stood behind the podium on stage, and took the microphone from the host. He glanced at the shy Xueer next to him.

Under the bright lights, his short fringe was covering his forehead slightly. His nose bridge was tall and attractive, while his sexy lips moved, Today, I have a very important thing to announce to the world.

Xueer clasped her hands tightly together in excitement, a happy and sweet smile on her lips.

Her heart beat faster, so fast she almost trembled.

Was he going to announce to the world that she was his fiance, the one and only Young Mistress Mu, from today?

Although she knew that he was only willing to be with her because of Grandmas last wishes, she was still very moved and happy that he was willing to promise her happiness to the entire world.

Her long eyelashes batted lightly, her eyes filled with tears from happiness. She looked up at the handsome man, biting onto her bright and shining lips. Ah Han, thank you.

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