Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 463

Chapter 463 Missed You So Much

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This man Like this, Nan Zhi was carried onto the sink in the bathroom by the man in his usual domineering manner.

There was panic in her almond-shaped eyes and she tried to change the topic. Didnt the wound on your arm open up? Ill help change the bandaging for you.

The man seemed to have not heard her and his tall body came close to her, squeezing forcibly in between her legs, forcing her legs to wrap around his waist.

She leaned back subconsciously but he did not give her any chance, wrapping his arm around her waist as he pulled her forward.

Their bodies were very close together.

Too close.

This position was really shameful and embarrassing.

Looking at his dark eyes, Nan Zhi sighed helplessly. Youve got a head injury, you cant do anything vigorous.

She was telling the truth.

The other time he fell down the stairs, and this time during the engagement party, the broken glass shard had pierced his head.

Even a man made of iron could only take so much.

Mu Sihan lowered his head to Nan Zhis ears, his voice deep and husky. The arrow is already on the string. Even if I die, its worth it.

Nan Zhi was lost for words.

But she would not allow him to be so reckless with his body.

She reached out to push his face away but had not even touched him yet when she felt the tip of his tongue tease her ear mercilessly.

The warm and numb touch strongly stimulated her already extremely sensitive nerves.

This bad man always picked on her most sensitive areas

Mu Sihan, do you want to di

He interrupted her with a sullen face. Kitten, you talk too much. He pinched her chin, not giving her a chance to say anything more, and kissed her hard on her jelly-like lips.

The mans refreshing breath filled her nose almost completely. She put both of her hands on his chest, neither pushing nor accepting his embrace.

His calloused palm reached under her nightdress, his fingertips touching her lace-edged panty. He lifted her skirt up to her thighs and her delicate and fair skin glowed like translucent jade under the light.

Nan Zhi did not stop him but looked at him seriously with her clear almond-shaped eyes.

The mans hot lips came to her ears and nibbled her earlobe. Do you like lit? Looking at me like that.

The faint stubble on his chin scratched lightly on her tender skin, itchy and numb. Nan Zhi lowered her head and said, With your condition now you really cant do it. I can smell the blood.

She did not know if her refusal provoked him. He did not say anything more and only moved to kiss her again.

Their lips soon became burning hot.

This kiss was hot and fierce, with a temperature that could not be ignored.

He bit her lips and said in a deep and husky voice, Can I? His large palm reached for her panty.

Nan Zhi grabbed his hand nimbly and clamped her legs together in fright.

Kitten, I want you.

He had always been open with his desire for her.

She opened her mouth and before she could say anything, he caught her hand and pressed it on his lower abdomen.

Nan Zhis brain seemed to be bursting open.

Since you dont want to do it, use your hands and help me get it out.

Half an hour later.

Knock, knock, knock. Somebody was banging on the bathroom door.

Damn it! Whos hogging the bathroom early in the morning for thirty minutes. I cant hold it in much longer!

Nan Zhi, who was washing her hands, froze when she heard the sounds of Ji Chuan knocking outside.

It was not a glorious thing for her to be caught in the bathroom with Mu Sihan when the sky was not even bright yet.

Through the mirror, Nan Zhi looked up at the man behind her who was wearing his pants. From the moment she glanced up, his eyes seemed to be fixed on her.

In those dark and narrow eyes was a bright light that was like the stars in the night sky, hitting straight at her heart.

He went behind her and his long arms held her.

His dark eyes stared at her beautiful face fixedly. He wanted to kiss her but before he could touch her, there was a sudden pain in his head. Her face became blurred in his sight.

He closed his eyes and when he looked at her again, it was dark.

He could not see anything.

When he had left the hospital forcibly, the doctor had told him that the blood clot in his brain had not dissipated and had pressed against his optic nerve.

If he did not recuperate properly, he might lose his sight.

Coming here from Ning City, he had not slept for almost 48 hours.

Nan Zhi felt that the body of the man who was hugging her, turned stiff suddenly and she looked sideways at him.

His eyelashes, which was even thicker and longer than a womans, were lowered and covering his eyes. She could not see the look in his eyes.

Whats wrong? Is your wound hurting again? I asked you to have a good rest but you wont listen

Mu Sihan listened to her voice talking endlessly and his large hand accurately grabbed her chin, his handsome face approaching her face and he gave a low and cold laugh. Your man is strong. If you dont believe it, lets do it for real?

Nan Zhi glared at him. Lets go out first. Ill take a look at your wound.

Let Ji Chuan in.

Nan Zhi widened her eyes. What?

You go and sleep for a while more. Ji Chuan knows some nursing, he will help me take care of it.

Under his presumptuous attitude, Nan Zhi opened the door of the bathroom. Ji Chuan was holding his stomach in a painful manner. When he saw Nan Zhi suddenly appearing in front of him, he widened his eyes. So its my goddess. If there the case, Im willing to wait

Ji Chuan did not finish his words when he saw the tall figure standing inside. He was so shocked his eyes almost dropped out.

It was early in the morning, Fourth Brother and Goddess

Oh sh*t, I think Ill continue to hold it in.

Nan Zhi stopped Ji Chuan. Your Fourth Brother wants you to go in.

Ji Chuan was terrified. Could it be that he had disturbed his Goddess and Fourth Brother and Fourth Brother wanted to kill him in the bathroom?

Nan Zhi walked out for a few steps and suddenly heard Mu Sihans deep voice ordering Ji Chuan, Close the door.

Nan Zhis lips twitched. It was difficult to imagine the image of two grown men, especially when they were so handsome, engaging in some secret activity in the bathroom.

Shaking the image in her head away, she left the pair alone.

After Ji Chuan went in, he trembled in fear and did not dare to approach Mu Sihan,who had on a cold expression.

Mu Sihan narrowed his eyes and growled, Get over here.

Fourth Brother, are you going to hit me? I really didnt know you and the goddess were making love here so early in the morning! It seems like half an hour is not enough for you. I know it must be upsetting to be disturbed halfway through but please Fourth Brother, I beg you to spare your brothers life!

Mu Sihans face was dark. Are you done?


If youre done, come over here. I cant see.

Ji Chuan reached out his hand and shook it in front of Mu Sihans eyes. He was surprised to find that he did not even blink. Fourth Brother, you really cant see?

I might need to do a craniotomy to remove the blood clot. Take me to the hospital later.

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