Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 466

Chapter 466 Warm Moment

Chapter 466: Warm Moment
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Xiao Yi stood at the mouth of the hole again.

Xia Yanran was wearing a denim-colored, long-sleeved shirt. The light blue fabric made her look even more pretty, and she was particularly beautiful and cute with her cheeks puffed up in anger.

Xiao Yi had one arm over his chest and he looked at her with his eyebrows raised.

Xia Yanran raised her slender fingers and slowly unbuttoned the top button on her collar.

When the pink bra inside was exposed, she lowered her eyes and her eyelashes fluttered.

Although she looked thin, she was well-proportioned. She was full and fleshy in the areas that were supposed to be full and fleshy.

Big chest, slim waist, long legs and perky butt.

After she was left with her underwear, she did not dare to look Xiao Yi and said with a frown, Look closely then, see if I have any hidden weapons.

Xiao Yis eyes darkened and a devilish smile appeared on his hostile face. You havent let me see the place where its the easiest for women to hide weapons.

Xia Yanran was so angry that she grabbed a handful of soil and threw it at the mans mean face.

Xiao Yi did not dodge in time and ate a mouthful of soil.

He spat out the soil, his face darkening. Xia. Yan. Ran.

Xia Yanran out her shirt back on and glared at the mean man with red eyes. You called me over to help you clean your wound, right? When I got here, you didnt show yourself because you were afraid that I would bring someone else. You need my help now, dont you?

Xiao Yi looked at the woman who was clearly not that dumb, and gave a faint smile. Its still useful to keep you around.

He threw down a vine.

Xia Yanran hauled herself up using the vine and had just stood firm when the mans hand reached for her chest and into her pants.

Xiao Yi, youre really sick! Who would hide weapons in those places?! Lunatic.

Xiao Yi was in the mafia before and once, he was almost injured by a weapon hidden in a womans chest.

He could not trust Xia Yanran fully. After all, if he had not removed the bullets the other time, he would be shot dead by her.

After he had finished searching her body, Xiao Yi pulled her into a musty and smelly wooden cabin.

Xia Yanran really did not understand. How could a big boss like him end up in such a state?

Even though he was injured, his prowess was still there. Xia Yanran did not dare to provoke him.

He had started a fire in the cabin and it was warmer inside compared to the jungle.

As he sat down beside the edge of the fire, he took out a military dagger from his boots. I have a bullet lodged in my shoulder. Help me take it out.

Xia Yanran was shocked.

You want me to help you take out the bullet? Although she knew some basic nursing and bandaging, she really did not know anything about taking out bullets!

The bullet in Xiao Yis shoulder had caused his skin to rot. His subordinates had not contacted him, and Baldy, along with his men, were looking for him so he could not go to the hospital.

If it was not taken out, his shoulders would be useless in the future.

Do it now, or Ill kill you on the spot. He picked up a gun and pointed it between her eyes.

When Xia Yanran saw this, she took the dagger and wanted to stab him in the back when he wasnt looking.

Yanran, you know if you dare to try and kill me again, the consequence of that would only be bad.

Xia Yanran pursed her lips and ignored him.

She threw some wood into the fire and watched the flames grow bigger.

Perhaps it was because she seldom lit fires, she choked and coughed, her face flushed red by the smoke.

Xiao Yi sat by the side, looking at her red face, pursed lips, well-defined nose and her long eyelashes that were blinking under the smoke. As he looked, the murderous intent in his eyes gradually faded. The gaze he was looking at her had a trace of laughter that even he had not noticed.

He even thought that her angry and helpless look was cute.

After this thought flashed through his mind, Xiao Yi felt that he was probably mad.

This woman almost killed him last time.

This time, he was injured and had to be extra careful.

Xia Yanran put the dagger over the fire to disinfect it and she unbuttoned Xiao Yis bloody shirt.

The blood had already scabbed and when she removed his shirt, a piece of flesh was tore off. Xia Yanran felt pain when looking at it.

The flesh on the injured arm was inflamed and rotting and looked disgustingly gruesome.

Xia Yanran took a deep breath and said, I have no experience and you have no anesthetics. It will hurt a lot.

Xiao Yi hummed in agreement with his face tensed. Ill tell you what to do.

He had a simple medical kit in his hand, and he was calm like there was nothing wrong during the whole process.

But Xia Yanrans hand kept trembling when she was helping him take out the bullet.

His endurance was even stronger than Xia Yanran had imagined. Cold sweat kept rolling down his forehead and even his other hand, which was held in a fist had turned white, he did not shout in pain or give out any sound.

Xia Yanran hated and disliked him, but at this moment she had to admire him.

When the bullet was finally out and she was stitching up the wound, Xia Yanran could not help but ask, Arent you very skilled? How did you get so badly injured?

She thought he would not answer but after a long silence, he replied with a hoarse voice, Had to, to save an important person who was kidnapped by an enemy.

Xia Yanran hummed in agreement and did not continue to ask.

Seeing that Xia Yanran was silent, Xiao Yi looked at her with his eyebrows raised. You dont want to know who it was?

Since it was a person who he was using his life to protect, it must be someone very close to his heart. She was just a toy to him and he would not answer her if she asked.

Why should she ask for an insult?

After stitching up the wound for him, Xia Yanran collapsed to the ground.

Gasping out a few ragged breaths she had been holding in, she wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked at the handsome man with the cold features. Can I go back now?

Give me a bath.

Xia Yanran was speechless.

Xia Yanran was taken to a clear stream near the cabin by Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi did not make things difficult for her and promised to let her go after helping him take a bath.

He had no towel so Xia Yanran had to tear off a piece of her shirt as a towel.

He sat on a stone and stripped himself down to a pair of briefs. Xia Yanran stood behind him and wiped his back using the ragged strips of cloth.

The moonlight fell on the surface of the wavy water. One was sitting and the other was standing, although they were silent, they were in an unprecedented harmony.

After wiping his back, Xia Yanran walked to his front and help to wipe his chest and thighs.

She carefully wiped his body once and only avoided the most sensitive areas.

Xiao Yi looked at the woman who had her eyes closed when wiping his legs and laughed. You havent seen a mans thing?

Every time he touched her, she was like a dead fish and did not look at him.

The other when she was using her mouth, her eyes were closed tightly

Xiao Yi, can you stop talking.

Xiao Yi raised his hand and pinched Xia Yanrans chin, his handsome face approaching her. If you dont want me to talk, clean my penis.



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