Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Domineering and Arrogant

The sports car stopped only when it was three or four centimeters away from Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi had almost fallen to her knees and looked at the man in the driver's seat through the windshield. Her heart thudded like a raging bull and her hair stood on end, as if on high alert.

She blinked, thinking that something was wrong with her vision.

There was no way she was seeing that Young Master Mu with bipolar disorder. She rubbed her eyes again but nothing changed.

They had not contacted each other for a few days, especially following that unpleasant incident at his Grandmother's house.

She had thought she would not have any contact with him anymore… After all, a person who was high up in the air with a status like his, could not be short of women.

After Mu Sihan stopped the sports car, he lowered his head and lit a cigar. When his thin lips puffed out the smoke, it was extremely sexy.

Nan Zhi looked away and walked towards the bus stop as if she did not see him. She did not want to have any further contact with this man. It would only bring trouble.

It so happened that there was an empty taxi driving over. Nan Zhi hailed it down and got into the front passenger seat hurriedly. She gave the address as she fastened the seat belt.

The driver was about to start the car when there was a loud bang. The car swayed violently following the sound and both the driver and Nan Zhi lurched forward.

The driver recovered after banging his head on the steering wheel. His features were scrunched up and he muttered, "An earthquake?"

Nan Zhi was still badly shaken. She calmed herself down and before she had the chance to see what had happened, her car door was hauled open from the outside.

Straight after, her arm was yanked and she was dragged out of the taxi by a pair of powerful arms.

When the driver saw that someone was stealing his passenger, he got off the car in a hurry. "What the heck did you do? I thought it was an earthquake but it was you who hit my car…"

The driver did not finish talking. He suddenly saw that it was a luxurious sports car that hit the rear of his car. He was struck dumb and his mouth gaped open and shut immediately like a goldfish.

This type of sports car, he did not know what car it was. What he did know was that even if a small part was broken, any replacement parts would need to be custom-made from abroad. The extortionate repair cost was not something he could afford, even if he drove his taxi nonstop for the rest of his life!

Was there something wrong with this person? Why would he hit his taxi with such an expensive car?

To be able to drive this kind of limited edition sports car, he was definitely someone that could not be provoked.

The driver did not dare to ask for the car repair fee, he just hoped that the man would not in turn give him a hard time. He inched back into his taxi and drove off in a hurry.

Nan Zhi was forced into the sports car by the sullen-faced man. She struggled to get out of the car and the man shouted arrogantly, "Whatever car you get on, I'll hit it!"

Nan Zhi gritted her teeth, her beautiful face cold and irate. "Did I offend your ancestors in my previous life? Why can't you let me go? I haven't done anything to antagonize you!"

Mu Sihan went over to the driver's seat and frowned at Nan Zhi, who was dressed smartly in professional attire. "You don't know what you have done?"

His jaw was tight, and he was so furious it seemed as though there were flames coming off his body, so strong that it could burn the world down.

Nan Zhi thought she had already made herself clear at his Grandmother's house. She did not know what she had done that led to him misunderstanding.

But now was not the time to tell him that, she had to rush to her second interview.

She was late for the first stage of interview and almost missed her opportunity. She could not be late for the second stage of the interview, they would never give her another chance.

"Since you won't let me take a taxi, then please take me to the broadcasting station."

Mu Sihan snorted. "You think I will send you just because you said so? I'm not your private chauffeur!"

Nan Zhi was speechless. Did he think she wanted to stay in his car? What a pig-headed, narcissistic man!

She looked at his dark eyes which were so deep that they could devour everything in sight. Her white teeth bit lightly on her cherry lips. "What do you want from me?"

He was silent, his jaw was clenched tightly, showing his anger and displeasure.

Nan Zhi really did not know where she had gone wrong. How had she provoked him? Seeing that he was not starting the car, she was so nervous that cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

She lowered her gaze, rolling her eyes desperately at the sky.

She seemed to thought of something and quickly took out a candy from her pocket.

Everytime Xiaojie finished taking his medicine, she would reward him with a candy, so she always had candy in her pocket.

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