Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 473

Chapter 473 Hugging And Kissing

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The man on the other end seemed stunned when he heard her question but then he laughed again. Kitten, Im on a business trip, or you thought Im playing around with women?

Nan Zhi pursed her lips her eyes turned red looking at him walking with the nurse by his side.

She tightened her hold on the phone and felt her heart drop.

Her throat seemed to be grabbed by an invisible black hand. After a while she finally said, Ill be going to the capital tonight to see Yan Hua. Arent you on a business trip there? Lets arrange for a time to meet.

The man on the other end of the line was silent for a few seconds. Do you miss me that badly? But its a pity, Im flying off to Country M with Wei Lin tonight.

Nan Zhi hung up the phone and tears were rolling around in her eyes.


He was at Royal Hospital but lied and said that he was at the capital and that he was going to Country M.

Was he interested in this nurse in this hospital?

Nan Zhi looked at the nurse beside him again. The nurse was small and slender, and looked small and delicate walking beside him. Just by looking at her back, she should belong to the fresh and beautiful type.

Suddenly several medical staff rushed past them and the nurse grabbed Mu Sihans arm, pulling him to the side.

Looking at how close their bodies were, Nan Zhi frowned immediately.

The nurse pulled him into the garden. He sat down on the bench while the nurse stood beside and watched him.

Those who did not know would have thought that they were filming an idol drama!

Nan Zhi was so angry she turned to leave.

But after a few steps, she stopped again.

She really hated being cheated and betrayed!

Mu Sihan sat on the bench and fumbled in his pants pocket for a cigar and lighter.

The nurse quickly stopped him but was waved away coldly by him.

The nurse was anxious. Young Master Mu, you cant smoke in your current condition.

Mu Sihan ignored her and flipped the lid of the lighter open, his handsome face going close to the flame, the tip of the cigar lit up and thin smoke curled upward, blurring his face that seemed even more well-defined because of his thinness.

The nurse looked at him puffing his cigar with his head slightly lowered and her heart pounded.

This person must be one of the most handsome men that she had ever seen smoking.

Although he couldnt see, he was not like those who were blind, where their eyes were dull and lifeless. His eyes were still black and bright, like it was a bottomless pool, making people feel in awe.

Young Master Mu, itll be difficult for me to report to the attending doctor The nurses voice was gentle and soft, with a hint of coquettishness.

Mu Sihan exhaled a mouthful of smoke, his sexy lips lifted up in a smirk. Are you interested in me?

The nursed blushed. No, no, Young Master Mu, I dont

Good. Mu Sihans long legs were crossed elegantly, and his inherently powerful aura made him look cold and arrogant, like he was too high to be reached by mere mortals. The person who called me just now is my woman. You are not even as good as a strand of her hair.

The nurses expression fell.

He was so ungentlemanly, having already deemed her as unworthy when he had never even seen what she looked like.

She felt wronged.

Mu Sihan flicked cigarette ash from his fingertips and was going to stand up from the bench when his phone vibrated again.

He had asked Yi Fan to put an exclusive ringtone for Nan Zhi.

Whats wrong with this woman today?

Nan Zhi did not leave the hospital on impulse. He had even drawn the line with Xueer for her, so how would he fall for another woman in such a short period of time?

Although it was uncomfortable for her to see him being so intimate with another woman, she had to get things straight before leaving.

Mu Sihan, Ill ask you again, where on earth are you?

Her breathing sounded a little heavy on the phone and her voice was slightly cold, like she was trying to hold down her emotions. Mu Sihan frowned and suddenly stood up from the bench.

Nan Zhi saw him turned around and she hung up the phone again, biting her lips and turning around to leave.

With his sharpness, he must have discovered her.

Mu Sihan saw that the phone was hung up and took two steps forward, his knee knocked on the bench and his tall body swayed. The nurse saw this and hurried over to help him.

But she was pushed away by him in the next second. Did you see a pretty woman?

The nurse looked around. There were many people coming and going around the hospital, she had no idea who Mu Sihan was talking about

Mu Sihans jaw was clenched tight and his expression darkened.

A young woman with curly brown hair, tall, slender and could make an impression with just one glance at her.

The nurse was frightened by his cold air. She suspected that if she could not find the woman he was describing, he would strangle her to death.

The nurse looked around carefully.

And she did see a tall, striking woman in a mint-green coat with curly brown hair.

Theres one who is walking out of the hospital now.

Take me there.

Nan Zhi hailed a taxi at the entrance of the hospital and was about to open the door to get in when her wrist was grabbed roughly.

The man used too much strength and because of inertia she plunged head first into the mans chest. It was hard and she felt a pain on the tip of her nose.

She was already holding in her anger and she picked up her bag and hit him with it. Let go of me!

She was still under control but the moment he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms, the emotions in her chest were like a fire in the prairie, crackling and burning nonstop, magnifying her anger and grievance uncontrollably.

Mu Sihan, you liar! Let go!

I asked you to let go, do you hear me?

She struggled and the arms hugging her tightened. But after awhile, he released her.

Go! He suddenly said with his deep and husky voice.

Nan Zhi froze on the spot.

She looked up at him.

He was wearing sunglasses and she could not see his eyes. She only felt that he had recently lost weight and had a faint stubble on his jaw, making him seem cold and exuding an unconventional masculine charm.

When women felt wronged, they did not really want to blow up the matter, but they just wanted to seek comfort and explanation from men.

She was not an unreasonable person, as long as he explained it to her clearly, when had she not showed understanding and forgave him?

But he was always like that

Not telling her anything.

And made her imagination run wild.

She knew that they had known each other for less than a year and still needed to adapt to each other, but she really could not stand being lied to and cheated.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips and said nothing. She turned to leave but before she could do that, her wrist was grabbed by him again.

Mu Sihan, didnt you ask me to go?

Mu Sihan pulled her into his arms, his chin resting on the top of her head. Give me a hug before you go.

Jerkl! Who wanted to hug him?

Couldnt he see that she was still angry?

No, let go!

He hummed lowly and gave a playful laugh. If you dont want to hug, how about a kiss?

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