Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Shes Still Alive

Chapter 483: Shes Still Alive!
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Xia Yanran found an excuse to leave the hospital after she got Junyuan to look after Xiaojie.

She did not care if Xiao Yi was trying to trick her to go see him, or if he was getting revenge for Junyuan calling the police the previous time. She definitely had to go take a look, just incase.

Nan Zhis accident had implicated too many people. Mu Sihan was still searching for her at Mountain Yanmai. He still could not see and had a blood clot in his brain, which was why he should be resting instead, but he could not let go of his worry for Nan Zhi. He wanted to be the first to find her, no matter if she was alive or dead.

Nan Zhis mother, An Feng had also fallen ill after she fainted in the airport.

And Xiaojie baby

Xia Yanran went to the address Xiao Yi had given her, and arrived at an abandoned warehouse that stored several hundreds of abandoned cardboard boxes.

All she saw were cardboard boxes, and not a single person.

Xia Yanran furrowed her eyebrows, before she seemed to have thought about something and hurriedly search around the floor.

The weather in the capital had not been very good recently, and the floor was covered in mud after the rain. Xia Yanran took a while before she found what she was looking for, a set of more obvious and messy footsteps.

They should have not been left too long ago.

Was Zhizhi really in such a place? Was she kidnapped by Xiao Yi?

However, Xiao Yi was being tracked down himself, how could he go to the airport and kidnap Zhizhi?

Xia Yanran followed the muddy footsteps and walked further into the warehouse.

Xia Yanran had walked about 500 meters when she suddenly heard voices, That b*tch is quite strong. I wanted to rape her last night, but she almost crippled my d*ck.

She was the same for me. See my face? It had been cut by her fingernails.

No matter what, we should still finish the mission after we got our payment. Make her drink this bottle of water later, and we shall see if shes still strong after drinking it!

How can she still be strong after drinking our water? Shell definitely be horny instead!

Xia Yanrans scalp turned numb at the two mens conversation. She took out her phone, wanting to send a message to Yi Fan, but there wasnt any reception in the warehouse.

Xia Yanran did not dare do anything rash. She still could not confirm if the person in the warehouse was Zhizhi. Not to mention that they had several people on their side, and she would only alert the enemy if she rushed in rashly.

Xia Yanran held onto her phone, walking back towards where she came from, planning to find a place with reception so she could make a call.

However, she did not see the bottle of mineral water on the floor when she turned, and stepped on it.


A loud crisp sound reverberated throughout the otherwise silent warehouse, and Xia Yanrans goosebumps immediately stood up.

She clenched down on her jaw as her face paled

She was dead.

Who-whos there?

The two men that had talked ran over.

There was still quite a distance from where Xia Yanran was currently before she reached the next group of cardboard boxes. She would be seen, no matter whether she ran or hid.

Right at the most dangerous moment, a black cat suddenly jumped out and meowed.

The two men stopped in their tracks. Oh, its just a cat.

Lets stop scaring ourselves. Why would anyone come to such a deserted place?

Xia Yanran sighed in relief slightly. She was about to leave carefully, when she looked up and saw the handsome figure standing not too far away from her.

Xiao Beast!

Xia Yanran should have felt scared at his appearance, but the corners of her lips twitched instead when she saw what he was wearing.

She did not know where he got his clothes from. The clothes were obviously not the correct size for him. The pants were very short, ending at his mid-calves. His sleeves were also very short.

The clothes did not match him at all.

That day at the forest stream, he had ran away in his boxers and was not wearing anything. Did he steal another persons clothes from somewhere?

Xiao Yi did not miss Xia Yanrans expression, as he walked in front of her with a dark expression and grabbed her easily.

He dragged her behind a more hidden tower of cardboard boxes.

Xia Yanran suddenly thought about Nan Zhi, and asked the man hurriedly, disregarding the fear she should have for him, Was Zhizhi taken by them?

Xiao Yi placed a hand on top of Xia Yanrans head while his other hand grabbed her chin. There was a glint of coldness in his eyes, Do you find it very funny that Im wearing this set of clothes? Xia Yanran, dont forget who was the one who almost got me caught by the police!

Xia Yanran did not dare speak too loudly, neither did she dare to make too loud of a ruckus, in fear that those kidnappers will hear them. She replied hurriedly, Lets not talk about what happened that day first. If Zhizhi was really kidnapped, shes in danger right now

Xiao Yi scoffed, Whether or not your best friend is alive is none of my business.

Xiao Yi, you called me because you probably did not want anything to happen to Zhizhi as well. If you can help save Zhizhi, Mu Sihan would be grateful to you and send you back to Ning City then.

Xiao Yi caressed his fingers on Xia Yanrans soft lips. He narrowed his eyes at her, coldness glinting from his eyes, Women should not be too clever. Xia Yanran, what can you do to me if I dont go and save her now?

Xia Yanrans heart tightened. From Xiao Yis tone, was Zhizhi really the person held in the warehouse?

What will make you save her?

Xiao Yi scoffed, Let me f*ck you.

Xia Yanran was speechless.

He was a complete beast and pervert.

Xiao Yi, Zhizhi would be caught in a new type of danger right now. Can you

He suddenly leaned into her ear, his hot breath spraying on her ears, Then, kiss me. Ill go save her once Im satisfied from the kiss.

Xia Yanran was able to stay calm in front of everyone, except for Xiao Beast. He would always trigger the anger within her, and cause her to lose her rationality.

Xia Yanran never hated a person so much, as she stared at his gloating expression. However, she could not do anything to him.

She stood on her toes and kissed his pursed lips.

She sucked his lips a little, before she pushed his lips apart timidly and touched his warm, wet tongue.

Xiao Yis expression darkened as his adams apple moved terribly. He could not stand her slow kiss, and cupped the back of her head to deepen the kiss.

His large hand found her soft, slender waist to push her into his arms, as if he wanted to push her into him.

He knew that she did not like him kissing her from her overwhelming resentful expression. The best revenge for this woman was to kiss her and touch her. The pleasure he felt from having taken revenge increased with the more unhappy she was.

He would see if she still dared to betray him in the future!

Xia Yanran heard several gunshots when she was still zoned out.

She hurriedly ran over to where the gunshots were heard, only to see several kidnappers lying on the floor, hugging their injured legs.

Sounds of fighting trailed over from inside, showing that Xiao Yi was fighting with the head of the kidnappers.

They started moving out from inside as they continued to fight, and Xia Yanran hurriedly ran inside, using the chance when no one was paying attention to her.

Xia Yanrans eyes constricted when she saw the woman, whose hair and clothes were messy, while her hands were bruised all over. Zhizhi!


Xia Yanran ran in front of the shivering slender woman, pushing apart her wavy brown hair. Her tears immediately fell when she saw her face clearly.

Zhizhi, Im so glad that youre still alive. Im so glad.



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