Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Weird Feeling In Her Heart

Chapter 484: Weird Feeling In Her Heart
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Xia Yanran wanted to pull Nan Zhi into her arms, though the latter moved back into the corner before she could touch her. Nan Zhis usually pleasant voice was terribly hoarse, Yanran, dont touch me. Im so dirty

Xia Yanran sniffled, feeling as if her heart had been clenched tightly by someone. She felt so bad that she could not breathe properly.

Zhizhi had been missing for almost five days.

She was tied up here, while those kidnappers those beasts

She did not dare imagine what Nan Zhi had experienced in the past few days

At the rooftop of Royal Hospital.

Following the loud wind, several helicopters had stopped on the helipads on the rooftop.

A group of well-trained bodyguards got off from the helicopters and stood in two lines.

A tall figure appeared at the helicopters door not too long later. He was wearing a black coat, expression aloof as his aura was displayed fully. He did not let Yi Fan, who was behind him, to support him. He walked down swiftly with the help of the handrails available.

Under his black short hair, his handsome face was still tensed, making his facial features appear sharp and cold.

Although he could not see, he still had an undeniably strong aura that he was born with.

Xia Yanran hurriedly ran over when she saw Mu Sihan, Young Master Mu.

Mu Sihan took off his sunglasses. His black eyes were fully red from not having rest properly for the past few days. His lips moved, his voice hoarse, Did you find her?

Xia Yanran nodded, I found her, but her emotions are not very stable.

In the hospital ward.

Xiaojie was sitting on the sofa. He did not dare approach Pretty Zhizhi. He did not know what happened to her, and she would act out if anyone got too close to her.

She did not even let her most beloved Baby Jie come to her.

Xiaojie blinked his teary eyes. His small lips were pursed tightly, with a slightly sad expression on his face.

Xiaojie hurriedly stood up from the sofa when he heard footsteps from outside. He jumped into the mans arms when he saw the familiar tall figure. Daddy!

The woman on the hospital bed tightened her grip on the blanket as she shriveled her body even more after she heard Xiaojie call Daddy.

Mu Sihan squatted, caressing Xiaojies forehead, Daddy will go take a look at your mommy first.

I dont know whats wrong with Mommy, she wouldnt let Xiaojie kiss or hug her.

Mu Sihan had heard about what happened to Nan Zhi in the past few days from Xia Yanran after he got off the helicopter. He smiled a little to Xiaojie, Dont worry, Daddy will make sure she recovers.

Xiaojie nodded obediently, Daddy, then Ill go find Uncle Junyuan. You can accompany Pretty Zhizhi.

After Mu Sihan and the woman were the only ones left in the room, Mu Sihan relaxed his tight fists, though he clenched them again within the next second. He repeated the action for a few times, before he finally took a step out and walked towards the bed.

At that moment, he really hated the fact that he could not see. Because of that, he did not know how bad her injuries were, he did not know how her expression was too.

He sat by the bed, his breathing becoming very heavy. His black eyes were red, his voice laced with carefulness, Kitten, I knew that you would be fine

His entire heart had tightened in pain and sorrow from the moment he heard about the news of the missing plane she was on. He had thought that he would find her even if she had gone to the depths of hell.

Now that she was fine and was back, how could he ask her anything?

Mu Sihan stretched a hand out to hug the woman on the bed. However, she moved back in the bed hurriedly before he could touch her, You dont come over, dont touch me! If not, Ill make sure well die together

Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows at her words. It was obvious that she had not woken up from the nightmare of being kidnapped.

She was terribly frightened!

A murderous intent flashed in Mu Sihans red eyes. He would definitely find out the person behind her kidnapping and cripple that person!

Kitten, dont be afraid. Im Mu Sihan, youre safe in the hospital now. The usually arrogant man could not help but soften his voice.

The woman curled up in the corner had dazed eyes. She stared at the handsome man sitting by the bed, her lips trembling, I-Im dirty now. Dont touch me Im so dirty

Mu Sihans jawline was tensed, Xia Yanran said that the doctor had given you a checkup. You werent raped, Kitten, youre not dirty.

So many of them wanted to touch me, I did all I could to resist them, but their hands were still on me

Mu Sihan grabbed her wrist, wanting to pull her towards him, only to be met with a stronger resistance from her. Ah. Go away, I dont want to be touched by you

Staring at the screaming woman, Mu Sihan had no choice but to let go of her.

He pressed the button by the bed for the doctor. She only slowly calmed down after the doctor comforted her for a while.

Mu Sihan tried to communicate with her again after she calmed down.

I dont want to stay in the hospital. Im scared that they will come again

Although he still had many questions for her, Mu Sihan followed her wishes since her emotions were so unstable. Ill bring you back to my place in the capital.

In a quietly lavish European-styled villa.

A woman entered the washroom the moment she got out of the car.

She only came out after nearly an hour later.

Mu Sihan was standing in front of the window, turning to look at her when he heard footsteps.

Kitten, can you tell me how you got kidnapped?

The woman sniffled, I went to the toilet before I got on the plane. I met a pregnant woman, and her stomach suddenly hurt, so I helped her out and informed the airport staff. They arranged to send her to the hospital and I only realized her bag was still with me after she left. I rushed to the hospital to return her her bag, and headed back to the airport when I was done. Someone covered my mouth and nose with a cloth suddenly, and when I woke up again, I was tied up in a torn-up warehouse.

Meeting a pregnant woman whose stomach hurt suddenly, then the pregnant womans bag was left with her, then returning the bag only to get kidnapped when she was returning to the airport and the missing plane

Mu Sihan had a strange feeling that something was wrong about the story, however, at this moment, he could not point out what was wrong about it.

Sihan, would you despise me?

Why would I despise you? Besides,you werent raped by those people. Right, she wasnt raped. Although the doctor said that there were marks of her being treated roughly on her, she was not raped She had been missing for a few days, and her legs and hands were tied up by those kidnappers in the warehouse, how was she not raped?

At this thought, Mu Sihans heart skipped a beat. How could he think such a thing? Did he wish for his Kitten to be raped?

Mu Sihan walked in front of the woman. He smelled the faint fragrance on her after she showered, and pulled her into his arms. He wanted to touch her face, only to be pushed away by her.




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