Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Giving Xiaojie A Younger Sibling

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Mu Sihans slender arm stayed suspended in the air. His fingers did not touch her face, touching air instead.

He could feel the woman taking a few steps back.

His breathing tightened. Did she dislike him hugging and touching her already?

His temple started to hurt. He could not see her clearly, and did not know what her current expression was. His completely dark world made him unknowingly panicked and worried.


The woman sniffled when she saw pain flashing in Mu Sihans eyes. She choked,Sihan, it happened too quickly. I cant get over it right now, you dont worry about me, Ill get myself back as soon as possible.

Mu Sihan kept his arm stiffly, nodding his head as he pursed his lips tightly.

Mu Sihans eyebrows were furrowed together tightly after he came out from the room.

His Kitten had returned and did not get on that flight, but why was he still so uneasy?

There was this constant nagging in his mind that something was wrong

Yi Fan walked over, whispering, Young Master, Mr Xiao brought Miss Nans kidnapper over.

Mu Sihan walked down the stairs with heavy steps.

Xiao Yi had changed into a set of black shirt and pants that Yi Fan had passed him. He was sitting on the sofa smoking, as a tall man was kneeling beside him.

Surprise flashed in Xiao Yis eyes when he saw Mu Sihan. It had only been a few days, but Mu Sihan had lost quite a bit of weight.

He did not even care that Nan Zhi had been played around by those kidnappers for a few days. It seemed like he really cared a lot for that woman!

Young Master, the kidnapper had confessed. He was sent by Lin Wanyue to kidnap Miss Nan.

Mu Sihan narrowed his black, cold eyes habitually. His slender fingers were caressing the under part of his chin slowly.

Nan Zhi receiving Grandmas photo, his accident and the kidnap this time Mu Sihan kept feeling like all these were connected.

And Lin Wanyue, he understood this woman.

She might be a little deceiving to be able to do such a stupid thing like kidnapping after she lost everything.

However, she definitely would not do something like sending the photo and his accident.

Young Master, how do we deal with him?

An almost unnoticeable layer of frost covered Mu Sihans handsome face, Send him to the police station and find Lin Wanyue as soon as possible.

After Yi Fan took the man away, Xiao Yi took out the cigarette from in between his lips and scoffed, I thought that Young Master Mu would kill that person with a bullet immediately with your temper.

Compared to killing him straight away with a bullet, I prefer letting a person rot away in jail.

Xiao Yi scoffed once more, It seems like Young Master Mu is more ruthless than I thought.

Mu Sihan sat on the sofa, taking the cigar and lighter after he found them. He narrowed his eyes as he lit the cigar.

Xiao Yi stared at Mu Sihans handsome side profile and lifted an eyebrow, Why, isnt Young Master Mu happy that your beloved woman didnt die and was rescued safely?

Mu Sihan did not reply. He slowly exhaled a mouthful of smoke and said seriously, Ill arrange for you to go back to Ning City.

Mu Sihans surgery was scheduled to be the next after. The doctor said that it could not be delayed any longer.

After Nan Zhi had been rescued, she had become more indifferent.

An Feng wanted to bring her back to her house, but Nan Zhi rejected her. She only wanted to stay with Mu Sihan.

During this period, Yi Fan had found Lin Wanyue. She admitted that she hated Nan Zhi terribly for causing her to lose everything during the Golden Microphone Awards. She came to S Country specially and spent all of her savings to make Nan Zhi get the experience of getting raped and losing all of her reputation.

Although Mu Sihan got Lin Wanyues confession, he felt even more anxious. The weird feeling in him only grew stronger as time passed.

On the day of the surgery, the woman that had disliked him approaching her asked to go to the hospital. She wanted to be the first person he saw after he regained his vision.

The surgery took nearly four hours.

A large crowd were waiting in front of the surgery room.

When the doctor walked out of the surgery room to tell everyone that the surgery was very successful, everyone was very happy, except for the woman who was standing alone in the corner. Her fingers were all crumpled together, as a glimpse of nervousness flashed in her almond-shaped eyes.

Pretty Zhizhi, Daddy will be able to see us now! Arent you happy?

The woman tugged her lips, as she stared at the pretty boy standing not too far from her, wearing a small shirt and overalls. Her voice was soft and gentle, Of course Im happy. I still want to give you younger siblings with your Daddy!

Xiaojie drooped her long eyelashes, pouting slightly.

Recently, Pretty Zhizhi stopped letting him approach her and stopped smiling at him. She even wanted to have more children with Daddy now. Pretty Zhizhi used to say that she only needed him!

Was it because Pretty Zhizhi wanted to have more children with Daddy that she stopped liking him?

The woman walked in front of Xiaojie, patting his head when she noted that he was almost crying, Having more children is for your good. If your Daddy cannot find a suitable bone marrow for you, then we can only use your younger siblings umbilical cord cells.

Xiaojie blinked his round, bright eyes that were filled with tears. She could tell that he wanted to cry, but was suppressing it and he looked really pitiful. But Uncle Junyuan said that hed already found a bone marrow that was suitable for me!

The woman smiled, Who knows if that donor might agree in the end?

Xiaojie furrowed his eyebrows, not quite understanding what she meant.

Right then, the nurse pushed Mu Sihan out of the surgery room.

The woman hurriedly pushed Xiaojie away and ran towards Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihans eyes were still covered with white bandage. The doctor said that he would take it off after 48 hours.

When Mu Sihan woke up, he heard Xiaojie sobbing quietly as he placed his head on the bed.

He lifted his hand, caressing his small head, Daddy isnt dead, why are you crying?

Xiaojie rubbed his face against Mu Sihans warm palm. Will you have more children with Pretty Zhizhi after you can see again?

Mu Sihans expression changed, his fingers wiping Xiaojies tears away. Thats what she told you?

Mm, she said that a young siblings umbilical cord cells can save me. Xiaojie sniffled, Would Pretty Zhizhi and Daddy stop liking Xiaojie after you have more children?

The boy did not have a father since he was young, and lived closely with Nan Zhi. The mother and son had a really strong bond. To the boy, Pretty Zhizhi was the closest person to him and now when his closest person said that she wanted to have more children, he would naturally worry and be scared.

Brat, dont think too much. You will always be Daddy and Mommys most precious and beloved baby.

On the day Mu Sihan took off his bandages, he did not let anyone enter the room apart from the doctor and Nan Zhi.

The woman standing by the side was so nervous that her eyelashes kept fluttering, as she stared at the doctor unwrapping the bandage around his eyes, layer by layer.

When the doctor was finished unwrapping everything, he said, Young Master Mu, please open your eyes slowly.

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