Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 487

Chapter 487 Frightening

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It had been three days.

Nan Zhi would act like she was unconscious and could not drink anything whenever Auntie Sun came in to feed Nan Zhi the soup. She would even spit out the soup if Auntie Sun force-fed her.

Auntie Sun stopped force feeding her the soup after seeing that she was completely out of it.

All Nan Zhi had found out was that there was only this house on the coast. She was probably on a privately-owned island.

Also, she had observed in detail from the window that there were only two helpers, a doctor and a bodyguard in the house.

The bodyguard would go out everyday at five p.m. to buy food and everyday items.

Although she felt dizzy from not having eaten anything, it was a good thing as her mind had gotten a lot clearer.

She thought about it a lot in the past few days.

However, she could not think of anyone who would kidnap her.

The person who kidnapped her did not seem like he did it for money, instead, to separate Mu Sihan and her.

Could it be a woman who was Mu Sihans admirer that she did not know of?

However, it was not the time to make random guesses now. She needed to focus on her tasks.

When the clock on the wall rung its bell at midnight, Nan Zhi opened her eyes and sat up on the bed.

The lights in the villa were all turned off at this time and it was so quiet that she could only hear the sound of waves crashing against each other in the sea.

Auntie Sun did not lock the door, probably having seen her being so dazed.

Nan Zhi opened the door. It was dark all around, with only the corridor light giving a murky yellow glow.

Her heart beat faster.

She had never experienced such a thing and she did not know if the kidnapper would kill her in anger if she was discovered.

She walked down the stairs softly, supporting herself with the handrail.

She did not run away immediately, entering the kitchen instead. She found several left steamed buns and placed them in her pocket. She then walked around the living room, but did not find any phones, only finding a torchlight by accident.

She walked out of the villa and picked up a stick.

She did not have the keys of the speedboat. If she wanted to escape, she could only make use of the chance of when the bodyguard when to buy groceries and hit him unconscious while he was not paying attention to her.

Nan Zhi walked towards the speedboat, eating two of the steamed buns on the way.

Her stomach had been empty for too long, and she vomited right after finishing them.

She bent over, panting before she picked up a bottle of water to rinse her mouth. She then forced herself to eat another steamed bun.

It was fortunate that she did not vomit again.

When she was about to reach the speedboat, the sound of a helicopter suddenly trailed from the sky.

The coastal breeze seemed to turn stronger.

Nan Zhis heart skipped a beat.

Did the kidnapper return?

Nan Zhi definitely could not continue moving towards the speedboat. She looked around, finding a forest behind the villa and she hurriedly ran into it.

All of the lights in the villa were turned on when the helicopter landed.

Auntie Sun, the helper girl, the bodyguard and the doctor hurriedly ran out to greet the person in the helicopter.

Not too long later, a man dressed in a black coat with his face covered by a mask slowly walked out of the helicopter.

His steps were elegant and stable.

Master. The four people by the door bowed in sync.

The man took off the black gloves he was wearing and passed them to Auntie Sun. His eyes under the mask were guarded. Where is she?

Shes resting in the room.

The man hummed before his slender figure walked up the stairs.

The young girl muttered softly as she stared at the mans good-looking back, Auntie Sun, Master must be really handsome! From his back, he must be really handsome!

Auntie Sun glared at the girl and hissed in warning, Dont believe Masters nice countenance. Youll be dead if you make him angry!

The girl shivered in fear, not daring to ask anymore.

The masked man walked down the stairs a few minutes later. His inelegant and messy steps were a contrast to before, as a murderous aura was exuded from him.

Where. Is. She. He said only three words, but each word was like a poison-laced sharp blade that was thrown at their chests ruthlessly.

The girl hurriedly hid behind Auntie Sun in fear.

Although she could not see her Masters face, the deadly aura around him was terrifying. She felt like he would take a persons life without any movement.

Auntie Sun froze, before her face paled, She-shes sleeping in the room!

The masked man took out a black gun, Are you sure shes in the room?

Auntie Sun ran upstairs with weak legs, but there was no one in beautiful princess-styled room.

Auntie Sun looked around the villa next, but still could not find the woman. All she noticed were that several steamed buns were missing from the kitchen, while the torchlight on top of the wine box in the living room was missing too.

Auntie Sun fell to the floor, kneeling. Master, I was the one who did not look after her properly. Im willing to get punished.

The masked man kicked Auntie Suns shoulder, If I cant find her, all of you will die.

After Nan Zhi ran into the forest, she suddenly stepped onto a patch of loose soil. She fell back uncontrollably.

She hit her forehead on a thick tree trunk, and she became dizzy, almost losing consciousness.

Her arm had been scraped by the stone, while a bump had formed on her forehead as well. She leaned against the tree trunk, panting loudly.

She was surrounded by the sea, and had no way to escape. Where could she run to?

Would that person come looking for her in the forest after finding that she was gone?

Nan Zhi stared at the dark sky, losing hope for the first time.

Nan Zhi sat there for a while, before she suddenly heard footsteps from not too far away.

Her heart clenched in fear.

She bit down on her lips hard, the same hopelessness and fear filling her once more.

She got up from the floor, walking forward, only to hear gunshots before she could take more steps.

Nan Zhi immediately froze on the spot in fear.

She knew that she had been discovered.

She had never been so panicked and uneasy before. The blood within her seemed to have been attacked by liquid nitrogen, as her body turned cold.

She did not run away recklessly. She stayed standing there, her mind having thought about the million possibilities.

Since it was already at this point, she could not do anything else no matter how scared she was, so she might as well force herself to stay calm and rational to be able to think of the best plan to deal with whatever was coming.

Nan Zhi turned around slowly and saw the armed figure walking out from the dark slowly.

The man was wearing a silver mask, so Nan Zhi could not see how he looked clearly. But his figure

Nan Zhis long eyelashes fluttered, moving back unconsciously.

Her pretty face was completely pale.

Bo Yan received a call from the jail, telling him that Yan Cheng wanted to see him.

Yan Hua was also going back to settle the Yan familys affairs and her divorce. She came to the hospital to bid Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi farewell after knowing that Nan Zhi was back.

Zhizhi, you have to stay happy with Young Master Mu. Lets meet again after I settle my family business.

After Yan Hua and Bo Yan left, Mu Sihan wrapped his arm around the womans slenders shoulder. He looked down, leaning into her ear, Lets go to a Western restaurant for dinner today with Xiaojie.

The womans heart thumped, not daring to look at Mu Sihan. However, she looked up at him with smitten eyes filled with relief again at the thought that he still could not see. Her voice was soft, Sure.

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