Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 496

Chapter 496 Wild Kiss

Chapter 496: Wild Kiss
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Nan Zhi was caught unaware, and did not expect the man would push her so hard. She stepped back unsteadily.

Before she knew what was going on, the man with the stooped back suddenly walked in and locked the bathroom door.

Nan Zhi stepped back unconsciously until her body touched the cold wall of the bathroom.

Who on earth are you What do you want

The man pursed his lips and said nothing, but his hunched back slowly straightened up.

His body became tall and straight.

Even though he was in ordinary clothes, it became extraordinary.

Nan Zhis eyes widened, and the hands hanging by her sides clenched tightly into fists.

Under the warm lights, their gazes and breaths intertwined, and even the surrounding air was moving slowly.

Nan Zhis heartbeat sped up and felt like it was going to jump out from her chest.

But her rationality was still present. Before he admitted his identity, she wouldnt ask him if he was Mu Sihan.

Her thick and curled eyelashes fluttered and after meeting with his eyes for a few seconds, she looked away. But the next second, her delicate chin was grabbed by his slender and long fingers and she was forced to look into his eyes.

Tears were already forming in her eyes.

If there were uncertainties before, she was now fully certain.

Who else could do this kind of domineering and rough action besides Mu Sihan?

Is it you? Her voice sounded slightly hoarse and choked.

The mans long fingers caressed her beautiful face and his calloused fingers rubbed her lips. His gaze looking at her was deep and dark, with feelings she could not understand. You kissed Gu Sheng?

He did not disguise his voice in front of her.

Hearing that deep, cold and arrogant voice, Nan Zhi felt choked up, and all kinds of emotions running up. Grieve, sorrow, joy, shock

She did not hear clearly what he asked. The instant she heard his voice, the tears she was holding back, fell.

He was still alive and he really came to look for her.

Her silence made him angry. The finger that was rubbing her lips suddenly increase its strength, like he was rubbing away the dirt left on her lips.

Nan Zhi felt pain and the grievance in her became even bigger. She did not expect him to treat her so roughly the moment he came here.

The past few days she was so afraid and helpless but she kept it deep in her heart, as she had no one else to talk to. She was almost going crazy.

She wanted to see him even in her dreams, leaning into his arms and seeking a sense of security.

But this damn man was so fierce.

Mu Sihan, you bastard! She reached out her hand and pushed him, but because of her fever, she had not much strength and her push was like a cat scratch. Youre hurting me!

He still looked at her gloomily, a stormy sea in his dark eyes. His lips were pursed tightly and there was no expression on his ordinary looking face.

Yes, Im a bastard. He smiled coldly, his eyes dark, cold and dangerous. Then your Brother Gu Shengs not a bastard?

Kidnapping her to this place, making him think that she had an accident while on the plane and made him almost suffocated from being upset. Then even sending an easy woman to his side.

Bullying him when he was unable to see?

That was all okay. But the moment he came here, he saw her kissing that damn Gu Sheng.

All the bad temper and raging emotions in his body were ignited.

His rationality disappeared.

While feeling bad-tempered, panic also spread out from his heart.

Could she have been moved by her interaction with Gu Sheng for these past few days?

After all, before she had fallen for him, the person she was thinking about and even dreamed of was Gu Sheng!

Nan Zhi saw the mans darkening expression and she felt even more upset. Why are you looking at me like that?

Thinking about it, she was brought to the island by Gu Sheng for some time already. Was he thinking that she and Gu Sheng had that kind of relationship already?

She opened her mouth, wanting to explain when there was a pain on her chin. The man had pinched her chin and kissed her roughly.

His high nose bridge touched the tip of her delicate nose, and their lips were pressed together tightly.

It was a long lost kiss but there was no gentleness, only an anguished aggressiveness.

Nan Zhis lips were painfully kissed by him. She put her hands on his chest and pushed him. Mmh, Mu Sihan, let go

The moment she spoke, the man pried open her soft red lips and his hot tongue reached into her mouth.

He kissed wildly and domineeringly and swept every inch of her mouth forcefully, lingering yet with a sense of reckless punishment.

It was like he was washing her clean of the breath Gu Sheng had left on her lips and turning it into his.

During the period she was missing, he was counting on his fingers. Every day felt like he was in a boiling pan of oil.

His kisses deepened.

Nan Zhi resisted more and more fiercely. Besides using her hands to push his chest, her body was also struggling and twisting around.

He froze.

She did not want his kisses that much?

Why didnt she resist when she kissed Gu Sheng on her initiative?

His hand held on to her slender waist. Ignoring her struggling, he entangled her tongue with his.

Nan Zhi frowned.

Why was this man becoming more unreasonable?

She lifted her leg and kicked at his calf.

She did not kick that hard but there would still be some pain.

He moved away from her lips but did not release her, lowering his head to her ear, hot breath spilled into her ear and brought out a tingling feeling. What else have you done with Gu Sheng these past few days besides kissing?

When Nan Zhi heard his words, she was angry.

After a while, she squeezed out the words from her mouth, What happened between you and Qin Yubing when she pretended to be me?

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark eyes. Qin Yubing? The friend you broke off with?

A smirk appeared on Nan Zhis face. You did not even recognize her. It seems like you really treated her as me!

She pushed him away hard. Unexpectedly, he was pushed away this time.

She walked forward a few steps but soon, she was hugged by him from behind.

He pulled her into his arms again, her back was forced to lean against his chest. She felt his breath, his temperature, his strength and she felt like crying. She really did not want to argue with him at this time and turned around again, throwing herself into his arms and hugging him tightly.

She looked up at his ordinary looking face and asked with a slightly choked voice, Why are we still fighting at this time? Lets fight when we leave this place, okay?

Mu Sihan looked at the tears circling in her almond-shaped eyes and his bad temper eased. His hand caressed her face with surprising tenderness. Whos fighting with you? Cant I even be jealous?



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