Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Anxious Excited Afraid

Chapter 498: Anxious, Excited, Afraid
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His pectoral muscles were smooth and firm, his waist was narrow with no extra flesh. It was really beautiful and heart arousing.

But it was not Nan Zhis first time seeing his bare body, so she should not have a nosebleed

But she did.

She lowered her eyes and touched her nose.

Her fingers were stained red.

When Mu Sihan saw this, he hurried towards her and said, Look up.

He took a tissue and wiped it for her.

After her nosebleed gradually stopped, Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows, a faint smile on his thin lips. You have a nosebleed even before you saw the most important place. Kitten, how much do you miss me?

Nan Zhis head hurt and she swallowed, not knowing whether her nosebleed was because she saw his body or some other reason

Mu Sihan saw that her eyes were slightly red and used the back of his hand to touch her forehead.

It was very hot.

Youre having such a high fever? The medicine didnt work? His dark eyes were full of worry.

Nan Zhi shook her head and her slender body walked to the sink. She turned on the tap and washed her face and hands, wiped away the nosebleed and then looked at the man behind her through the mirror. The medicine wont take effect so fast. Ill be better tomorrow after sleeping.

Her health had always been good, and having colds were rare. This time her fever came so suddenly, she did not know the reason for it herself.

Mu Sihan came over and hugged her from behind, his large hands intertwining in front of her stomach. Nan Zhi leaned her body against his chest, a smile on her face. Dont frown, the fever will be down tomorrow. The nosebleed was because of seeing you taking off your clothes suddenly and I became restless?

Mu Sihan lowered his head and buried his handsome face into her neck. His breath landed on her skin and he said in a deep and husky voice, Restless? It seems like my Kitten misses my body a lot.

He opened his lips and sucked at her earlobe, his wet and hot tongue lightly licking her ear.

A numb feeling like electricity shot through her body. She shivered and goosebumps appeared on her arm.

Dont blow your breath at me ear, it tickles

He gave a low laugh and asked her, And where else are you itchy?

Almost immediately, Nan Zhi understood his words filled with sexual innuendo. Her beautiful face flushed red and she jabbed at his chest. Why are you so annoying Ah!

He suddenly turned her around and carried her up to the sink, his knees pushing her legs open and squeezing his slim yet strong waist in.

Nan Zhi had no choice but to wrap her legs around his waist.

His handsome face came close to her and leaned his forehead against hers, their gazes meeting.

Nan Zhi was blushing and her heart was thumping from his stare. She lowered her eyelashes and said, I have a cold. If you keep coming so close to me, Ill pass it to you.

His fingers lifted her chin, not letting her avoid his gaze. Kitten, Ive been worried about you ever since you went missing. Now I finally got to see you, cant I kiss you for a little longer?

No, I dont want to pass it to you.

His finger pressed on her lips and the eyes looking at her darkened. If you hadnt caught a cold, would you still have the strength to talk now?

This man

You kissed Gu Sheng on your own initiative, you cant even kiss me now?

Nan Zhi said, I didnt kiss Gu Sheng, youre mistaken.

Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows. Then kiss me now.

This shameless person!

He was relentless, if she did not kiss him, they would spend the night in the bathroom.

Her hands wrapped around his neck and she quickly gave his lips a quick kiss.

She wanted to move away but he pressed onto the back of her head, kissing her hard.

His kiss was deep and fierce.

Nan Zhi could not push him away, even her nerves were trembling.

His palm slid slowly down her delicate skin and along the neckline of her clothes, reaching in.

The bad temper inside of him was stirring dangerously.

But his rationality was still present. He did not want to force her when she was sick

His handsome face buried into her neck and he took in a deep breath.

Picking her up, he carried her to bed with ease.His tall body was close to her slender back and he had her trapped her in his firm chest.

Mu Sihan, tomorrow Gu Sheng will be taking me away.

The man behind her snorted. Then we have to see if he has the ability or not. He raised his head and kissed the corner of her lips. Kitten, have an early rest.

Will you be in danger if you dont return to the greenhouse?

Its all right. Ill go there before dawn.

The man behind might have been too tired or perhaps smelling her faint fragrance, he fell asleep soon after.

Nan Zhi, on the other hand, could not sleep. Her cold this time seemed to be much more serious than previous times.

Her temples felt like it was pricked by needles. It was so painful to even breathe.

But in order to not let the man behind her know, she bit her lip and endured it.

As the sky was starting to lighten, Mu Sihan woke up.

He looked at the person beside him and kissed her forehead before getting out of bed.

Just then, a sharp alarm suddenly sounded in the villa.

Nan Zhi opened her eyes and looked at the man who had worn his clothes but had no chance to leave. Her pupils constricted. Could it be that they found out about you?

Mu Sihan walked to the door and looked at what was happening downstairs through the gap.

The lights in the villa were all turned on, and the lights were bright.

Footsteps and sounds of people conversing could be heard in the corridor.

Master, that florist is missing.

Search every corner and find him.

Mu Sihan closed the door and looked at the clock on the wall. He walked towards Nan Zhi, grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the closet.

The moment the door of the wardrobe closed, the bedroom door was pushed opened.

Gu Sheng came in with his bodyguards.

When he saw that Nan Zhi was not in the room, his gentle face darkened immediately.

His eyes swept through the room and his gaze landed on the closet.

Nan Zhi, who was in the closet, was so nervous her heart was almost jumping out of her mouth when she heard footsteps approaching.

The man behind her embraced her and his thin lips came to her ear and said softly, Dont be afraid.

Nan Zhi lifted her hand and held the mans hand.

She was not afraid because he was here.

Just when Gu Sheng was in front of the closet and was about to open it, a gunshot sounded suddenly.

Master, someone broke into the island.

Before Gu Sheng could say anything, there was another report. Master, someone rescued Miss Nan.

Gu Shengs eyes darkened. He took out a gun from his waist and went out in big steps.

Gu Sheng gave chase with his men to one of the helicopters. He saw Bo Yan pinning down a woman and a menacing look flashed past his eyes.

Sh*t, he was being tricked.

The woman being rescued was not Nan Zhi, but Qin Yubing who was disguised as her.

That meant the real Nan Zhi was probably still in the villa.



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