Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Mu Sihan Goodbye

Chapter 499: Mu Sihan, Goodbye
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Qin Yubing was being held at the neck by Bo Yan and was dragged forward.

When she saw Gu Sheng coming, she was surprised and happy like she had seen her savior. Mr Gu, save me, save me!

Gu Sheng laughed coldly and there was no hint of warmth in his eyes. You take care of yourself.

After exchanging fire with Bo Yan, Gu Sheng ran towards the villa under the protection of his bodyguards.

There was a bad premonition in his heart.

This private island, other than his people, was generally difficult to find.


Gu Sheng thought of the middle-aged man his bodyguard had brought back last night.

Damn it!

That man must be Mu Sihan in disguise!

After Gu Sheng left with his men, Mu Sihan pulled Nan Zhi out of the closet.

Lets go!

The bodyguard outside the villa saw Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi, and raised his gun, firing at him. Mu Sihan let go of Nan Zhi, kicked the gun away from the bodyguards hand with his long leg.

The bodyguard wanted to give chase but Mu Sihan picked up the gun and shot him in the leg.

The gunshot attracted more bodyguards.

Nan Zhi had never experienced such a storm of shots and shells and her nose was full of the smell of smoke after the exchange of fire and blood.

She did not allow herself to slow Mu Sihan down and followed closely behind him.

She had seen his shooting skills once on Xiao Yis cruise. He was ruthless, accurate and fast.

Soon, they arrived at the helicopter Bo Yan had sent over. Mu Sihan let Nan Zhi get on first. After Nan Zhi had got on, she reached out her hand to pull Mu Sihan.

Gu Sheng came after them with a large group of people.

Little Flower, you wont be able to leave, Gu Sheng shouted through the noise.

Mu Sihan fought with Gu Shengs men while getting onto the helicopter.

Mu Sihan finally got onto the helicopter when Gu Sheng was a few hundred meters away.

When the cabin door closed, both of them breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

Gu Sheng looked at the helicopter that was slowly ascending and his lips tightened into a straight line.

Master, do you want to chase after them?

No, they wont be able to run.

Inside the helicopter.

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhi whose face was pale and eyes were red. Knowing that she was frightened, he stretched out his long arm and pulled her into his arms.

Its all right. Dont be afraid.

Nan Zhi leaned on his shoulder and hummed softly.

Although they had escaped, she had an uneasy feeling in her heart.

Mu Sihan picked up the communicator on the helicopter and contacted Bo Yan.

When it got through, Bo Yans deep and cold voice sounded. Sihan, Gu Sheng said that when he kidnapped Nan Zhi, he implanted a chip the size of a grain of rice in her body. If he presses the remote control lightly now, Nan Zhi will be blown to pieces.

Mu Sihans expression changed.

He had really underestimated Gu Sheng!

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihans expression darkening and she furrowed her eyebrows. Whats wrong?

We cant leave.

The helicopter landed at the place designated by Gu Sheng.

It was on the edge of a steep cliff.

A smile appeared on Gu Shengs face as he watched Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan coming down from the helicopter. I told you before, you wont be able to leave.

Gu Sheng only had two bodyguards with him and they pointed their guns at Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan.

Gu Sheng promised not to detonate the chip inside Nan Zhi under the condition that they come alone.

Brother Gu Sheng, do you have to use such despicable methods? Nan Zhi glared furiously at Gu Sheng, her eyes red.

Gu Sheng beckoned to Nan Zhi. Little Flower, come to me.

I dont want to!

If you dont come, I can only A mini remote control appeared in Gu Sheng hand.

Nan Zhis lips trembled. Fine, Ill come over.

Mu Sihan held on to Nan Zhis hand tightly. Nan Zhi held him back and blinked lightly at him.

Mu Sihan did not loosen his hold on Nan Zhi and looked at Gu Sheng with a sharp and cold gaze. Let her go. Ill be your hostage.

Ha. Gu Sheng laughed. What I want is Little Flower, why do I want you to be my hostage? Ill count to three, if she doesnt come over, Ill detonate the chip straight away!

Nan Zhi clenched her fists and pushed Mu Sihan away. If I dont go, the both of us will die. But if I go, maybe things will turn around.

Nan Zhi walked towards Gu Sheng who was at the edge of the cliff.

The bodyguard searched Nan Zhis body and let her go to Gu Shengs side when they did not find any guns or knives on her.

Gu Sheng clasped Nan Zhis neck from behind and looked at Mu Sihan with a smile. Mu Sihan, before youve gotten Little Flower, didnt you also use despicable methods to her? You raped and hurt her. You are aware of your own status, you wont be able to give her happiness. Let go!

Mu Sihan looked at the two of them standing on the edge of the cliff and looked as if they would fall any time. He pursed his lips. Tell me, what do you want me to do?

Gu Sheng seemed very satisfied with Mu Sihans present attitude. He smiled. Kneel down and beg me. Maybe I can think about it after youve begged me.

Gu Sheng knew that with Mu Sihans status and personality, it would be more painful for him to kneel and beg than killing him.

He wanted to see how much he would do for Nan Zhi!

Mu Sihans expression tensed.

Nan Zhi shouted with her eyes red, No, Mu Sihan you cant kneel to him! Go, Ill stay here, he wont do anything to me!

Gu Sheng tightened his hold on Nan Zhis neck. He looked down at her, his voice gentle. Little Flower, Ive said before. If youre obedient, I wont hurt you. But do you think that you are obedient?

Mu Sihan pursed his thin lips tightly and looked at Gu Sheng coldly. Will you let her go if I kneel down and beg you?

An innocuous smile flashed past Gu Shengs eyes. Yes.

Nan Zhi kept shaking her head. No, Mu Sihan, you cant kneel to him! Dont!

Mu Sihans dark eyes landed on Nan Zhi and a faint smile appeared on his lips. Dont be afraid, its all right.

Watching him slowly bending one knee, Nan Zhi grasped the right moment and cut towards Gu Shengs wrist with the knife blade hidden in her fist.

Gu Sheng did not expect that she had a weapon in her fist. There was a pain in his wrist and the remote control dropped. Mu Sihan took the opportunity and rolled forward, grabbing the nearest bodyguard and kicked him hard, grabbing the gun in his hand. Then he shot another bodyguard quickly.

Kitten, run.

Nan Zhi ran forward two steps and Mu Sihan shot Gu Sheng in the thigh. Because of the rain last night, the soil covering the rocks had loosened.

The place where Gu Sheng was standing was close to the edge. When the center of gravity was tilted, the loose earth beneath his feet collapsed and the moment he fell, the bloody palm grabbed Nan Zhis ankle. Nan Zhi, who was dragged by him, could not react at all and followed his body and went down along with the loose soil.

Mu Sihan, Im taking Little Flower to the underworld. Come along if you have the guts!

Mu Sihan flew in the direction of Nan Zhi.

They were only a meter away and he could catch her with a stretch of his hand.

But it was exactly this one meter.

His hand only grabbed a handful of loose soil.

He could only watch as Nan Zhi fell off the cliff. The wind lifted her long hair and her pale face looked at him, brimming with tears. She only said five words to him as she fell, Take good care of Xiaojie.



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