Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Farewell We Wont Meet Again

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Nan Zhis heart tightened when she heard the man telling her to stop.

She kept telling herself that it was impossible for a person to despise a person they liked because of a change in their appearance.

However, she looked down at the wrinkled skin on her hand and thought about her ugly face. She lost all courage to face him.

She did not want to face him!

She could not do it at all!

Even if she did not have long to live, she did not want him to accompany her!

It was fine for her to leave this world quietly and alone!

It was fine.

Nan Zhi did not stop, quickening her steps instead.

She continued until the man shouted, The person wearing a black robe ahead, if you dont stop, you wont be able to leave this hospital!

Nan Zhis slender fingers curled up tightly.

She heard the two men walk towards her, and every step they took felt like they were walking on her heart.

Her palms were slightly wet from sweating in nervousness.

Her eyes were already completely red.

She sucked in a deep breath, speaking, Are you calling me? Why did you call me?

Both Mu Sihan and Lan Yanzhi froze together when they heard his hoarse and unpleasant voice.

Nan Zhis voice was crisp and pleasant to the ears.

On the other hand, the voice from this person obviously belonged to an old lady.

Lan Yanzhi glanced at Mu Sihan beside him, sighing softly, Fourth Brother, youre missing Nan Zhi too much. He would think that its Nan Zhi whenever he saw someone of a similar build. There had been a few times when he saw someone of a similar build and run off the car to approach that person.

In the end, he was only met with disappointment.

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, his sharp eyes landed on the womans slender back, What were you doing suspiciously in front of the room earlier?

Nan Zhis long eyelashes fluttered, answering hoarsely, My son is sick, but his father did not allow me to come see him, so I came to the hospital secretly. I could not find him, so I was looking room by room.

Mu Sihans temple twitched in pain when he heard the prickling voice. At this, Lan Yanzhi hurriedly supported Mu Sihan to lean against the wall, Fourth Brother, if youre still worried, Ill lift up and see that womans face.

Before Mu Sihan could say anything, Lan Yanzhi had already sprinted up to Nan Zhi.

Before Nan Zhi could react, the veil covering her face was pulled off.

Lan Yanzhi took a clear view of her look and took a few steps back instantly.

Nan Zhi did not mistake the surprise and shock in his eyes.

Yes, it was shock.

Im sorry. Lan Yanzhi hurriedly walked back to Mu Sihan, as if taking another look at Nan Zhi will pollute his eyes, Fourth Brother, are you hallucinating now? That woman is old and ugly, its not

Lan Yanzhi continued, but Nan Zhi did not want to listen anymore.

She put on the veil once more, and left hurriedly.

She felt like her heart was going to break into pieces.

Moisture covered her eyes, she could start crying at any moment.

However, she bit down on her lips tightly, not letting herself cry.

She was sorry. Please forgive her for not being able to confess to them!

After Mu Sihan sobered up, he gained strength again.

However, he was even more cold than before. The arrogance on him was gone, and made him seem more cold and dark.

He signed an agreement with Ye Fengjun.

Ye Fengjun sent the person from the Ye family that had a suitable bone marrow for Xiaojie over.

Before Xiaojies surgery, he needed to go through various blood tests and checkups. However, the boy was very strong and cooperated for any tests he had to go through. He never cried or had a temper, he would hold onto his tears even though the tears were swarming in his eyes from the pain.

He said that a man would never cry easily.

Before the surgery, Xiaojie was placed in a sterile room for patients after any transplantation surgery. He needed to go through a huge cycle of chemotherapy cycle to kill all of his white blood cells. In the room, Xiaojie got fevers and vomited from the pain of the chemotherapy and his lack of immunity. Mu Sihan heart ached terribly for Xiaojie at the sight of him suffering but acting strong.

He had been accompany him in these few days, and was the best support for his son.

Nan Zhi knew that Xiaojie was having surgery, so she asked Qiao Yanze for helped and dressed as a cleaner to stay by the father and sons side.

She stayed until Junyuan announced that the surgery was a success.

Nan Zhi was standing by the corner, crying in happiness.

Her baby was finally healthy again.

Her baby could live.

She knew that Mu Sihan would definitely make Xiaojie healthy again!

At the same time, several helicopters landed on the hospitals rooftop, as strong winds blew in gusts.

Two rows of bodyguards were standing in a uniform fashion, waiting for the man and woman who were getting off from one of the helicopters.

The man was dressed in a suit. He was tall and handsome and had a strong aura. The man was Ye Fengjun, while the woman walking beside him was dressed in military uniform. She was tall, friendly and comfortable to look at.

The two of them walked to the surgery room.

Mu Sihan was standing there in a black shirt. His eyes were void of temperature when he glanced at the woman beside Ye Fengjun.

Ye Fengjun introduced the two of them to each other, Sihan, this is Shangguan Wan, the person youre about to marry. Wan Er, this is my youngest son, Sihan.

Shangguan Wan glanced at Mu Sihan, before stretching her hand out with a smile. Hello, please take care of me in the future.

Nan Zhi, who was acting like she was cleaning in the corner, heard their conversation and her pupils constricted instantly.

Mu Sihan he was going to get married to another woman?

And that middle-aged man, why did she feel like he looked really familiar?

Her eyelashes fluttered terribly as she froze.

She remembered that she saw that man on the television when she went to visit her mother in S Country.

He was

Nan Zhi widened her eyes, before she scoffed.

So, it turned out that Mu Sihans status was so high.

Even if her beauty was still there, and she did not get poisoned, the two of them probably had no way to get together in the end!

Nan Zhi had yet to digest the news that he was going to get married, when she heard Ye Fengjun say again, Bring your son with you. Well return to S Country now. From now on, youre Ye Sihan, and not Mu Sihan!

Nan Zhi stood at the ground floor of the hospital, staring as several helicopters rose into the air.

She chased them for a distance, until she fell to the floor weakly from the lack of energy. Nan Zhi slowly closed her eyes, staring as the helicopters rose higher and flew further.

Qiao Yanze walked in front of Nan Zhi, squatting slowly.

At her despaired and pained expression, he patted her head gently, Do you have anywhere you want to go for the last days? Ill accompany you.

After Mu Sihan and Xiaojie left Ning City, there had been several times when Nan Zhi missed them too much in the middle of the night. She would call their numbers, but their numbers had been disconnected.

She only had ten days of life left.

Alone, she lay on the big bed in the hotel, lifting a sharp dagger as she slowly and slit her slender wrist.

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