Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 519

Chapter 519 I Can Kiss Any Man But I Cant Kiss A Man Like You

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He wanted her to kiss him?

She thought of how he was someone elses man.

The blood in her body froze.

He was indirectly humiliating her!

He knew that she hated to be a mistress who destroyed anothers family.

Ding Shuman was such a person.

How could she possibly become a person like Ding Shuman?

Nan Zhi looked at the mans deep dark eyes, and her beautiful small face seemed to be covered by a layer of frost, like a stray cat that was violated. Mr Mu, please respect yourself.

She could not possibly kiss him!

His tall body took a step forward, their bodies almost touching. He covered most of the light, his shadow casting over her dauntingly.

If it did not work here, she could only think of other ways.

Being so close to him, the manly scent exuding from his body entered her nose from time to time, disrupting her feelings.

She furrowed her eyebrows. Mr Mu, in that case, treat it like Ive said nothing. Please let me pass.

There was a stubborness in her bones. It took him a lot of effort and time to get her in Ning City.

Now, he had become another persons man. It was impossible for her to break her rules and be easily smitten by him.

The man standing in front of her did not move, his dark eyes landed on her face. She was irritated with his stare and raised her head, looking into his eyes. I can kiss any man in the world, but I cant kiss a man like you.

She had just finished speaking when her wrist was grabbed by the man.

He stared at her, the outlines of his face tensed. A man like me?

Nan Zhi bit her lip seeing how his expression had changed. What, Mr Mu wants to have a mistress even though youre already married?

The mans handsome face inched closer to hers as soon as she stopped talking, the tip of his nose almost touching the tip of her delicate nose. As his gloomy gaze stared fixedly at her face, it was as though he wanted to catch every expression on her face. So what if I am?

Nan Zhi lifted her leg and kicked at the most vulnerable place of the man.

But the man reacted faster than she did. The moment she lifted her leg, a large palm grabbed her slender and fair leg.

His palm was hot and when it touched with her slightly cold skin, she shivered.

The man had his other hand on the top of her head. He looked down at her, his sexy lips pursed tightly, his calloused fingers rubbing the smooth skin of her thigh.

Nan Zhis scalp was starting to tingle.

Let go.

Her body was slightly unstable after her leg was grabbed by him. In order not to fall, she could only hold on to the wall behind her with both hands.

Mu Sihan saw the anger appearing on her beautiful face and a faint smile appeared on his handsome and well-defined face. He stepped back, the hand holding her leg tightening its hold as well.

She was pulled by him and had no choice but to move forward.

But with just one high-heeled she could not keep her balance.

She was not prepared and fell on him. Her hands grabbed onto his expensive shirt.

She knew that he had always been dominating and aso knew what his qualm was. She smirked. Ive kissed many men this past year, Mr Mu. Are you sure you want me to kiss you?

She smiled and the hands that were holding his shirt suddenly wrapped around his neck, her soft red lips moving towards his.

But she was pushed away before she even touched him.

The man bit his cheek, his eyes dark and expression cold, looking down at the woman who had fallen to the ground. A dark look was in his eyes and he turned around, striding away without saying anything.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips.

She wanted to have a good talk with him but in the end, she provoked him instead.

A few seconds later, Nan Zhi stood up from the ground and patted the dust off her cheongsam. She was about to leave when she heard a laugh.

Nan Zhi, oh Nan Zhi, hes already married. Why are you still trying to seduce him? Why dont you see what status you are, even if there isnt Shangguan Wan, you wont have the chance to marry into the Ye family!

Nan Zhi looked at Nan Yao who was leaning against the balcony railings, her eyes turning cold. When did you see me seducing him? Nan Zhi came up to Nan Yao, a mocking smile on her red lips. Speaking of seducing, say, if I seduce Qiao Yanze, I might be able to enter the Qiao family!

Nan Zhi, youre dreaming! The Qiao family will never let you in! Youre the daughter of a rapist! The blood flowing in your body is tainted!

Nan Zhi took a quick step forward, her hand gripping Nan Yaos neck. In the past year, Ive traveled all over Hua Country and learned boxing and kung fu whenever I have the time. Although Im not Mu Sihans opponent, I think its more than enough to deal with a person with a sheltered life like you.

With a grip on Nan Yaos neck, Nan Zhi pushed her towards the balcony.

There were on the fifth floor. If they fell, they would be disabled for life if they did not die.

Nan Yao looked at Nan Zhi whose strength had really became bigger and her face paled. If you dare to attack me, the Qiao family wont let you off.

Those who have nothing, fear nobody. You must have heard that I almost died once, so now I am not afraid of death at all!

Nan Zhi, you lunatic! Let go!

Nan Zhi released her roughly to the side.

Stay away from me in the future. Dont ever provoke me again.

At a training ground in the suburbs, soldiers with loaded guns stood on their posts. An army green SUV drove by. When the soldiers saw the license plate, they immediately saluted respectfully.

The SUV drove all the way to the shooting range.

Bo Yan wore a camouflage suit and stood in the shooting range. Since Mu Sihan was forced to return to the Ye family, he had persuaded Bo Yan to come over and help him train a special troop.

Mu Sihan got out of the SUV and Bo Yan came forward. Before he could say anything, Mu Sihan took the gun from his hand, loaded it, raised it and fired several shots, all of which hit the target.

Bo Yan walked up to him, his eyes slightly narrowed. Its been a while since Ive seen you like this. Youre in a bad mood?

Nan Zhi came to the capital.

Bo Yan had a I knew it was because of her expression. You still hate her?

Yes. Mu Sihans handsome face was fierce. But I hate myself more.

You hate yourself because you cant give her a home? Or you hate yourself for not being able to protect her well?

If he was Mu Sihan, he was absolutely capable of giving her the best, but now he was Ye Sihan. He was helpless in many things after returning to the Ye family.

He did not want to compete for power and get involved in the complicated political struggle. But now, if he did not fight for power, then he could only become a puppet who was to be used and sacrificed.

He hated her for not contacting him straight away when she was alive and quietly stayed with Gu Sheng. But he also knew that even if she contacted him, what could he do for her, and what could he change?

Now, what he needed to do was to strengthen himself, stand at the top of power and become the king in charge of everything.

That was all he could do.

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