Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 520

Chapter 520 He Suddenly Came Close To Her

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The Queen had three sons and one daughter. After her eldest son died young, the remaining of her children had been fighting for power on the sly.

Ye Fengjun was anxious to let Mu Sihan return to the Ye family and have the marriage with the Shangguan family because he wanted to stabilize his power and make the Queen crown him as the Crown Prince.

Bo Yan looked at Mu Sihan, whose dark eyes were full of murderous intent, and said, After your father became the Crown Prince, there were several shooting incidents in the capital. I heard that the Queen had been very unhappy with your father recently?

Mu Sihan held the gun with one hand, shooting another shot at the target, a faint smile on his thin lips. My Uncle and Auntie are not people to be taken lightly. Everyone wants to be the last one standing.

Then thats good, you will be able to benefit from it. They are all brutal, cold-blooded and unscrupulous in their methods. The people of the country will be the ones who suffer when they become the monarch.

Mu Sihan handed Bo Yan the still smoking gun. Im brutal too.

But your heart is warm.

Mu Sihan looked up at the sky above his head and saw one of the stars that was the brightest, his dark eyes narrowed slightly. Im not that great. I just want to have enough power to protect my child and woman.

If he could not be king, he would always be Ye Fengjuns puppet.

Bo Yan wanted to say something but Mu Sihans phone rang. After ending the call, his expression changed. Theres a shooting at the fresh fruit supermarket on the west lane of the city. Bring people over to assist quickly.

In the fresh fruit supermarket.

Yan Hua heard that the fruits here were fresh and walked the few hundred meters especially to pick fresh fruits.

Suddenly, she heard a scream outside.

Yan Hua looked towards the entrance and saw two masked men holding guns rushing in.

The sounds of guns being fired sounded.

Yan Hua quickly hid in the corner, her hands holding her head and stiffening her body, not daring to move.

The sounds of the guns being fired almost deafened her ears.

After some time, police cars arriving outside could be heard.

The two masked men walked towards the corner, pointing their guns at several people huddled on the ground.

Yan Hua saw the muzzle of the gun landed on a pregnant woman with a big belly.

You, come here!

The robber pointed his gun at the pregnant lady. The pregnant womans face paled with fright and her legs trembled when she was singled out.

There were two other men squatting on the ground, burying their heads in their arms as if they had not seen anything.

The pregnant woman stood up shakily and with both hands on her stomach, she begged fearfully, I beg you, Im almost due. Ive gone through many hardships to conceive, and hes about to be born. Please, please

It was obvious that the robbers had no sympathy. The muzzle of the gun jabbed at the womans stomach. If you talk nonsense again, Ill kill you now.

Yan Huas pupils constricted and she saw that the pregnant ladys skirt was gradually turning red.

She stood up from the ground and looked steadfastly at the robbers. Ill be your hostage!

In a building opposite the supermarket, Bo Yan and a subordinate called Stone, were lying in ambush with snipers.

Seeing the robbers coming out with the hostage, Stone whispered, Boss, look.

Bo Yan had seen plenty of such scenes, plus his calm and indifferent nature, made him able to stay calm and grounded no matter how big the situation was.

But when he saw clearly the woman the robbers were pointing their guns at was Yan Hua, who he had not seen for some time, he almost knocked down the sniper that was mounted.

Boss, whats wrong?

Stone had never seen Bo Yan with such a panicked expression. It was like he had seen a ghost.

It was a few seconds before Bo Yan regained his usual expression. But the outlines of his handsome side profile became more indifferent and cold, and Stone even felt a faint trace of murderous intent from him.

Boss, are you okay!

Shut up, focus!

Boss, did you see? The woman abducted by the robbers is damn quite good-looking. Her skin is so fair, her face so small, her features pretty. I think shes still a university student!

Stone finished speaking and realized that his boss ignored him. He turned and met with his bosss gloomy looking gaze.

Soldiers were honest and frank, so he asked with doubt, Boss, why are you looking at me like that? Could it be that youre interested in that girl?

Shes my sister.

This time it was Stone who was stunned. When he regained his senses, he blushed and shouted, Brother-in-law!

Bo Yans mouth twitched. If they were not on a mission, he might possibly give Stone a kick to the chest.

Calling him Brother-in-law? Was he seeking death?

Boss, it was love at first sight when I saw your sister!

Bo Yans expression was cold. After this mission, go back and carry 20 kg, and run cross-country of 20 km in full battle uniform.

Stone was speechless. Boss had a sister complex!

The robbers confronted the police fiercely.

They told the police to prepare a helicopter and if it did not arrive within five minutes, they would kill the hostage.

The robber had his gun pointed at Yan Huas temples and cold sweat kept pouring out of her forehead.

This was the first time she had been in this kind of situation.

Every second became exceptionally torturous.

It was impossible for the police to send a helicopter in five minutes. Yan Hua suddenly realized that the robbers purpose was to kill the hostages one by one.

Five minutes had passed and the robber grabbed another hostage. The robber who had his gun pointed at Yan Hua moved to pull the trigger, preparing to fire.

Suddenly, two loud bangs rang out.

The loud sound almost broke Yan Huas eardrums.

Following the sound of the gun fading away, Yan Huas face and body were all sprayed with a warm liquid.

She looked down and saw blood.

The two robbers were shot in the wrists of the hands that were holding their guns and then two more shots were fired each at their legs.

The police rushed in and subdued the robbers.Like that, the hostages in the supermarket were all rescued.

That bleeding pregnant woman was also taken to the ambulance by the medical staff who had arrived earlier.

Yan Hua breathed a sigh of relief and fell to the ground.

Her palms were full of cold sweat.

A medical staff came over to ask if she was injured and she shook her head shakily.

After a while, with her eyes lowered she suddenly saw a tall green figure enter her sight. Yan Hua raised her head slowly and saw the mans tensed jawline and the handsome and resolute face underneath his hat.

The man was holding a gun in his hand and his eyes that were not wearing glasses swept over her. Are you seeking death?

Yan Huas ears were still buzzing slightly and she did not clearly hear what he had said.

He frowned and suddenly reached out his hand to grab her wrist.

His action was so fast she could not respond at all.

His palms were rough, and when he touched her, Yan Hua felt a slight stinging pain on her skin.

Yan Hua pulled back her hand and murmured dazedly, Thank you.

The man suddenly bent down and leaned towards her. The air around her thinned and his handsome and cold face became closer and closer to her.

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