Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 521

Chapter 521 She Does Not Like Brother Soldiers

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Yan Hua was still dazed by the hijack just now and so her thoughts and reactions were a little slower than usual.

It was not until the mans good-looking face was almost touching her face that she reacted to avoid it. But before she could avoid it, she heard the mans cold voice. Grow some brains, do you think of yourself as a target?

Yan Hua finally heard what he was saying.

Her lips moved and she looked at the man in front of her in amusement. What does it have to do with Mr. Bo it I treat myself as a target?

Bo Yan nodded, his gaze cold. Fine. It has nothing to do with me. He turned around and left with a cold face after saying that.

Yan Hua frowned, feeling incredulous. Having not seen him for a year, his temper had grown.

Yan Hua left the supermarket after she found a sink and cleaned up the blood splattered on her arm and clothes.

She had only taken a few steps forward when suddenly an SUV stopped in front of her.

The window from the drivers seat opened and a tanned and young face appeared. Hello, Sister, going home? Boss and I can take you back.

Bo Yan was sitting at the front passenger seat. There was a cigarette in his mouth, his camouflage suit had its sleeves rolled up to his arms, his elbows propped up on the window and his eyes cold.

Yan Hua looked away from Stone, who was being overly familiar, and pointed at a direction not far away. Its okay. I live not far from here.

She had just finished speaking when the man who was smoking said with his cold voice, Get in the car. Its late and the streets are not safe.

Recently, the capital had been slightly turbulent and Yan Hua was afraid she might meet another vicious robber. After saying thank you, she pulled open the door and got in.

The moment she sat down, a camouflage jacket was thrown at her.

The jacket covering her face had the fragrance of soap mixed with a faint smell of sweat, the masculine smell of the man filling her nose. Yan Hua took the jacket off her head, her delicate face slightly angry. Mr. Bo, what are you doing?

Bo Yan turned his head, meeting with her furious gaze. After a while, he looked down towards her chest.

Yan Hua followed his gaze and found that two buttons of her shirt were opened, the black lace bra inside could be seen, and her fair skin could be vaguely seen too.

There was a buzz in her head and a hotness spread from her face to her ears. She quickly buttoned her shirt and put his jacket aside.

Bo Yan turned away and the image of the hem of her skirt turning over and he accidentally glimpsed it appeared in his mind.

Between two slender fair legs, her black panties made one indulge in a dangerous train of thought.

His eyes darkened, and he unconsciously smoked more profusely.

Stone parked the car at the entrance of Yan Huas district and turned to look at her with a smile, reaching a hand to her. Hello, Sister. My names Stone, 21 this year, not married He had not finished his words when he was hit at the back of his head. He quickly covered his head. Ouch, Boss, why did you hit me? I just want to get to know Sister!

She wont like you. Bo Yan said with no expression.

Stone rubbed his head, looked towards Yan Hua who was silent and smiled. Sister, a young tan brother like me really has no chance?

Yan Hua did not quite understand what Stone meant.

Stone then asked, Then what type do you like, Sister? Many of our brother soldiers in the force are single. Do you need a boyfriend, Sister?

Yan Hua pursed her lips slightly and looked at Bo Yan, whose face was cold. She smiled softly and politely. Im sorry, I dont like brother soldiers. Besides, I have a boyfriend.

She thanked them again, then pushed open the door to get out of the car.

After Yan Hua entered the district, Stone started the engine again and the SUV sped away.

After a distance, Stone realized that something was wrong. The air in the car seemed to be cold and suffocating. He turned and saw that the cigarette in Bosss hand had burned to the end and was about to burn the back of his hand.

And, he found that the vein on the back of Bosss hand was protruding out, the cigarette end were deformed by his fingers pinching it.

Boss, whats wrong with you? Oh, I just found out that your sister didnt call you brother, but Mr. Bo? And, Sister doesnt seem to like Boss.

Their relationship was not good?

Boss, did you stop your sister from having a boyfriend before? Stone did not notice the mans tight jawline and he sighed. If I had such a beautiful sister, I would definitely have a sister complex.



If you say one more word, Ill add another 20 kilometers.

When they reached the training base, Bo Yan went straight to the dormitory. He had a room and bathroom to himself.

He took off the camouflage suit and stood under the shower, the icy cold water falling from the top of his head.

The drops of water jumped on his healthy complexion, his masculine scent spreading around the air.

He raised his head and let the cold water wash his sharp and handsome face.

The outline of his face looked even more cold and sexy under the fall of water.

The image of the two buttons of her shirt being opened suddenly appeared in his mind. His lower abdomen became hot and all the blood in his body rushed downwards.

He looked down and gave a low curse.

But very soon, the words floated into his mind.

I dont like brother soldiers. Besides, I have a boyfriend.

Ha, she had a boyfriend!

When Nan Zhi returned to Yan Huas apartment, Yan Hua was not back yet. Nan Zhi was about to go out and look for her when she saw Yan Hua coming back in a disheveled state.

Seeing the bloodstains on her clothes, Nan Zhi was shocked. Huahua, what happened to you? Are you hurt anywhere?

Yan Hua shook her head and told Nan Zhi what she had met with at the fruits supermarket.

Dont go out at night in the future, its dangerous. Nan Zhi held onto Yan Huas cold hands. You must be frightened!

I was at first, but Im fine now. Seeming to have thought of something, Yan Hua asked Nan Zhi, How was the photography exhibition today? And is the online friend who youve been chatting with for over a year a handsome man?

Qiao Yanze.

Yan Hua was surprised. It was him? But if you dont say, he seems to be very thoughtful towards you.

He is Nan Yaos uncle.

Yan Hua was even more surprised.

Besides, Ive spoken on the phone with his mother before. He got close to me because he was standing up for her. If she was really captivated by Qiao Yanze, she would have been kicked away mercilessly by him.

Fortunately, she had no affection for Qiao Yanze.

Ever since the photography exhibition, Nan Zhi had never met with Mu Sihan again.

She found a private detective to find out where the children of the royal family went to school, but the results made Nan Zhi a little disappointed.

The private detective did find out, but could not tell her.

This morning, Nan Zhi, who was used to having morning runs, suddenly saw an auntie of about fifty to sixty sitting on the ground with a pale face while running down a hill.

Nan Zhi stopped in a hurry.

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