Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Her Xiaojie Has Grown Taller And More Handsome

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There were several early morning runners but many of them acted as if they had not seen the auntie when they passed her.

They were afraid of getting into trouble.

Nan Zhi ran towards the auntie with a few big strides and asked with concern, Are you alright? Where did you hurt yourself?

The auntie looked at Nan Zhi and her eyes suddenly brightened up.

This girl was really beautiful!

Fair white skin, bright black eyes, small and delicate nose, and pink lips.

It was the kind of beauty that made people fall in love at first sight.

She had her hair up in a high ponytail, she was in sportswear and had a towel around her neck. She was tall, slender and energetic.

At first glance, she looked like one who exercised regularly.

The auntie held on to her ankle and groaned. I accidentally sprained my foot, its so painful.

Nan Zhi saw that the auntie had furrowed her eyebrows in pain and she asked gently, Shall I help you contact your family?

When Nan Zhi mentioned family, the auntie immediately wiped at her eyes. My unfilial son doesnt even care whether Im dead or alive. I dont see him more than three times in a year.

Nan Zhi frowned.

Aunties son was too unfilial!

But the world was full of wonders. Last time she saw the news, there were even beasts who would kill their own parents!

Nan Zhi pursed her lips. How about this, Ill carry you down the hill and when we get down the hill, Ill call a taxi for you to get back?

The auntie did not expect Nan Zhi to be so kind and loyal. There were several people who ran passed her but they did not even look at her.

Young lady, will you be able to carry me?

Nan Zhi nodded and smiled, saying, It should be all right.

Nan Zhi carried the auntie on her back. The auntie looked thin but with her height, she was not that light.

Although Nan Zhi often exercised, her arms and legs were slender, and her body was slim. Walking down the hill, her forehead was full of sweat and her legs were shaking slightly.

But she still carried the auntie firmly on her back.

Until she put her on a big rock at the foot of the hill.

Thank you for your help, young lady.

Nan Zhi wiped her sweat, taking out 100 dollars from her bag and gave two pieces of snacks to the auntie. You havent had breakfast yet, right? Would you like to try this? I made it myself.

The auntie took the pastry from Nan Zhi, but did not take the money. She smiled and asked, Young lady, whats your name? Can you give me your phone number? There are not many good girls like you now.

What? You really carried her down the hill? Yan Hua looked at Nan Zhi in disbelief.

Nan Zhi rubbed her aching arm and nodded. Yes! Even though I could see that she was pretending.

The private detective did not tell her where Xiaojies school was but he provided her some information of the court.

According to the information provided by the private detective, Nan Zhi went to Crown Palace. Crown Palace covered a vast area and was divided into six palaces, including the residences of the Crown Prince and his wife, the residences of the Prince and Princess Consort, museum, the Royal Theater, banquet hall and exclusive use of VIPs.

There was a guard at the entrance of Crown Palace every three to five steps. The guards with loaded guns patrolled the square and the entrance of the palace in an orderly way.

Nan Zhi could not get too close but she observed that the servants coming out of the palace wore the same clothes and hair clips.

Nan Zhi had looked at the auntie from this morning carefully.

Although she was wearing ordinary clothes, she had the same hair clip on her head as the servants in the palace. And it was obvious she wore a ring on her finger as there was a circle of faint white mark around it after taking the ring off.

She did not know the purpose of the aunties deliberate fall and letting people carry her down the hill, but she should not be a bad person.

Yan Hua looked at Nan Zhi and asked softly, Are you sure that auntie will contact you?

I think she would, or she wouldnt have let me carry her down the hill.

Sure enough, on the third say after Nan Zhi had carried the auntie down the hill, she called Nan Zhi.

Young lady, do you still remember me? Theres something I need your help with. The other time I ate the pastry you gave me and thought it tasted good. The pastry chef on my side is on leave and tonight I need to prepare for a banquet. Could you help me? Oh, I can pay you.

Nan Zhi heard this and her heart leapt with joy. Of course! Auntie, where is your house?

Tell me your address and Ill send people over to pick you up!

After ending the call, Nan Zhi went back to her room to change her clothes. She had no makeup on her face and tied her hair up into a ponytail, looking neat and fresh.

Sitting in the car the auntie had sent over, Nan Zhi thought that the auntie should be a helper in the palace.

There were strict inspections done when entering Crown Palace. The driver took Nan Zhi to one of the magnificent palaces.

The hall was full of European style design, a high open hall, gold plated roof, huge chandeliers. It was elegant, luxurious and beautiful.

Nan Zhi was amazed when she saw the palace of the royal family for the first time.

Dont look around and follow me into the kitchen! The driver reminded her.

Nan Zhi followed the driver into a rather large kitchen, the auntie was giving instructions inside, her expression strict and cold, which was quite different from how she looked when she had fallen to the ground on the hill.

Seeing Nan Zhi coming, a smile appeared on the aunties face. Young lady, come here,

Recently, the Fourth Princess Consort has a bad appetite. The Queen cares about the Fourth Princess Consort and sent me here to make some delicious food for her. But Im not good at making dessert. Your pastry from the other time tasted special so I think the Fourth Princess Consort would like it. Young lady, please make a few more varieties? Hows ten thousand dollars for the payment.

Nan Zhis heart skipped a beat. Am I making it for the Fourth Princess Consort?


Nan Zhi nodded thoughtfully. Then this palace is the residence of the Fourth Princess Consort and the Fourth Prince?

Yes, the Fourth Prince has a bad temper. Young lady when youre done, dont run around. I have something important to tell you later.

Nan Zhi made three kinds of exquisite desserts and the auntie was very satisfied.

While the auntie was busy with other things, Nan Zhi quietly went out of the kitchen. She had just walked to the dining room when she heard Yi Fans voice. Young Master Xiaojie, you are back.

Nan Zhi poked her head out of the dining room. A short while later, a little boy in a blue suit with a white shirt inside and a bow tie entered her sight. His hair was parted to the side and he had grown taller.

He had a school bag on his shoulders with the words Royal Academy printed on it. When he was walking, his back was straight and the two legs wearing the pants were long and straight. When he grew up, he would be as tall as his father.

Nan Zhi looked at the little fellow who was growing more handsome and whom she had not seen for a long time. She felt like crying and her eyes turned red.

Before she could take more glances, the little fellow with the schoolbag on his back went upstairs.

When Nan Zhi saw this, she bit her lip and took a small plate of snacks from the kitchen and went upstairs.

But before she reached the stairway, a voice behind told her to stop.

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