Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Kitten Meow Like A Cat

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After entering the palace kitchen, Nan Zhi changed into the pastry chefs uniform, hat and wore a mask as required.

Only a pair of eyes were visible.

When Yi Fan told her to stop, she turned around, lowered her head and had a cautious look.

Yi Fan stood not far away and when he saw that the woman was carrying a plate of desserts, he asked, What are you doing?

Nan Zhi was of broadcasting and hosting background, so naturally she was able to change her voice. She deliberately lowered her voice with a slight hoarseness and said, Im sending up the freshly made desserts to Young Master Xiaojie.

Come downstairs immediately after delivering it. Dont stay up there.

Nan Zhi nodded, turned around and went upstairs.

Yi Fan stared at the womans slender, tall figure for a while. He did not know if it was a hallucination but this pastry chefs back looked a little familiar.

Nan Zhi carried the dessert up to the second floor. Along the two sides of the corridor that was covered with luxurious retro-styled carpet, were more than ten rooms, and the doors of each room looked the same. It was luxurious.

Nan Zhi had no idea which room Xiaojie was in.

She pushed open the doors of several room boldly, but they were all empty.

Nan Zhi went forward again.

Suddenly, a cold and dignified voice came from the corner of the stairs. This is the third hostage-taking shooting in half a year. Although there were no hostage casualties this time, the impact was very bad. Can you manage the security of the capital for me? If not, let your big brother do it.

Let Big Brother do it!

It was Mu Sihans voice.

Nan Zhi looked around. Now she had no way to back down. If she did not find a place to hide, she would surely be found.

She put her fingers on the handle of the door behind her. She twisted it gently, opened the door and stepped back quickly.

She realized it was a study only when she was inside.

The mans voice was coming towards the door of the study.

Nan Zhi looked around. The study was big but there was hardly any hiding place.

Seeing the large rosewood desk, Nan Zhi had no time to think and wriggled in with the pastries.

The moment she wriggled in, the door of the study was pushed opened.

Ye Fengjun, who had a cold expression and the aura of a king who was above everyone else, strode towards the desk.

Youre really useless. You cant do anything well

Nan Zhi heard the voice of Ye Fengjun coming over to the desk and her hair stood on end.

There must be only a few people in the palace who dared to scold Mu Sihan and call him useless!

It must be Mu Sihans elder!

If he saw her huddling under the table, would he

Nan Zhis heart was in her mouth.

She curled her fingers and cold sweat oozed out of her palm.

She could not let him see her.

What should she do?

Her thick and long eyelashes fluttered. She took a deep breath and let out a meow sound.

Mu Sihan was listlessly listening to Ye Fengjuns lecturing him, when he heard a meow, his dark eyes narrowed immediately.

He stepped forward and sat on the black leather chair before Ye Fengjun.

When Ye Fengjun saw this, his expression turned even darker. You really cant even be compared to Ye Qings little finger. When he was still alive, he could share the responsibility of things for me. What about you?

Mu Sihan put his hands on the desk and slid forward. The leather chair drew close to the desk and Nan Zhi, who was crouched below, was almost trapped between his slender legs.

The surrounding air became oppressive in an instant.

Ye Fengjun was extremely disappointed with Mu Sihan when he saw that no matter what he said, Mu Sihan was always looking cold and cynical.

Other than being a little useful for the marriage, youre just useless!

Nan Zhi listened to Ye Fengjuns growl with mixed feelings.

Although Mu Sihan became the Fourth Prince, was this how his father treated him in private?

He was such a strong man that this was like tramping his pride and self-esteem under his feet!

Nan Zhi lifted her eyes and looked carefully at the man sitting in the leather chair.

He was too tall and there was limited space beneath the desk. She could not see his face at all Glancing over, she could only see an indescribable place under his belt.

Because he was sitting down with his legs wide open, she could vaguely see a shocking outline.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Nan Zhi quickly looked away, a blush appearing on her face.

When would the growling man outside leave?

No matter what Ye Fengjun said, Mu Sihan did not even bother to say anything. His attention was all on the woman under the desk.

Despite wearing a pastry chefs mask and hat, he could tell at a glance who it was.

Ye Fengjun saw that Mu Sihan was silent and then realized that he had been standing while Mu Sihan had been sitting.

You, get up from the chair.

Mu Sihan looked at Ye Fengjun lazily, the feet that were wearing dark grey slippers tapped the shoulder of a certain woman under the desk. Father, Im teasing a cat. He gave a faint smile. Kitten, come, give me another meow.

Nan Zhis face was red and she reached out to slap Mu Sihans feet away.

Mu Sihan hissed with his eyebrows raised, the smile on his face deepening. The kittens angry and bites.

Ye Fengjun was not used to seeing Mu Sihan like this. Whats a grown man like you doing, raising a cat?

Oh, its the Persian cat the Queen gave Waner the other time.

Ye Fengjun hummed angrily and shook his hand, leaving the room without saying anything more.

After Ye Fengjun left, the study became silent again.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips and looked at the man who almost trapped her between his legs. She bit her lip and said, Mr Mu, could you please raise your noble leg and let me out?

The man sitting on the leather chair did not seem to hear her. Instead of raising his legs, he drew closer to her body.

He took out a cigar and small blow torch from the wooden box on his desk and lit the cigar. He looked at the woman under the desk with narrowed eyes. Miss Nan, you sure are capable. You can actually get into the palace and sneak your way under my desk.

From his angle, he could see her blinking eyelashes. They were thick and long like two small fans, and seemed to be able to touch peoples hearts with every flap.

There was a sudden heat in his body.

His expression darkened suddenly.

Nan Zhi wanted to explain to him but suddenly caught a glimpse of the crotch of his pants from the corner of her eye.

Seeing him actually The heat on her face which had faded, reappeared.

She thought that the buttons on her clothes were unbuttoned or somewhere inappropriate and quickly looked down, but found that nothing was out of place or exposed and she frowned.

She did not do anything so why did he

Or was he looking at some porn pictures on his desk?

Mu Sihan puffed out two mouthfuls of smoke and in the gray smoke, he saw the slightly opened lips of the woman, and his body tensed up even more.

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