Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Mu Sihan Do You Still Like Me?

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Mu Sihan smoked faster. Even though his body was tensed, his handsome face was very cold and she could not see any desire.

Nan Zhis breathing was a little tighter. She did not know what the man in the leather chair saw

The atmosphere was incredibly awkward.

Mr Mu, please move.

This time, he did not make things difficult for her and retracted his two long legs, sliding the chair backwards.

Nan Zhi crawled out of the desk with her head lowered and she let out a sigh of relief when she breathed in fresh air.

But there was a knock on the door before she could straighten her body.

Nan Zhis leg turned weak with fright and she dove forward.

She was half kneeling on the ground, her beautiful little face knocking into the indescribable place of the man.

Silent, it was eerily silent.

Her breathing became fast and hot breath spilled from on top of her.

The man frowned and his handsome face tensed.

Yi Fan pushed open the door of the study and said respectfully, Young Master

Before Yi Fan could finish, the mans angry and cold voice said, Get out!

Yi Fan looked at Mu Sihan, whose eyes were red and seemed like he was suppressing something. He asked with concern, Young Master, are you all right?

I told you to get out! Mu Sihan grabbed a document from his desk and threw it at the door with an icy cold face.

Yi Fan shut the door hurriedly.

Nan Zhi knocked her teeth with her fall just now and in her daze, she did not know if she knocked on his belt or

I-Im sorry. She raised her head, wanting to leave but she had just took a step when her wrist was grabbed by him.

Then, she fell on the mans strong and firm thighs.

She did not know where to put her hands and her teeth were still numb.

Is this why youre in the palace? He was looking at her with a dark gaze.

Nan Zhi shook her head, wanting to get up from his legs but her waist was pressed by his large palm, and she struggled but could not break free.

Sit properly. Stop twisting around, do you think Im not hard enough?

Nan Zhi understood what he was talking about after thinking about it for several seconds.

I came to see Xiaojie. Nan Zhi quickly clarified, in case he misunderstood that she was here to seduce him.

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark eyes and his handsome face seemed to be covered by a layer of frost. Now youre here to see him? Then what were you doing before?

Nan Zhis lips moved. She did not want to tell him what had happened a year before.

He had his own family now and it meant nothing for him to know those things.

No matter what, you should let me see Xiaojie. We should let him decide whether he wants to ignore me or forgive me.

Mu Sihans long and slender fingers lifted Nan Zhis delicate chin. So, youve never wanted to see me?

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows. Mr Mu, please remember your current status.

Mu Sihan released the grip on her chin and picked up the phone on the desk, a faint smile on his lips. Yi Fan, a thief has snuck into the palace. Throw her into the dungeon to be dealt with

Nan Zhi snatched the phone away from him, but found that he did not dial the phone at all. She glared at him. Mu Sihan, what do you want? I just want to see my son! You cant be so selfish!

Mu Sihans dark eyes stared fixedly at Nan Zhi, his well-defined handsome face void of expression. It was dauntingly cold.

Nan Zhi drew back her hand as if electrocuted.

Looking at the resistance in her eyes, the man clenched his jaw, looking fierce and cold.

Nan Zhi felt the danger in his eyes and stood up, wanting to run while he was unaware.

But the next second, she was pulled roughly back and pressed against the desk by the man.

He was strong and her waist knocked hard against the edge of the desk. During the scuffle, a few buttons of her clothes were opened and her snow white skin was exposed to the man.

The man had his hands by the sides of her body, his head lowered and looking down at her, his handsome face covered by a layer of shadow under the light and his dark eyes were burning with fire.

Before she could say anything, the man buried his face in her slender and long neck.

He took in her scent deeply.

His chest was heaving slightly, his muscles tight like he was suppressing something.

Nan Zhi was slightly dumbfounded. She reached out her hand and pushed the man who was kissing from her neck to her collarbones and further downwards

But no matter how she pushed, the man did not move.

And she did not know if she was imagining it but the man seemed to be stronger than a year before.

Nan Zhi was slightly flustered but she forced herself to calm down. She looked at the man who had buried his face in her collarbones, a complicated look in her eyes. Mu Sihan, do you still like me?

The man raised his head, his long fingers caressing her delicate and beautiful face, and laughed wildly. Youre my first woman, whats so strange for me to be reluctant to part? And besides, your body is enticing, which man doesnt want it?

Nan Zhi was slightly surprised. She did not expect him to answer so explicitly. Dont forget, we cant go back to what we were before.

Mu Sihan looked at her clear and beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

There really seemed to be no admiration or fluttering in it.

There was only alertness and distance.

He did not speak, but looked at her red lips. He lowered his head and kissed those teasing lips.

He had wanted to do this since the day she appeared at the Royal Hospital.

He had been enduring it for too long.

He was a little wild and fierce.

She was as sweet and soft as he had imagined.

Nan Zhi did not expect that he would kiss her suddenly. They had not touched each other for over a year and when their lips touched, they were both flurried.

Nan Zhi opened her lips slightly in surprise and the man took the opportunity to enter her mouth, his hot tongue sweeping past her upper jaw, grabbed her tongue, sucked hard and then kissed deeper.

The faint tobacco smell mixed with the mans fresh scent filled her lips and nose, drowning out her respiratory system. Nan Zhis mind turned blank for a few seconds but then reacted, lifting her legs to kick the man, kicking on his calf bone, the most vulnerable part of human beings.

The mans breathing turned heavy. It should be painful but he did not even frown, a trace of mockery flashing past his eyes. You can use a little bit more strength.

After that, he did not give her a chance to say anything and kissed her deeply again. His palm reached into her collar and caressed her delicate and tender skin.

The phone on the desk suddenly vibrated. Nan Zhis finger accidentally touched the screen and the crisp voice of a woman could be heard, No matter how busy you are with work, you still have to eat, right? Come down quick, Xiaojiejie and I are waiting for you.

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