Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 525

Chapter 525 Mother And Son Meet 1

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Nan Zhis blood froze when she heard the womans voice.

What was she doing?

What on earth was she doing?

Kissing another womans man in the study?

And Xiaojiejie?

That woman called her darling Xiaojiejie?

It seemed like they got along very well. Nan Zhis eyes turned red in an instant.

The man left her lips and said with a deep voice, You two eat first. Then he hung up.

As if nothing had happened, he kissed her lips again and his wet tongue enveloped her ear, sucking and licking it.

Nan Zhi did not feel anything.

She only felt a cold chill envelope her. The expression on her face turned cold. Mu Sihan, get off my body.

The man lowered his head, looking at her beautiful eyes that were red but unusually cold.

He did not release her, his dark eyes staring fixedly at her high nose and red lips. What if I dont?

Nan Zhi smiled slightly, her clear eyes curved into crescents, the dimples at the corners of her lips could be seen slightly, like peach blossoms blossoming in spring. It was eye-catchingly beautiful. Okay, continue to kiss me if you dare!

She had just finished speaking when he once again kissed her lips fiercely.

Almost at that moment, the corner of his eye saw her picking up an ashtray.

When she swung it at his head, he did not dodge.

The sharp pain stopped him from kissing her and his lips lifted in a faint smile. Kitten, youre becoming a little wild cat, getting more and more violent.

The skin on his forehead broke and blood gushed out, sliding down his well-defined face. It was a ghastly sight. The ashtray in Nan Zhis hand dropped to the ground.

She pushed him away and walked towards the door.

But the man moved faster and his large palm grabbed her wrist, throwing her to the doorframe.

He had one hand on the top of her head, his dark eyes looking at her. That hit was my compensation for bullying you. Stay here and without my permission, you cant go anywhere.

Nan Zhi shook his hand off, a mocking look in her eyes. Are you afraid that Ill go downstairs and tell your wife about it?

One drop of blood fell from his sharp angled face onto his firm jaw. his dark eyes became red and cold. Nan Zhi did not dare hold his gaze for long and looked away, tears seeping out from the corner of her eyes.

Seeing her cry, the man was slightly stunned.

I didnt cry when you hit me, why are you crying?

Why was she crying?

She of course had many reasons to cry.

The most painful thing for her was her Xiaojie

Did he already accepted his new mommy?

Mu Sihan lifted his slender hand and wiped the tears away from the corner of her eye. She waved his hand off but he in turn held it tightly.

He pinched her palm like he was at a loss with her. He lifted his eyebrows. You dont want to see the brat?

Hearing his words, Nan Zhis bright eyes then turned towards him. You said it yourself! Dont go back on your words.

Her tears finally stopped falling.

Mu Sihan was doubting if she was pretending just now!

His handsome face became cold. Get out of my way.

Nan Zhi obediently moved aside.

Before he pulled open the door, she said softly, You should bandage your forehead before going down!

The man snorted and left without looking back.

Instead of going downstairs directly, he went to the master bedroom.

After cleaning the wound on his forehead, he stood in front of the mirror in a daze.

What magic did that woman have?

When she appeared, she messed his heart up in an instant.

The dining room downstairs.

Shangguan Wan looked towards the entrance of the dining room when she heard steady and strong footsteps.

When she saw a band-aid on Mu Sihans forehead, she burst out laughing. Dont tell me you didnt look when youre walking and knocked into the wall.

Mu Sihan sat on the master seat of the rectangular table with his eyebrows raised and face cold. Im blind, okay? He looked at Xiaojie, who was sitting at the edge and eating in an orderly manner, while talking. I have your favorite snack in my study. Go and eat it.

Xiaojie put down his knife and fork, and left silently.

After returning to the Ye family, Xiaojie attended the Royal Academy. Unbeknownst to others, he was bullied by other noble children there.

He never complained to Mu Sihan, and worked hard to learn etiquette, knowledge, horsemanship In just one year, he became the most outstanding child in the Royal Academy.

But compared to before, he was much more quiet.

Shangguan Wan frowned suspiciously when she saw Mu Sihan let Xiaojie go upstairs without eating dinner. You should wait for him to finish dinner before giving him snacks, no matter how delicious it is.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Mu Sihan looked at Xiaojies retreating back and a faint smile appeared on his sexy thin lips. The snack he likes is unique, which makes him happier than any main meal.

Shangguan Wan was doubtful. What kind of snack is so magical?

Xiaojie walked to the study with a sullen expression on his beautiful and delicate face.

He had no interest in whatever exquisite snacks Daddy said he had.

But he got into a fight with Fatty in school today.

Fatty said that he was a child with no mother. Xiaojie could not stand him way before and the taekwondo he learned this past year proved to be a little useful.


He was bitten on the arm by Fatty.

Xiaojie rolled up his sleeve and the place he got bitten was a little bruised.

But he was not afraid of pain. He must be stronger so when he grows up, he could go by himself to look for Pretty Zhizhi.

Nan Zhi stood at the door of the study. Her heart was beating violently thinking that she would she her Xiaojie darling soon.

She was not so nervous when facing Mu Sihan.

Because Mu Sihan and her ending had been decided. They would never be together.

But her son was different, half of the blood running in him was hers.

Whoever Mu Sihan married, her son could only be hers.

It was just that both mother and son had not seen each other for so long. She was not sure if the little fellow would blame her

Since he was born, they had never been separated. This was the longest time.

Nan Zhis eyes turned red when she thought of her little darling.

After waiting for a long time and seeing that no one was coming in, Nan Zhi put her ear by the door and listened for a while.

No one seemed to be coming,

She opened the door again and looked outside through the gap.

There was no one.

She was about to close the door when the door across from hers opened.

A small figure came out.

He had his head lowered and did not see her.

The fingers that were by her side curled.

The tips of her fingers sunk into her palm and they dug into her skin.

Her Xiaojie

Perhaps feeling a gaze on him, Xiaojie, who had his head lowered, suddenly looked up and towards the study.

The moment Nan Zhi saw the little fellow lifting his head, her thick and long eyelashes fluttered violently.

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