Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Retribution

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From time to time, the hoarse cry of a woman and the sound of something smashed to the ground could be heard from inside the room.

There were many people standing outside the door.

Li Ying pasted herself by the door and she was happy when she heard Pei Xuans voice faintly. Just as the servant said, a woman had seduced her son!

She was worried that she could not find a daughter-in-law. In the presence of so many people, she had to bring that woman back to the Pei family to be Xuaners wife.

Li Ying immediately asked the servant to open the door.

The moment the door was opened, Li Ying smelled blood.

Qiao Yanze strode in, almost following closely behind Li Ying. Seeing the scene inside, he frowned and blocked the on-looking guests so they couldnt go any further.

Ding Shuman was dissatisfied with Qiao Yanze dispersing the guests. She was waiting for everyone to see the ugly and disgusting side of Nan Zhi!

Nevertheless, it did not matter. Qiao Yanze would not like Nan Zhi anymore after seeing this, and Li Ying must be laughing in her heart!

In the room, Nan Yao was covered in wounds, blood dripping, her face was red and swollen after being beaten up by Pei Xuan. Her long hair was covering her face messily and her chapped lips were trembling. Help, help

Her throat was grabbed by Pei Xuan and her voice was hoarse, with a strong sense of despair.

Although Pei Xuan was silly, cruelty was still deep in his bones. He had no mercy when abusing her.

Nan Yaos torture finally stopped when Qiao Yanze brought the servants in and forcefully pulled Pei Xuan away.

Nan Yao felt like she was about to be torn apart, her snow white skin was bloody from being whipped by the belt and her legs were aching too much to even close.

It was that b*tch Nan Zhi who deserved all this!

Why was it her? Why?

Nan Yao heard Ding Shumans voice and she called with a weak voice, Mom, mom

But her voice was so hoarse that no one else in the room could hear it.

Li Ying dressed Pei Xuan and bent her legs, kneeling in front of Madam Qiao. Sister, Xuaner is the Pei familys only child. You have to decide for him! It must be that little b*tch on the bed who drugged our Xuaner to make him act like this!

Madam Qiao frowned. Today was a happy occasion for the Qiao family and what she did not want to see happening the most was this!

Throw that slut in the water dungeon!

Sister, since this has already happened, let her be married to our Xuaner. Maybe after tonight, she will have a male heir for our Pei family!

Ding Shuman had been waiting for Li Ying to say this. Based on what she knew, Pei Xuan had turned into a fool, but was cruel by nature. If anyone dared to disobey him, he would beat the person badly.

If Nan Zhi followed Pei Xuan, she would get a taste of how Nan Weiye had beaten her.

Thinking of this, Ding Shuman felt happy.

Little b*tch, just wait until you get your retribution!

When Nan Yao heard that Li Ying wanted her to marry Pei Xuan, she shivered with fear, wrapped the bedsheets around herself, got down from the bed with trembling legs, but she did stand properly and fell.

Mom, mom, save me

Ding Shuman only heard the woman who had fallen from the bed said the words save me pitifully and she smirked, thinking that even Nan Zhi had a time when she would beg for mercy.

But then when she thought that Qiao Yanze and Madam Qiao had not seen Nan Zhis face, she said softly in Madam Qiaos ear, Mom, why dont we see which cheap slut is so shameless to seduce Xuaner!

Madam Qiao waved her hand, signaling the servant to come forward and pull away the long hair covering the womans face.

Ding Shuman lowered her eyes, which were full of triumph.

This time Nan Zhi would not be able to raise her head again!

She glanced at Qiao Yanze from the corner of her eye.

After seeing how Nan Zhi had slept with Pei Xuan, Qiao Yanze would probably stay away from her!

Nan Yao saw the servant coming towards her and she shrank towards the bed.

No, dont pull my hair away.

Dont show my face!

Li Ying could not stand it anymore and took a few steps forward, grabbing Nan Yaos shoulder with one hand and used the other to sweep away the hair covering her face.

Although her face was red and swollen, Li Ying recognized Nan Yao at once.

Li Ying was terrified. She had not expected it would be Nan Yao who seduced her Xuaner.

Ever since Nan Yao and Ding Shuman came to the Qiao family, both mother and daughter behaved in an arrogant way, always stuck-up and looking down on her Xuaner.

Qiao Yanze was still doubtful who was playing such a game of chess, wanting to disgrace their Qiao family. When he saw that the woman was Nan Yao, he laughed meanly.

She would not even let off Pei Xuan, how hard up was she?

Ding Shuman saw that Qiao Yanze, instead of being angry, he laughed. She was perplexed.

Why was he laughing?

It shouldnt be!

Seeing Nan Zhi, shouldnt he be angry or feel that she was shameless?


Ding Shuman had not figured out what happened to Qiao Yanze when Madam Qiaos angry cry sounded by her ear.

This was the first time that Ding Shuman had seen Madam Qiao getting angry after she had returned to the Qiao family.

Ding Shuman turned her head in doubt and looked at the woman by the bed quickly.

That pitiful looking person was clearly

Ding Shumans eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at Nan Yao.

No How could it be her own daughter?

Where was Nan Zhi?

Ding Shumans expression changed. Nan Yao saw the anger shooting out of Ding Shumans eyes and she crawled to her side with her aching body. Mom, save me

Ding Shuman resisted the impulse to kick Nan Yao away. With tears in her eyes, she looked at Madam Qiao, who had on a dark expression. Mom, listen to me

Madam Qiaos expression darkened and shook Ding Shumans hand away, then she strode towards the door.

Ding Shuman was too frightened and chased after her hurriedly.

Ding Shuman caught up with her mother at the stairway. She pulled at her in a panic. Mom, you saw for yourself. Yaoyao was abused so badly by Pei Xuan, somebody must have set her up

Madam Qiao shoved Ding Shumans hand away. Shuman, I finally figured out your plan. Do you know what I care about most? The reputation of our Qiao family and Pei Xuan is my brothers only son. You shouldnt have used him!

Mom, listen to me

Madam Qiao wanted to go down the stairs but Ding Shuman held on to her. While they were pushing and pulling, Ding Shuman missed her footing and her body rolled down the stairs into a crumpled heap at the bottom.

When Madam Qiao saw this, her anger turned into worry and panic.


Hearing the commotion, Qiao Yanze rushed over.

He called the ambulance after he saw Ding Shuman rolling down the stairs and bleeding after knocking her head.

Outside the emergency treatment room.

Madam Qiao paced around with worry and Qiao Yanze hugged his mother. Mom, you need to calm down.

Your sisters life is in danger, how could I possibly calm down?! It was supposed to be a happy occasion for the Qiao family tonight, but a series of accidents happened. She finally found her daughter after so many years. If anything happened to her, she would not have the will to stay alive.

Just then, the door to the emergency room opened. Who is a family member of the patient? She is bleeding profusely and losing a lot of blood. Our blood bank is in urgent need of type O blood

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