Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 543

Chapter 543 Meeting Between Rivals

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Qiao Yanze clenched his fists, wanting to chase up to Mu Sihan to question what he was doing in the females changing room. However, at the thought of Nan Zhi still inside, he stopped immediately.

He had just walked over to the females changing room when Nan Zhi pulled open the door from inside.

Staring at Nan Zhi, who had changed into her exercise attire, he asked worriedly with his hands on her shoulders, Did he do anything to you?

Nan Zhi shook her head, hiding all of her emotions within her. She smiled faintly, No. Lets go and play golf.

The two of them sat on the electrical buggy and moved towards the playing field. When they passed by one of the courses, they saw Mu Sihan, Shangguan Wan and a middle-aged man wearing white leisure attire.

Nan Zhi suddenly recalled the words Mu Sihan had said before he left.

He said that he only had one son that was Xiaojie.

But Shangguan Wan and his son were barely three months old. How was it that he only had one son?

The middle-aged man, who was playing with Mu Sihan, saw Qiao Yanze and stretched his hand up to wave at Qiao Yanze.

I can see someone I know. Ill go over and greet him, you can sit here and wait for me. Qiao Yanze patted Nan Zhis arms.

Nan Zhi nodded. Alright.

After Qiao Yanze went over, Nan Zhi accidentally glanced at Mu Sihan. His back was facing her, as he held onto a golf club and got ready to swing at the ball.

Probably having heard Qiao Yanzes voice, he turned around to take a look.

His dark eyes moved from Qiao Yanze to Nan Zhi.

Although they were separated with some distance between them, Nan Zhi still felt a sense of oppression.

It was a good thing that he moved his eyes away quickly. He took a clean swing and the white golf ball cut through the air in an angle before it landed on the grass patch and rolled into the hole.

Good! The middle-aged man clapped his hands when he saw this.

Nan Zhi was about to look away when her eyes met anothers.

Shangguan Wan.

Shangguan Wan was wearing a pair of sunglasses, so Nan Zhi could not see her eyes. However, Nan Zhi could tell that Shangguan Wan was staring at her.

After Qiao Yanze exchanged greetings with the middle-aged man, he walked over.

His tall figure blocked Shangguan Wans eyes.

After the electrical buggy left, Shangguan Wan still was not able to move her eyes away from the woman, until a mans cold voice rang from above her head. What are you looking at?

Shangguan Wans slender fingers caressed her chin, as if she was in deep thought, find Qiao Yanzes girlfriend a little familiar looking!

However, they were too far apart earlier. On top of the glaring sunlight, she could not see that clearly.

Shangguan Wan took off her sunglasses, glancing at Mu Sihan in confusion. I noticed that you were acting like love rivals with Qiao Yanze. Even the greeting between the two of you was filled with tension when you met. What happened exactly?

Mu Sihan tugged his lips coldly, his eyes dark. Who is his love rival? Could it be that you like him?

Shangguan Wan broke into giggles from Mu Sihans words. Dont you know very clearly what the relationship between the two of us is? How can you be jealous because of me?

Mu Sihan narrowed his eyes at Shangguan Wan. I noticed that something is slightly weird about you these past few days.

Shangguan Wan caressed her face, laughing heartily. Whats weird about me? Im still the same. If it wasnt for Xingxing, I would really want to go to guard the borders. Days spent in the capital are really boring.

Have you found the man that got you pregnant?

Dont worry about it, we dont have to look for him anymore. After your side had stabilized, Ill bring Xingxing to the borders.

On the other side.

After Qiao Yanze managed to get several shots into the holes, he turned towards a distracted Nan Zhi. He walked over to her, raising an eyebrow as he asked, Dont you know to shout when he entered the females changing room? Did he bully you or not?

Nan Zhi pursed her lips slightly, noting the worry and nervousness on Qiao Yanzes face. He said that he would stop finding me.

Qiao Yanze hummed coldly, clenching his fists. Thats good. If not, I will fight him again.

Nan Zhi was alarmed, as disbelief appeared in her eyes. When did you fight with him?

Qiao Yanze realized that he had exposed himself, as he waved the golf club around in an attempt to change the topic. Lets stop talking about him, we should play golf instead.

Nan Zhi chased up to Qiao Yanze. Why did you fight with him?

Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow. Does your heart ache for him?

NoNan Zhi recalled the sudden change in attitude Mu Sihan had towards her in the past few days. She stopped walking, staring at Qiao Yanze blankly. Did you tell him about me getting poisoned?

Qiao Yanze shrugged. I really cant hide anything from you.

Nan Zhi remained silent for a very long time.

Qiao Yanze rubbed the back of his head. I was too angry then and wanted him to stop looking for you, so it just came out of my mouth. Did it cause any trouble for you?

Nan Zhi bit her lip, her eyes looking into the distance. Her voice was soft. Its all in the past now.

Thats right. He has a wife and a child now. Why do you still care about him?

Nan Zhis breathing tightened slightly. She looked down, controlling her emotions. You also know that he has a child with Shangguan Wan?

Qiao Yanze glanced at Nan Zhi, Could it be that you only found out today?

Nan Zhi was speechless.

After they finished their game, Qiao Yanze wanted to leave with Nan Zhi. However, he met A Countrys ambassador again when he was changing.

His father had had close ties with the ambassador, and the latter insisted on dragging Qiao Yanze for a meal.

Mu Sihan had already booked a private room. When the ambassador brought Qiao Yanze and Nan Zhi over, he and Shangguan Wan were already waiting in the room.

He had changed into a black shirt. He did not wear a tie, while the top three buttons of his shirt were undone, revealing his sexy, exquisite collarbones. When he saw Qiao Yanze and Nan Zhi enter the room, his eyes remained as calm as before. His lips pursed slightly, making his jawline look defined and perfect.

Nan Zhi wanted to leave by giving several excuses. However, that ambassador treated her as Qiao Yanzes girlfriend, and kept talking to her passionately, so she could not leave even if she wanted to.

Halfway through the meal, Nan Zhi, who did not have much of an appetite, got up to go to the washroom outside.

She turned on the tap and washed her face as she stood in front of the wash basin.

Hearing footsteps behind her, Nan Zhi looked up as she wiped away the water beads off her face.

Shangguan Wan entered the washroom.

She stood beside Nan Zhi, looking at Nan Zhi through the mirror.

Shangguan Wans eyes were not sharp, though Nan Zhis heart still thumped. Guilt surfaced in her heart unconsciously.

Could it be that Shangguan Wan found out that Mu Sihan was having an affair and found out about her?

Their eyes met through the mirror for nearly five seconds, when Shangguan Wan suddenly gasped in understanding. Oh! Its you!

Nan Zhis heart almost jumped out of her throat in fear when she heard Shangguan Wans words.

She really knew her?

Your Highness, actually

Shangguan Wan hurriedly waved her hands when she noticed Nan Zhis face was slightly paled like she had been scared. You were that person that shouted that the police was there that day. Do you still remember? You saved me!

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