Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 552

Chapter 552 Sweet Night

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When he was still a few steps away from Yan Hua, Bo Yan stopped abruptly.

Seeing the little baby in Yan Huas arms, Bo Yans pupils constricted and his grip on Yan Huas phone tightened.

He wanted to go forward and take a look at the baby in Yan Huas arms, but it seemed like his legs had turned into lead, too heavy to move.

The nanny did not expect she would see Bo Yan here and she said softly, Young Master Then, realizing her mistake she said hurriedly, Huahua, why is Mr. Bo here?

Yan Hua handed Little Apple to the nanny and pursed her lips. Bring Little Apple up first.

Bo Yan saw the nanny carrying the baby away and hurried forward, but soon, a tall man blocked in front of him.

Huahua, I heard that there was a problem during the shoot today. Xiaohe was hurt too, are you okay?

Bo Yan looked at the man who suddenly appeared in front Yan Hua. He was about the same height as him and was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He looked a little like Bo Yan too, but he seemed to be in his early twenties and a few years younger than him.

Yan Hua smiled and shook her head, holding the mans arm intimately. Do I look like Im not okay?

Her voice was soft and coquettish. The eyes looking at the man was bright, as if only the man existed in her eyes.

She completely ignored Bo Yan, who was only a few steps away from her.

The man saw Bo Yan who was not far away from the corner of his eyes and quickly understood the purpose he came to look for Yan Hua. He must be an admirer who wanted to pursue Yan Hua!

But this one had the looks and temperament!

Ji Yan, arent you going up to see Little Apple?

The man nodded. Of course, who am I going to see if Im not seeing you and my daughter!

Yan Hua had no shortage of pursuers in recent years. Even if she had given birth to Little Apple, her pursuers did not mind. On the contrary, they all adored Little Apple with her large, sweet eyes.

Yan Hua had no choice but to ask the boss of the management company, who was also her manager, to act as her shield.

This plan was quite effective.

After Ji Yan went upstairs, Yan Hua came up to Bo Yan, whose expression was cold and seeing the phone in his hand, she stretched out her hand. Thank you Mr. Bo for bringing me my phone.

Instead of returning her phone, Bo Yan looked at her sullenly, like he wanted to catch every emotion in her eyes clearly. Is the child mine?

The little baby looked small. If he calculated by time, they had intercourse once after the downfall of the Yan family.

Could she have gotten pregnant from that time?

There was no panic in Yan Huas eyes and she gave a faint smile, which seemed to be mixed with slight ridicule. That time I took the contraceptive pill the next day. Didnt you send someone to confirm that?

Yes, he confirmed that she had taken the pill, so when he saw her holding the baby in her arms, he was shocked, but on second thought, what if there was something wrong with the pill or it was expired?

Yan Hua could guess what Bo Yan was thinking and she gave a small smile. The child is Ji Yans. You can probably see that he looks a little like you. I was unable to walk out of the pain you have caused me that time so me and him

Yan Hua did not say it clearly, but they were both grown man and woman, so he should understand the meaning in her words.

Bo Yan clenched his jaw, his gaze looking at Yan Hua sharply. If its not mine, why do you need to ask the nanny to quickly bring her up, and not let me have a look?

Yan Hua laughed. Its not your child, why should I show it to you? Mr. Bo, we do not have anything between us anymore, please stop appearing before me. I dont want you to disturb my life again. Besides, isnt it better for us to go our own separate ways?

Bo Yan looked at the woman who had turned cold and he narrowed his long upturned eyes. His tall body took two steps forward, coming close to her.

Yan Hua was forced to back away.

Until her back touched the cold hard wall.

Her beautiful eyes stared at him without flinching. He suddenly gave a low laugh, bent down and came close to her ear, his voice low. What you said doesnt count. I will find out about this matter.

His fresh and pleasant smelling breath went into her ear.

Yan Hua was stunned for a few seconds and her heartbeat inexplicably sped up.

Bo Yan returned her phone, got into the SUV and sped away.

Nan Zhi did not know what Mu Sihan said to Xiaojie when they were taking a bath. When he went to bed at night, he pulled her and Mu Sihan to lie on the same bed. I havent slept in the same bed with Daddy and Mommy for a long time. I dont care, I want to sleep with Daddy and Mommy tonight.

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan and saw that his eyes were dark and sharp. She whispered to Xiaojie, Our Brother Jie is a big boy now, you should know that Daddy and Mommy cant sleep in the same bed now

Xiaojie looked at the cold man standing by the bed with his head tilted, his bright black eyes blinked. But Daddy said that if I didnt say that, he would have a little sister with Pretty Zhizhi.

Mu Sihan was speechless. The brat promised not to say it.

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan, whose face was dark, and his eyes looked away.

Xiaojie hugged Nan Zhis arm and shook it, pouting his lips. Pretty Zhizhi, lets sleep together. Ill sleep in the middle, Daddy wont bully you.

Brat, do you even know the meaning of bully?

Nan Zhi felt like she owed Xiaojie for not being by his side for this past year. She could not beat him and could only promise to stay and sleep on his little bed.

Xiaojie leaned against Nan Zhis arms, listening to her read a story. After a while, he fell asleep.

Nan Zhi touched the little fellows head and her clear beautiful eyes emitted a soft maternal glow under the light. Her fair skin, high nose bridge, red lips and gentle eyes made her look gentle and beautiful.

Mu Sihan walked quietly to the side of the bed where she lay, lowered his head and his handsome face approached her.

Nan Zhi had all of her attention on Xiaojie, who was in her arms. By the time she realized that something was wrong, the mans handsome face was already close to her.

Nan Zhi jolted with shock, but her movement caused her lips to brush against the mans sexy thin lips.

She hastily turned her head, her long eyelashes fluttering. She wanted to say something but the mans cold voice, which was a little teasing, sounded above her head. Miss Nan, why did you kiss me?

Nan Zhi looked at the menacing and arrogant man, whose eyebrows were slightly raised, her lips twitching. Mr. Mu, where is your face?

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