Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 587

Chapter 587 Hero Rescuing The Beauty

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Inside was a transparent crystal coffin. Inside the crystal coffin lay a woman in a bright red dress with heavy makeup, but her face was still deathly pale.

Mu Sihan went closer and saw that the woman in the coffin was Lian Yun, who was stabbed by Xueer.

After Lian Yun died, her body was taken away by Qiao Yanrong.

He heard that there was a funeral and the body was cremated.

He did not expect Qiao Yanrong to be so perverted to freeze Lian Yun and keep her in this villa.

There was a dim wall lamp in the darkroom. The light shone on the pale face and the fiery red lips of the woman in the coffin. It was horribly scary to look at!

When Mu Sihan recovered from the shock, he was back to his usual self and there was no fear.

He walked around the darkroom and saw a trembling woman huddling in the corner.

The womans hair was messy, her body was cold and she had her head lowered. Both of her hands were handcuffed and Mu Sihan could not see her face.

Qiao Yanze had circled downstairs but did not find any secret rooms. Seeing that Mu Sihan was still upstairs, he went up too.

When he saw that one of the bookshelves in the study was opened, Qiao Yanze went in with some doubts.

The further he went in, the colder he felt.

Qiao Yanze rubbed his arms, muttering in his heart. Why did it feel like he was in a morgue?

When he reached the end, Qiao Yanze saw that under the gloomy light was a crystal coffin and inside it lay a woman. He yelled in fright, Sh*t! Why is there a dead person inside?

When he realized that it was Lian Yun, the person Qiao Yanrong had on his mind, Qiao Yanze growled in his heart.

What was this?

Wasnt this woman cremated?

The cold air in the crystal coffin and the dark and gloomy light around made Qiao Yanze feel like he was in a horror film.

If he had not seen Mu Sihan standing not far away from him, he would have almost ran out of the door!

Why didnt you say something? Qiao Yanze walked behind Mu Sihan and he got another shock when he saw a woman huddling in the corner.

He patted his his wildly beating chest and said with an unnaturally pale face. Is this a human or a ghost?

Mu Sihan turned and looked at Qiao Yanze. You, question her.

Shes the one hidden by Qiao Yanrong?

Mu Sihan pursed his thin lips. Yes, hurry up.

Mu Sihan had a phone call and went out to answer it.

Qiao Yanze pulled the woman up and was slightly stunned when he saw her face clearly.

She was quite good looking.

However, his Zhizhis life is on the line, he would not have pity on her no matter how pretty she was.

A few minutes later, Mu Sihan came back, his expression cold. Shangguan Wan called and said Qiao Yanrong has woken up. He reported to Princess Fengxi and the princess persuaded the Queen to execute Nan Zhi in advance. Have you got anything yet?

Qiao Yanze shook his head. This woman has a tight mouth. I cant get anything out of her.

Mu Sihans handsome face tensed and a coldness exuded from within his bones. He looked at the woman then said to Qiao Yanze, Go back and save Nan Zhi. Try and delay for time, Ill pry open her mouth!

Qiao Yanze narrowed his eyes. Are you going to sleep it out of her?


Qiao Yanze replied, If you dare to do anything that hurts our Zhizhi, I wont let you off!

After Qiao Yanze left, Mu Sihan walked to the woman. The woman had sobered up and looked at the handsome, cold and tall man in front of her. She deliberately puffed out her enticing chest. If you sleep with me, maybe I

Before she could finish, her long hair was grabbed by the man.

Mu Sihan was not a gentle person, he was easily irritated. Even Nan Zhi had suffered in his hands before. Not to mention, this ignorant woman.

He grabbed her and opened the coffin, throwing the woman inside without saying anything.

The woman lay on the ice-cold corpse of Lian Yun and before she could even scream, Mu Sihan closed the cover of the crystal coffin.

The woman looked at the man standing by the crystal coffin with a frightened look. There was a cold and bloodthirsty smile on his face and was like a devil from hell, exuding a bloody and violence aura.

The menacing look on his handsome face made people shiver with fright.

The woman kept beating the crystal coffin and did not dare to look at the corpse pressed under her.

Although her hands were stained with blood, she had never been in the same room with a dead body for several days. Qiao Yanrong had only locked her in the darkroom, but the man in front of her had thrown her directly into the coffin.

He was more of a devil when compared to Qiao Yanrong.

Mu Sihan went out and took a sharp dagger over. He opened the crystal coffin and moved the sharp end of the dagger around the artery pumping on the womans neck. If you dont tell the truth, I will cut a few times on your body and let your blood fill this coffin slowly.

The womans lips trembled. Ill talk, Ill talk

Nan Zhi was led out of the dungeon after being blindfolded.

She did not know where she was going to be taken. She was pushed roughly into a car and after 20 minutes, was dragged roughly out of the car.

Then she was taken to a quiet room and pushed onto a bed.

Her hands and legs were handcuffed and fixed to the bed.

The mask over her head was uncovered.

Nan Zhi opened her eyes and saw Qiao Yanrong and a man in a white coat standing by the bed.

Qiao Yanrong smiled coldly at Nan Zhi. Dont worry, after injecting the euthansia drug, you will feel like youre asleep and there wont be any pain!

Nan Zhis pupils constricted.

Her hands and legs struggled and her face paled. Isnt it tomorrow afternoon? You devil, I didnt cause Lian Yuns death, why are you exacting revenge on me?!

Youd have to die, even if there was no Lian Yun.

Nan Zhi shook her head, her eyes red. How did I offend you? Other than Lian Yun, we have never had any grudge, right?

Qiao Yanrong lowered his head, his mouth close to Nan Zhis ear. Because youre An Fengs daughter, you must die.

Nan Zhi did not understand.

Qiao Yanrong looked at the time on the wall and stepped aside. The doctor with the syringe approached Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi screamed in fear. She was no longer able to keep calm in the face of death. She was still young and had a son, and many unfinished things she wanted to do. She did not want to die!

Qiao Yanrong heard Nan Zhis panicked and helpless voice, and he turned around, a cold smile on his face. Even if Mu Sihan had Qiao Yanzes help, he could not save his beloved woman!

He finally was able to let him have the taste of being apart from his beloved woman!

Just when the doctors needle was about to pierce Nan Zhis skin, Qiao Yanze burst into the room with several people.


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