Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 588

Chapter 588 Holding Her In His Arms Tightly

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Hearing Qiao Yanzes voice, Qiao Yanrong was stunned.

No, it was completely impossible.

How did Qiao Yanze find the place where Nan Zhi was going to be executed?

Qiao Yanze seemed to have seen through Qiao Yanrongs mind. The corners of his lips lifted into a devilish smile and he said, Brother, youre such a smart person, of course Ill need to be prepared. Did you forget what I took as a minor in university? Computer Science! Im able to research about procedures, be a hacker, and can set up a tracking program in your phone.

Qiao Yanrongs expression darkened. You touched my phone after you knocked me out?

How else could I possibly find this place?

Qiao Yanrong looked towards the door and saw that Qiao Yanze had brought along several bodyguards. He was silent for a moment before he smiled with a calm expression. Yanze, the Queen ordered for the execution of Nan Zhi. If you know your place, leave now or else the Qiao family would be drawn into this when the Queen puts the blame on you!

Qiao Yanze looked at Qiao Yanrong, and felt that this man was unfamiliar. This was not his brother at all, he was a devil.

You planned all this to take Nan Zhis life, its not all for Lian Yuns sake, right?

Qiao Yanrongs expression changed. Did Qiao Yanze already find out about Nan Zhi and An Fengs identity?

Brother, Mom and I will still treat you as our family even if you dont do all of this. But if you did something wrong, you wont be able to start anew!

Qiao Yanrong did not want to listen to Qiao Yanze and laughed coldly. Are you here to play for time? Nobody will be able to save Nan Zhi today, she must die! Qiao Yanrong looked at the doctor who was holding the syringe. Times up, why arent you injecting yet?

Qiao Yanze grabbed the doctors wrist and Qiao Yanrong immediately took out a gun from his waist, pointing it at Nan Zhis forehead. If you dare to interfere again, Ill shoot her!

Big Brother!

Dont call me Big Brother. From the moment you set me up, youre not my brother anymore! Qiao Yanrongs expression was twisted. Whoever the Queen wants dead must die. Qiao Yanze, you cant stop it!

What if the Queen has a new order?

Accompanied by a deep and cold voice, a man in a black shirt and black pants came in with steady footsteps.

The perfectly tailored fabric wrapped around his wild and built body, his long legs. When he came in, he brought along a cold and chilly air with him.

A cold and wild smile was on his lips, his deep and dark eyes landed sharply on Qiao Yanrongs face. Im afraid your wish wont be granted!

Qiao Yanrong laughed coldly. He did not believe Mu Sihan would be able to persuade the Queen.

He had sent people to poison Big Stone and his family who had seen Gu Sheng with an old appearance, and even hid that SSS group member in the darkroom of the villa. They could not possibly gather all the witnesses

Mu Sihan wanted to frighten him. He would not be deceived!

The Queen has ordered? Ye Sihan, do you really think of yourself as the Fourth Prince who has power? You cant even be compared to a finger of your brother. If your brother went to plead for mercy, the Queen might be lenient! Qiao Yanrongs eyes were full of contempt and disdain. And what about you? Youre deemed a jinx by the royal family, who would believe you? Dont worry, after Nan Zhi dies, it will be your turn

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly and was silent, his handsome face cold.

After Qiao Yanrong finished speaking, Lin En came in with the Royal Guards.

Seeing Lin En with the Royal Guards, Qiao Yanrong felt that something was amiss and he quickly said, Captain Lin, you came just at the right time. Fourth Prince and Qiao Yanze defied the Queens orders and tried to free the criminal. Detain them quickly!

Lin En raised his gloved hand expressionlessly.

The Royal Guards behind him rushed forward and subdued Qiao Yanrong.

Lin En, youve got the wrong person! The ones who disrupted the royal law are them, not me!

Lin En came over and took the gun in Qiao Yanrongs hand away. Sir, His Highness already brought witnesses to the Queen to prove the criminals innocence. On the contrary, because of your hatred, you killed an innocent family. The Queen has ordered for you to be detained at once!

Hearing this, Qiao Yanrongs legs turned weak.

How did Mu Sihan find the witnesses?

That shepherd boys family were poisoned by him and died, where did the witness come from?

I want to see the Third Princess!

Lin En said coldly, Take him away!

As Qiao Yanrong was being dragged away by the Royal Guards, he shouted at Qiao Yanze, Yanze, seeing that were brothers, save Big Brother, save Big Brother!

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes, the hands hanging by his sides clenched tightly into fists.

Big Brother, its too late for regrets!

You killed several innocent lives and have to pay the price!

Nan Zhi was too shocked and she lay on the bed in a daze, her hands and legs still bounded and was unable to move. She looked at what was happening in the room blankly and her head was blank as a sheet.

She closed her eyes, trying to calm her heart that was still beating wildly.

That euthansia drug was almost injected into her body.

After Qiao Yanrong was taken out, Mu Sihan hurried to Nan Zhi. But Qiao Yanze was closer to the bed and he moved faster than Mu Sihan, holding Nan Zhi firmly in his arms.

It was too dangerous just now.

If he had come a step later, he would not be able to see his niece!

Zhizhi, are you feeling unwell anywhere? Did the needle prick you just now?

Qiao Yanze was excited and joyful when he hugged Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi suddenly felt dizzy as she had not yet recovered from the extreme shock and was being held so tightly by Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanze was still talking endlessly by her ear and soon enough, her eyes turned dark and she could not hear anything at all.

In the hospital.

Nan Zhi was lying quietly on the bed, her face pale and lifeless like a newborn baby who was weak and helpless. The hand that was exposed was so fair that one could see the blood vessels on the back of her hand. The transparent drip was dripping drop by drop from the tube into her pale skin.

Qiao Yanrongs affairs needed to be dealt with later and Mu Sihan could not leave. Qiao Yanze had been sitting by the hospital bed watching over her.


Hearing Nan Zhis weak voice, Qiao Yanze quickly rose from the chair and poured a glass of water, helping Nan Zhi up and fed her a sip of water.

Nan Zhi slowly opened her eyes and after being in the dark for too long, she was not used to the sudden brightness. She closed her eyes and opened them again, looking at the white ceiling, walls, bedsheets and smelling the faint disinfectant smell in the air. It was only then that she realized that she was not dead and was in the hospital.

She was alive.


Hearing someone call her, she pursed her lips and looked at the handsome and devilish man by the bed.

Her pupils constricted.

It was Qiao Yanze.

After almost being killed by Qiao Yanrong, Nan Zhi had a sense of fear towards the people from the Qiao family!

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