Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 589

Chapter 589 Shes Your Daughter

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Qiao Yanzes heart ached when he saw the alertness and panic in Nan Zhis eyes.

It seemed like people from their Qiao family had really hurt her heart!

Although he had not taken his mothers and her mothers hair as a sample for the paternity test, Qiao Yanze already treated Nan Zhi as his family.

A grudge had grown in her heart.

How was he going to tell her the truth?

Qiao Yanze sat by the bed. He stared at her pale face, asking in concern, The doctor said that you only fainted because of a shock and because your body was a little weaker since you havent been eating much recently.

Nan Zhi closed her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering as she said hoarsely, Mr. Qiao, thank you for saving me yesterday, but I dont want to see you. Please leave!

Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows tightly, his body trembling uncontrollably.

He had always been playful, taking nothing seriously and had never been afraid of anything. In this moment, however, all of the blood within him was flowing the other way as if chilled.

His heart kept tightening.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something when the door to the ward was pushed open.

Yan Hua helped An Feng over.

Zhizhi, are you alright?

Hearing Yan Huas voice, Nan Zhi opened her eyes again, Mom Huahua.

After An Feng was brought back to Mu Sihans palace for protection by him, her psychological state was a lot better after after she took the medicine prescribed to her.

At least, she still recognized Nan Zhi.

The moment Qiao Yanze saw An Feng, his handsome figure froze immediately.

Was this his elder sister?

His elder sister was indeed as gentle and beautiful as he had imagined.

Especially her pair of eyes, they were exactly identical to his mothers when she was still young.

Qiao Yanze wanted to reach out to hold onto An Feng, only to be stopped by Nan Zhi. Mr. Qiao, I want to speak to my mom and my best friend. Please leave!

Qiao Yanze looked down, his expression slightly sad.

When he reached the door, he turned back again to look at the mother and daughter inside.

He felt really guilty and upset with himself.

Why didnt he do another confirmation of the DNA test and let Ding Shuman and her daughter stay at the Qiao family for more than a year for nothing?

Yanze, youre really here?

Hearing Madam Qiaos voice, Qiao Yanze looked up and saw his mother walking towards him, together with Li Ying and Nan Yao behind her.

Mom, why are you here?

Madam Qiao coughed in discomfort, acting like she was angry as she glared at Qiao Yanze. My body hasnt been too well recently, so I came today for a reappointment after coming for my first appointment a few days ago. I just heard the doctor say that you were here, so I came over.

The doctor had told her he was very worried for a girl, and she came specifically to see who that woman was.

Li Ying and Nan Yao came forward and greeted Qiao Yanze separately.

Especially Nan Yao, who smiled beautifully when she greeted Qiao Yanze.

She despised Pei Xuan, and if she was bound to not be able to leave the castle and remain as a bed tool, she would rather be Qiao Yanzes.

Pei Xuan did not look that bad to be honest, but he was a fool.

Qiao Yanze was different. He was handsome and also the inheritor of the Dukes title. His prospects were incomparable to that fool, Pei Xuan.

If she could become Qiao Yanzes woman, she would not have to suffer being ordered around by Li Ying anymore.

After Nan Yao greeted Qiao Yanze, disappointment flashed in her eyes after noting that he did not even spare her a glance. It must have been because she had not been able to rest properly and had a poor complexion these past few days, since she had been stepped on and broke two fingers. That must be why Qiao Yanze did not look at her.

Li Ying tugged Nan Yaos arm, after seeing her be distracted. She nudged her head, Go take a look at whos inside the ward.

Nan Yao took the chance when Qiao Yanze was speaking to Madam Qiao and walked in front of the window looking into the ward. She hurriedly took a glance inside.

Nan Yao almost thought she had seen wrongly when she saw Nan Zhi sitting on the bed and An Feng sitting beside her.

Was Nan Zhi the woman that the doctor said Qiao Yanze was very worried about?

What kind of medicine did Nan Zhi give Qiao Yanze to make him so smitten by her? He already knew that Madam Qiao did not like her and her mother!

Nan Yao returned to Li Yings side and whispered to her.

After hearing this, Li Ying walked forward and said to Qiao Yanze, Yanze, you know clearly that your mother is worried about her biological daughter. Why are you spending your energy on irrelevant people instead of looking for her?

Madam Qiao glanced at Li Ying in confusion. Whos in the ward?

Older sister, its that girl that you hate the most, and that crazy woman.

At this, Madam Qiaos expression immediately changed. Yanze, why are you still contacting that woman? I dont like them, stop meeting them in the future!

Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows tightly, staring at Madam Qiao solemnly. Mom, can you tell me why youre so against them? What did they do wrong?

Madam Qiao was speechless by Qiao Yanzes questions.

Actually, they had done nothing wrong. She had merely heard too many unpleasant things about them from Ding Shuman back then, and that girl, Nan Zhi was also sharp-witted and seduced her son. Just these two points were enough to make her not like them.

Before Madam Qiao could say anything, her phone rang.

Her expression immediately changed after the call.

She hurriedly grabbed Qiao Yanzes arm and said in panic, Yanze, I just received news that your older brother was arrested.

Qiao Yanzes handsome face had no expression, as he was exceptionally calm. I know, I was also involved in his arrest.


Madam Qiao lifted her hand and slapped Qiao Yanze ruthlessly. Although hes not your biological older brother, but your father and I still raised him. He also took care of you when you were young. The two of you have been close brothers for thirty years. For what reason did you send him into jail personally?

According to S Countrys Royal rules, anyone who was arrested into jail were usually a major criminal offender and would be sentenced to the death penalty!

Qiao Yanze could understand his mothers emotions right now. To Qiao Yanrong, she had given out an equal amount of love, and did not treat him any differently because he was not her biological child.

However, she did not know that her oldest son was already a completely different person.

Qiao Yanze had not slept for an entire night, and his pretty eyes had turned a little red. He turned towards his furious mother, scoffing lightly, Because he almost got your biological daughter killed and almost took your biological granddaughters life!

Madam Qiaos eyes constricted immediately. She stared at Qiao Yanze, not quite understanding what he meant.

Behind her, Li Ying was also confused, Yanze, what are you saying? Why would Yanrong harm Older Sisters biological daughter? Did you make a mistake?

Before Li Ying finished, Madam Qiao interrupted her with a trembling voice. She took a step forward, grabbing Qiao Yanzes arm once more as she asked in agitation, Yanze, what did you just say? My biological daughter? Does that mean that youve found her?

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