Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Untitled

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Nan Zhis hands were forced to rest on the mans shoulders. She wanted to push him away, though it was clearly a futile action. He disregarded the bit of energy she had completely, kissing her deeper instead.

Although there were barely anyone along the corridors at such a time, but there was the CCTV and the people in the security room might be seeing this right now

With his status, she would definitely be totally condemned by the public if the video of her kissing with a married man that was their Fourth Prince was leaked out.

Nan Zhi immediately struggled with all she had. However, all of her actions were seen as a spice to the lust the man had. He even bit onto her tongue first to suck on it when she was ready to bite him.

Her mind immediately buzzed with numbness.

The usually cold and arrogant man was exuding a strong hormonal scent that overwhelmed her completely. The occasional kissing sounds they made in the quiet corridor made Nan Zhis heart thump in embarrassment.

Nan Zhi could not push him away, as her fingers touched his firm and muscular chest. Looking at the scene from afar, she looked like she was trying to act hesitant to drive the man wild.

Mu Sihan, were in the middle of the corridor

The man left her wet scarlet lips, moving to kiss her flushed cheeks, before he bit and licked her scorching hot earlobe skillfully. His voice was low and hoarse. What are you afraid of?

That someone will see.

See what? A spark of humor appeared in his bright black eyes.

Nan Zhi raised a hand to hit his shoulders. Why are you so annoying?

Mu Sihan touched the tip of his nose to hers, chuckling softly. He did not say anything as he immediately cupped her face and kissed her once more.

Nan Zhis hands were forced to wrap around his neck, as her fingers pinched the back of his neck. She murmured softly, Do you have any public courtesy or sense of shame?

Her face was flushed red, while her almond-shaped eyes were covered in a layer of moisture, and the sight of her really moved him.

He took another step closer towards her, making their bodies press tightly together without a gap between them. His slender fingers lifted her chin, smirking as he intentionally lowered his sexy voice, Why do I need to have a sense of shame in front of my woman? Kitten, beg me. Well enter the room if you beg me.

Nan Zhi really thought that this person was crazy and a psycho!

She glared at him both in anger and embarrassment. If you continue to be like this, Ill kick you.

Where are you kicking? His eyes on her darkened.

When she saw him on the television usually, he looked indifferent and superior to others, his aura making others hard to approach him. However, he was such a pervert and a**hole in private!

His Adams apple bobbled at the pretty sight before him. He felt a warm surge rush through him, as he lifted her chin to kiss her once more.

Nan Zhi hummed a few times, before the man brought her to the room door with his hand on her waist. He pressed her against the unclosed door. Feeling herself move backwards, Nan Zhi was alarmed as she unconsciously grabbed the collar of the mans dressing robe tightly.

This posture looked a little like she was pulling him into the room.

As the two of them continued to kiss, the belt holding his sleep robe together loosened, exposing his collarbones and chest a little. He looked indescribably sexy.

The mans eyes on her were dark and filled with amusement.

Nan Zhi felt like she had been charmed as her heart thumped rapidly.

When the man was horny, he exuded manliness all over him.

With a loud bang, the door was closed with a kick from the man.

Nan Zhi was pressed against the cabinet by the door by the man, as her perky ass was lifted by his muscular and strong arms. Her slender legs had no choice but to circle around his thin waist.

It was hot and embarrassing.

It was especially so because she was wearing a dress.

The mans other hand inched under her skirt, caressing her smooth, tender skin. Wherever his calloused fingers roamed, it tingled, as if small currents of electricity were running through her.

She stared at him, a faint gentleness present in her almond-shaped eyes.

Although she knew that their statues were completely different, that he was as unreachable as a star to her, she felt happy and loved this moment.

No matter what happened in the future, she would not let go of his hand again if she had the choice. Unless, there came a day where he really did not want her anymore.

Mu Sihan looked down at the woman in front of his eyes. Her almond-eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky, bright and eye-catching.

Although I know that Im very handsome, with the way youre looking at me, I wont be able to stop myself from eating you straight away.

Nan Zhi burst into laughter from his words. Youre saying it like you wont eat me if I dont look at you.

He leaned down to nibble at her soft scarlet lips, smirking sexily. You know me quite well. Thats right, I wont stop.

Nan Zhi froze for a few seconds before she understood what he meant, and her pretty lips could not help but curl up into a smile.

Staring at her innocent and beautiful smile, he bit her earlobe, saying hoarsely, I will give you a proper status when I come back.

Nan Zhi was tickled by his breath and did not hear clearly what he said.

His kiss landed on her ears, then her cheeks, then her lips. His kisses were filled with adoration and sweetness, as he parted her lips to intertwine with her tongue. She could not resist, as she took his passion in a sweet and shy manner, before she slowly fell into his deep kiss and responded to him softly.

This requited and completely natural kiss only ended when the pair of them were panting desperately.

He carried her towards the floor-to-ceiling window, pressing her on top of it. Her long eyelashes fluttered. You cant be thinking of doing it here

The view is awesome here, we can see half of the city and the bright starry sky here. Isnt it really interesting? His voice was low, as if it was generated from the depths of his throat.

Nan Zhis remaining bit of rationality told her that she was not that daring to do it with him here

I dont want to be seen by anyone.

Mu Sihan placed her down, turning around to let her look out of the window. This is the Capitals best hotel, and it will only be you looking down at everything. Noone else can see you.

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, the man hugged her from the back, landing small and frequent kisses all over her ears and neck.

She felt dizzy from his kiss. Her heart thumped crazily as she watched him take out a square-shaped packet, biting one corner to tear it open, looking extremely charming and moving.

He was not as rough as he was before, being exceptionally gentle instead.

The two of them let go of all their constraints, falling into each other with deep emotion. They did not need to think about the reality, nor did they need to think about being found out by others

After they were done, he carried her back to the room. She felt sticky all over, unable to fall asleep from the emotions she was feeling, so she went to take a shower in the bathroom.

When she was done, the man was no longer in the room. She wrapped a towel around herself, opening the room door and took a few steps out. She immediately froze when she saw a few figures sitting in the living room.

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