Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 607

Chapter 607 Let Them Go

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Nan Zhi looked at Qiao Yanzes serious and caution expression and she furrowed her eyebrows. Are you still hiding something from me at this time?

Qiao Yanze had planned to tell her the truth when she was in a good mood.

But now, he had no choice but to say it.

The hands on her shoulders tightened their grip. He had bever been as nervous as he was right now.

He was afraid that after knowing the truth, she would feel disgusted, and that he would see it on her face.

He knew that she did not like the people from the Qiao family. And they had no one else to blame.

There is another reason why Qiao Yanrong wanted to kill you. Your mother, An Feng is my elder sister! And you Zhizhi, you are my niece!


When Nan Zhi heard Qiao Yanzes words, her mind turned blank.

Her eyes widened and she looked at Qiao Yanze with disbelief. Her lips trembling. No Impossible, are you mistaken?

Qiao Yanze pulled Nan Zhi into his arms, expressing an unwavering warmth and affection. Theres no mistake, we really are family. Qiao Yanrong is Auntie Hes son. Auntie Hes relative was a gynecologist and it was that relative who switched the child for my father.

Emotions moved around in Nan Zhis chest. She was unable to accept the sudden news.

She came out of Qiao Yanzes arms and moved back several steps. Then what about my grandmothers child?

Your grandmothers child died at birth and Auntie He gave your mother to her. The jade Ding Shuman had when she came to the Qiao family was given by Auntie He!

In other words, Auntie He had always known the truth.

But not only did she not say anything, and had even caused her mothers mental illness to act up!

Nan Zhi closed her eyes. She could not imagine how she would get along with the Qiao family after knowing the truth. But first, the most important thing was to save Xiaojie and the others!

Although Qiao Yanze wanted Nan Zhi to call him Uncle, this kind of thing could not be rushed and forced.

Zhizhi, dont worry. I wont let anything happen to them.

Not long after, Nan Zhi received Qiao Yanrongs call.

Youre with Qiao Yanze, arent you? Pass the phone to him.

Nan Zhi pressed the speaker button. Qiao Yanze frowned but kept his voice calm. Brother, dont hurt them.

Qiao Yanrong laughed. Yanze, prepare 100 million US dollars before dark. Ill call you again. Remember, if you dare to tell anyone about this, we will kill all three of them.

Qiao Yanrong ended the call.

Nan Zhi took out all her savings but for 100 million dollars, it was just a drop in the bucket. Qiao Yanze held Nan Zhis hand and said firmly, Trust me, Ill resolve it!

Nan Zhi disliked Madam Qiao, but at this moment, she felt a kind of ease and warmth with Qiao Yanze by her side.

After Qiao Yanze collected all the money, he brought it over to the place designated by Qiao Yanrong.

Nan Zhi was worried and went with Qiao Yanze.

When they reached the place, Qiao Yanrong sent several people to collect the money.

They only let Qiao Yanze and Nan Zhi in after making sure that Qiao Yanze was not up to any tricks.

In the innermost room, Qiao Yanze and Nan Zhi saw Xiaojie, Madam Qiao and An Feng were tied up together. Qiao Yanrong was holding a large barrel of petrol and poured it around them.

Nan Zhis pupils constricted when she saw this.

Qiao Yanze held Nan Zhis hand tightly and shook his head at her, signalling for her to not be agitated.

Qiao Yanrong sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, a newly lit cigarette in his hand.

The three hostages were not far from him and if he flicked the cigarette lightly, the petrol would be ignited and they would be engulfed by the flames.

At this time, nobody dared to anger Qiao Yanrong.

Brother, Ive got the money. Shouldnt you let them go?

Qiao Yanrong smiled coldly. Yanze, did I say I would release them once I had the money? But you can exchange one of the three lives here with the 100 million dollars. Its up to you to decide who!

Qiao Yanzes eyes darkened.

The three of them were very important to him and Nan Zhi. They were all irreplaceable.

Madam Qiao looked at Qiao Yanrong, who had lost his humanity and had gone insane. She said to Qiao Yanze, Mom is old and has done many silly things. I really did wrong to your sister and Nan Zhi. Leave me and save your sister and Xiaojie!

Hearing Madam Qiaos words, Nan Zhi was incredulous.

In her memory, Madam Qiao had always been a selfish and difficult rich lady.

She did not expect her to be willing to sacrifice herself to protect her mother and Xiaojie.

Nan Zhi believed at this moment that she really loved her child!

Brother, tell me, what on earth do you want to let them go?

Qiao Yanrongs eyes were red and he laughed. Yanze, we have been brothers for many years but you betrayed and deceived me! And mom, she is willing to sacrifice herself even before her daughter has acknowledged her. Your family is so touching Im almost moved to tears. But you know what? The more you are like this, the more uncomfortable I feel. Originally, all this was mine. But An Fengs appearance took everything away from me!

Qiao Yanrong suddenly took out a sharp dagger and came up to Qiao Yanze. You asked me what I want in order for me to let them go. Then, stab Nan Zhi!

With that, Qiao Yanrong rose from the sofa and the hand holding the cigarette pointed at the hostages who were drenched with petrol.

Dont hurt Pretty Zhizhi! Xiaojie, who was tied up, wanted to protect Nan Zhi but was powerless, tears filling his big black eyes.

An Feng and Madam Qiao were also very agitated, scrambling to be stabbed for Nan Zhi.

Qiao Yanze bent down and picked up the dagger, looking at Qiao Yanrong with red eyes. Brother, I wont stab Nan Zhi. But if I stab myself, can you promise to let them go?

Nan Zhis eyes quivered and she held on tightly to Qiao Yanzes arm.

Qiao Yanze pulled Nan Zhi behind him and gave her a meaningful glance.

Qiao Yanze slowly raised the dagger and just when he was about to stab himself in the abdomen, Nan Zhi, who was standing behind him took the opportunity to secretly press the bracelet on her hand. The bracelet was given to her by Qiao Yanze and there were three anesthetic needles inside which were potent enough to make an elephant faint.

Qiao Yanrong felt a pain in his chest and lowered his head to look at the anesthetic needle.

When Qiao Yanrong fell slowly to the ground, there was a cold smile on his lips.

Nan Zhi and Qiao Yanze did not have time to care about Qiao Yanrong. They quickly untied the ropes around Xiaojie and the rest.

Before they could fully untie them, a strange ticking sound could be heard in the suddenly silent air.

Qiao Yanze went forward and opened Qiao Yanrongs clothes. He had a bomb tied to him.

There was only ten seconds left

Qiao Yanze instantly understood the purpose of Qiao Yanrongs kidnapping!

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