Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 608

Chapter 608 Touched

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Qiao Yanze instantly understood the purpose of Qiao Yanrongs kidnapping!

He let his accomplices get the ransom outside while he stayed inside the house with a bomb tied to his body. His purpose was to kill himself and take them all with him!

Go, go quickly!

The time on the bomb turned from nine seconds to eight

Time seemed to move in slow motion.

Nan Zhi also heard the sound of the bomb and she helped Madam Qiao and An Feng up, and held Xiaojie in her arms.

They burst outside quickly, scrambling to get as far away as possible.

An Feng suddenly tripped over a broken chair in her rush. When Nan Zhi and Madam Qiao saw this, they wanted to help her but Qiao Yanze shouted at them, Ill help Sister, just go!

An Feng had sprained her foot and she urged Qiao Yanze, Time is almost up, go!

Qiao Yanze helped An Feng up and took her outside quickly. How could I possibly leave my elder sister behind now that weve finally found you?


It was a sharp sound, a thunderous explosion like a volcano has erupted.

A rush of heat burst out, engulfing the surroundings in flames.

If Qiao Yanze was alone, he could have avoided it, but he could not leave his sister behind.

If she was injured, Zhizhi and his mother would be devastated!

She was a loved one he finally found and he would protect her at all costs!

A dark mushroom cloud rose in the sky. Qiao Yanze blocked the fire and heat with his body, shielding An Feng under his body to protect her from the explosion.

In the ambulance, Nan Zhi looked at Qiao Yanze, who was lifted up into the ambulance with his back badly mutilated and the tears in her eyes fell uncontrollably.

Mr. Qiao! She panicked as she watched the blood flowing out and staining his clothes red.

Mr. Qiao, wake up. Youre not allowed to die, do you hear me? She was terrified and her mind was in a blank. She was afraid that he would die just like that.

Dont cry Qiao Yanze opened his eyes slowly, his eyes showing a trace of heartache upon seeing her panicked expression. My luck is very good, how could I die so easily? Just

Nan Zhis heart tightened. Just what, tell me!

Just that Im really in pain. If if you could call me uncle, maybe it would ease my pain

Nan Zhis wet eyelashes fluttered, and she bit her lip hard, yet the word Uncle could not come out that easily.

Qiao Yanzes face was scrunched up and he whimpered in pain.

Nan Zhi saw his bloody shoulder and her heart was in pain.

She did not expect him to save her mother without regard to his life and all the discontent she felt previously disappeared with the wind.

She closed her eyes and said softly, Uncle.

What? I couldnt hear.

Nan Zhi opened her eyes and glared at Qiao Yanze when she saw the laughter in his eyes. You heard it clearly.

Qiao Yanze wanted to lift his hand to touch Nan Zhis head but when he moved, his shoulder burned with pain.

Nan Zhi felt moved, yet amused. Youre injured, dont move about!

Oh man, this is first time Ive seen you crying for me. Its worth it to be hurt! Qiao Yanze looked like a child who had gotten candy, his lips lifted into a happy smile.

He was still seriously injured so after saying a few words, he fell unconscious again.

The follow-up to the kidnapping was that Qiao Yanrong was killed instantly by the bomb and the accomplices who took the 100 million dollars were arrested by the police very quickly.

The ransom was returned to the Qiao family.

Except for Qiao Yanze, who was seriously injured, everyone else had escaped unscathed.

Xiaojie was still young after all, and had been a little frightened. But he returned to normal after Nan Zhi accompanied him for a few days.

Today, Nan Zhi picked up Xiaojie from school and went to the hospital to visit Qiao Yanze.

Pretty Zhizhi, since you call Uncle Qiao uncle, then what should I call him?

Nan Zhi smiled. Granduncle.

Wow, I didnt expect Uncle Qiao to become a Granduncle at such a young age.

Nan Zhi thought of how Qiao Yanzes expression would be when Xiaojie called him Granduncle. It would be so wonderful!Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

As they approached Qiao Yanzes ward, Xiaojie struggled out of Nan Zhis hold and pushed open the door, shouting with his childish voice, Granduncle, Granduncle, Brother Jie is here!

Qiao Yanze was teasing the young nurse who was injecting him. When he heard the word Granduncle, he almost choked on his own saliva.

The young nurse was shocked. Young Master Qiao, youre so young yet youre a granduncle already? Or do you look young and youre actually a lot older?

Before Qiao Yanze could say anything, the nurses eyes lit up when she saw a cute child shooting towards them wearing a blue little suit, white shirt and carrying a bag. Young Master Qiao, is that your nieces son? Hes so cute and lovely!

A brilliant smile appeared on Xiaojies beautiful and delicate little face and he said, Sister Nurse is also pretty, its no wonder my Granduncle wanted to rob the cradle!

The nurse had no resistance to an adorable child and she smiled, crouching in front of Xiaojie, and could not help pinching his little face with a smitten expression on her face. Whats your name? Whyre you so cute? Oh my, I regret being born early. If I were your age, I would have a chance to be your girlfriend!

The mouth of Qiao Yanze, who was on the hospital bed, twitched.

How old was this little fellow? He could make the nurses in the inpatient department lose their souls when they saw him!

Qiao Yanze did not know how many girls he would harm when he grew up!

After the nurse left, Nan Zhi entered the ward.

Seeing the thermos flask in Nan Zhis hands, Qiao Yanze sighed, Zhizhi is still good to me. This little thing undercut me and took away my limelight! Previously, when he flirted with girls, he would be able to get them without too much trouble, but ever since the appearance of this little fellow, the gaze of all the pretty nurses were only on Xiaojie.

Nan Zhi took out the food she had prepared and looked at Qiao Yanze, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Youre a grown up. Why dont you look for a serious girlfriend?

Tsk, tsk. Why are you talking like your grandmother now? Then, seeming to have thought of something, Qiao Yanzes upturned eyes narrowed slightly at Nan Zhi. Did you call Grandmother already?

Nan Zhi bit her lips and shook her head truthfully.

Take your time, who asked my mom to be blind before.

Nan Zhi looked at Qiao Yanze, feeling touched.

Her life seemed to be too different all of a sudden. This kind of kinship was what she had always longed for!

Qiao Yanze stayed in the hospital for nearly a month. When he was discharged from the hospital, Nan Zhi promised to go to the Qiao castle to have a meal at his repeated request.

After the kidnapping, An Feng had come to terms with the fact that she was Madam Qiaos daughter and they had already reunited.

Nan Zhi was the only one who still had some misunderstanding with Madam Qiao and could not call her Grandmother so easily.

When Madam Qiao learned that Nan Zhi would be coming back with Qiao Yanze, she had told her servants to tidy up the room and went to the market to buy fresh vegetables personally.

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