Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Worried

Ever since Bo Yan went to the battlefield, Yan Hua looked indifferent, but she was still worried.

Although she hated him, she had never wanted anything to happen to him!

She was busy with work almost every day but she would still watch the news on the military channel.

When she was messaging Nan Zhi, she would also talk about the war at the Yukou border.

Nan Zhi knew that Yan Hua was worried, so after the live broadcast, she called Yan Hua.

After finding out that Bo Yan had returned safely, Yan Huas suspended heart was finally released.

Huahua, hes injured. Are you coming to the military hospital to visit him?

Yan Hua thought of that night before he went to war. Back then, she had used Su Mo to make him believe that she had a new lover and that she would never look back!

Her purpose was not to have any more contact with him.

Im not going. As long as he had returned safely, he would surely be treated well with the medical expertise of the military hospital.

After her call with Yan Hua, Nan Zhi wanted to go to the hospital to find Bo Yan.

Although he was back, Mu Sihan was still nowhere to be seen. She wanted to ask him about Mu Sihan.

But the departments where the wounded soldiers were hospitalized were heavily guarded, and no media or external parties could enter.

Nan Zhi had no choice but to call Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanze arrived at the hospital soon and he found out that Bo Yan was having an operation in the operating room.

He was shot once in the thigh and once in his left arm. He was anesthetized during the operation and wont wake up until tomorrow. Qiao Yanze dragged Nan Zhi into a sports car. Bo Yans back, so Mu Sihan should be safe. Just wait for him to come back. If youre really worried then you can ask Bo Yan tomorrow.

Nan Zhi felt that what Qiao Yanze said was reasonable. She nodded and went back with him.

Yan Hua had a nightmare that Bo Yan died on the operating table.

She could not sleep any more after waking up.

Zhizhi said that he was injured, but she did not say where and if it was serious.

Yan Hua looked at Little Apple beside her. As she grew up every day, the childs eyes grew more and more like Bo Yan.

Long eyelashes, beautiful eyes, she was exquisite and delicate.

Yan Hua leaned close to Little Apple and said softly, Darling, do you think I should go and see him?

The next day, Yan Hua had made a decision.

She was going to the hospital to ask about Bo Yans injury.

Yan Hua met with the same situation as Nan Zhi when she arrived at the military hospital.

They did not let her in.

Yan Hua planned to leave and when she came out of the hospital, a tanned young man in a military uniform stopped her.

Hello, Sister.

The man greeted Yan Hua warmly.

Yan Hua was stunned for several seconds before she responded. She had seen this man in front of her before.

If she remembered correctly, he was called Stone and was 21 years old

Hello, Stone.

Stone saw that Yan Hua still remembered him and he scratched the back of his head shyly. Youve got such a good memory. I thought you didnt remember me! Oh, youre here to see Boss, right?

Yan Hua nodded her head with an unnatural expression. I wanted to see how his injury was, but they wont let me in.

They must not have known youre Bosss sister. Come, Ill bring you in.

Yan Hua bit her lip and stood unmovingly. Stone, how is he doing?

In the battlefield, Stone and Boss met with an ambush and almost could not make it back. At that time, he heard Boss confide in him that he was the most apologetic to his sister.

Boss was shot and on the helicopter, Stone heard him calling out his sisters name.

When Stone was sorting out his belongings, he found that he had written a letter. He then realized why Boss did not allow him to like his sister. He already had deep feelings for his sister.

Stone did not know what had happened between them, but he could see that Sister did not want to have any interactions with Boss.

Yan Hua saw that Stone was silent and she frowned unconsciously. Was he seriously injured?

Stone nodded hurriedly. Yes, Boss was shot twice and almost died. Sister, go with me to see him. I dont know if Boss can get through this critical period. If you dont see him now, you might not have the chance in the future!

Yan Hua looked at Stones honest appearance and did not think he would lie to her.

Yan Hua did not hesitate anymore. She hurried behind Stone and entered the hospital.

Stone took Yan Hua to the top VIP area, and the more she walked in, the more strange Yan Hua felt.

If Bo Yan was seriously injured and still in a critical condition, shouldnt he be in the intensive care unit?

Stone, are you sure he hasnt passed the critical condition?

Stone scratched his head and dared not to look at Yan Hua. Sister, Boss was shot twice, his injury was really serious.

They went to the innermost ward.

Several nurses pushing carts loaded with medicine came out of the ward in a terrible state.

He went out on the battlefield, and was not afraid of bullets piercing through his skin, but is afraid of injections and medicines!

His temper was so scary!

Looking at the nurses who were pale with fright, Yan Hua asked, May I know if the patient in this ward has the surname of Bo?

Yes! He looked good and was a hero but his temper was really scary! He refused to take his medicine, have his injections or let us do our routine checkup, and even drove us out. From last night till now, we were almost tortured to death by him!

Yan Huas attention was on the five words afraid of injections and medicine!

He was once from the Special Anti-Drug Team, and was now Mu Sihans right arm. A man who was able to wield guns and go onto the battlefield was afraid of injections and medicine?

This was unbelievable!

Yan Hua laughed in an unkindly manner.

After laughing, she realized that the nurses were looking at her like she was a monster and she stopped laughing quickly.

But just as she had stopped laughing, Stone, who was beside her, started to laugh. Hahaha, Boss is afraid of nothing but is actually afraid of injections and medicine. This is too much fun!

The nurses were speechless.

After the nurses left, Stone looked into the ward from the window. He then said to Yan Hua, Sister, Boss seems to be awake, but his expression is still dark. I definitely wont be able to persuade him, so you go in and persuade him!

Before Yan Hua could say anything, Stone pushed her into the ward.

The door was pushed open and Yan Hua staggered forward a few steps. She wanted to back away but it was too late.

The man who was half lying on the bed was wearing a loose hospital gown on his upper body, his arm wrapped with bandages, his lower body was covered by a thin blanket and it seemed like he was not wearing any pants below. He looked towards the door when he heard the noise.

Yan Huas heart jumped and she steadied herself, looking up and meeting his eyes.

Sister, Ill leave our boss to you. Stone shut the door after he had finished speaking.

Yan Hua pursed her lips, looking at the mans thin face. His facial features seemed even more well-defined and prominent, the contours of his face more indifferent and cold.




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