Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Dont You Miss Me?

It was not that Nan Zhi did not want to go out to welcome Mu Sihan, but she was a little confused and scared by his dismissive gaze when he passed by her in the afternoon.

When she brought Xiaojie over to find him, she felt extremely courageous.

But now that she heard the sound of the engines outside, she acted like a snail that had hidden in its shell.

Not too long after Xiaojie ran inside, Nan Zhi heard the maids greeting Fourth Young Master unanimously.

Nan Zhi, who was sitting on the sofa, trembled immediately.

Her hands that were placed on her knees clenched tightly then relaxed, before they clenched tightly again.

She had never been so nervous.

Shortly after, Nan Zhi heard Xiaojies soft voice. Daddy, youve been away for so long, have you missed me?

Nan Zhi held onto her breath, hearing the man humming in agreement softly.

I miss Daddy too! I didnt come here alone tonight, Pretty Zhizhi is here too!

Xiaojie held onto the mans large hands and walked into the living room hurriedly.

The man behind him remained indifferent and unchanged.

After Nan Zhi heard Xiaojies voice, she could not remain calm any longer, standing up from the sofa.

As she saw the man slowly enter her sight, her heart started to beat faster.

He had changed his clothes, and was not wearing the military uniform he was wearing when he got off the plane. Instead, he was now wearing a fitting dark colored suit with a tie, a diamond tie clip clipped on it. He looked extremely handsome and charming in this outfit.

Nan Zhis eyes landed on his handsome face, at his eyes that were as dark as ink, his tall nose and scarlet sexy lips He was the same as before, but there was an unfamiliarity on him that made her confused.

It might have been because his expression was way too aloof!

It had been 90 days from the day he left till today, when he returned.

The two of them had no contact with each other at all, each of them holding on to their yearning for the other.

Her feelings for him did not fade away with time. Instead, it deepened with that yearning and adoration for him.

In countless number of dreams she had, she always dreamt of him returning.

She thought that he would definitely hug her domineering and wildly, before he kissed her ruthlessly.

She had never thought that their reunion would be so calm and cold.

Nan Zhis eyes landed on his well-defined features.

No one spoke in the large living room.

It was completely silent.

Nan Zhi just stared at him like that until the two arrived by the sofa.

Pretty Zhizhi, Daddy is back. Xiaojie was in front of Mu Sihan and did not notice how aloof Mu Sihan looked.

Mu Sihans deep black eyes landed on Nan Zhis face and met her eyes.

His eyes were as deep as the ocean, as if able to drown a person in them.

Nan Zhi smiled brightly, taking the initiative to greet him. Im very happy that you can return safely. When she said this, a layer of moisture covered her eyes unconsciously.

She had been worried and scared for the entire duration he was away.

To be honest, every day had been tough for her.

Mu Sihan nodded at Nan Zhi, not a bit of change in his cold, black eyes after hearing her speak. He replied hoarsely and coldly, Im very good, you dont have to worry.

He did not speak to Nan Zhi anymore, turning to look at Xiaojie instead.

He caressed Xiaojies small head softly. Daddy still has many things to do. If youre staying at the Palace, you can go to sleep by yourself after showering. If youre not staying, be safe when you return with your Mommy.

He did not look at Nan Zhi again before he went up.

Nan Zhi stared at his indifferent back, her expression turning stiff.

Her instincts told her that he had changed.

If it was the him in the past, the first thing he would do after returning would definitely to hug her tightly before kissing her ruthlessly.

And not act like he was now, not even glancing at her before he left immediately.

Nan Zhis heart hurt a little.

More than a little.

Pretty Zhizhi, whats wrong with Daddy? He doesnt seem to like me and you as much as before.

Nan Zhi found it strange too.

Although he was never one to show his emotions often, he was an especially overbearing person, and he would never be stingy with showing his emotions and feelings towards the people and things that he cared for.

Pretty Zhizhi, Daddy might be too busy! I noticed that he even had dark eye circles now, he must have not been able to sleep properly for a very long time. Xiaojie ran in front of Nan Zhi, grabbing her slender hand with his soft hand. Pretty Zhizhi, lets stay at the Palace tonight. I want to keep Daddy company!

Xiaojie also knew that his Daddy had gone to war these past few months. He was not only the peoples hero, but also the biggest hero to him.

Nan Zhi glanced upstairs. She did not want to leave just like that before she found out about why he was so aloof towards her.

Xiaojie was still a child after all. After taking a shower, he lay on his bed, waiting for his Daddy to come until nearly midnight. By then, he was so sleepy that he could not take it anymore and fell asleep.

Nan Zhi was not sleepy at all.

Walking out from Xiaojies room, Nan Zhi went down when she saw that the lights in Mu Sihans study were still on.

At the stairs, she met Yi Fan, who was bringing supper to Mu Sihan.

Yi Fan froze slightly when he saw Nan Zhi.

Miss Nan?

Nan Zhi nodded, glancing at the supper Yi Fan was holding. Is that for Mu Sihan?


Nan Zhi walked forward, reaching out. Ill bring it to him!

Yi Fan hesitated, This

Butler Yi, when you were fighting in the war, did something happen to him?

Yi Fan pondered for a while, before he passed the tray in his hands to Nan Zhi. He did not answer her question, merely saying, Then Ill trouble Miss Nan.

Nan Zhi stared as Yi Fan went downstairs, furrowing her exquisite eyebrows tightly.

They must be hiding something from her!

Nan Zhi took the tray and headed towards the study.

The doors to the study were not shut tightly, with a small gap shown between. Nan Zhi lifted her hand, about to knock on the door when she suddenly heard the man say hoarsely and coldly, Im busy right now and I cant excuse myself Must you be like this? Alright, you can wait for it.

Before Nan Zhi had the chance to move away, the man suddenly pulled the door open from inside.

His expression was cold, the man standing in front of her like he was exuding a freezing mist.

He probably did not expect to see her standing in front of the door, as a flash of a series of complicated emotions appeared in the mans dark eyes when he saw her.

Where are you going? Nan Zhi did not want to be courteous to him. The two of them had never been that distant from each other, and she did not want to keep the things that she wanted to ask about inside her.

If he really had ideas about other woman because of this war, or that he fell out of love with her, she could let go.

She was never one to pester another person!

She just needed to know.

Hearing her words, the man stared at her. His eyes were so deep that she could not see the end in them, as if they were black holes that could swallow everything. Im going out to settle something.

When he spoke to her, his tone was indifferent and very normal.

Nan Zhi immediately felt an indescribable sadness.




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