Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 618

Chapter 618 She Hugged Him From Behind

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Nan Zhi stared fixedly at the man whose expression remained indifferent, doing her best to suppress the turmoil within her.

At first, she had prepared a lot to say to him. However, her mind was in a mess when she saw him now.

If theres nothing, Ill go do my work, he said indifferently before he turned to leave.

Staring at his cold and large back, Nan Zhis heart tightened into a ball.

He had returned and was right in front of her, but why did the distance between them become so great?

When he was at the stairs and was ready to go down, Nan Zhi suddenly shouted, Mu Sihan, stop right there!

She did not know if he had been surprised by her sudden shout, but the man stopped.

However, he did not turn back.

Nan Zhi ran over to him, hugging him from behind without a care of anything. Her fingers that were placed in front of his waist interlaced with each other tightly. She pressed her face against his back, feeling his temperature and breathing.

The man stumbled forward from her action, though he managed to stabilize himself very quickly.

He looked down to stare at her interlaced fingers and his eyes were dark. You asked me to stop to throw yourself into my embrace?

Nan Zhi opened her mouth, though she did not have the chance to say anything before he pulled her fingers apart strongly.

Dont be like this in the future. He threw the words at her before he left with large strides without turning back.

Nan Zhi stared at his disappearing figure in shock.

He walked really fast, as if there was a monster chasing behind him.

Nan Zhi bit down on her lips hard. Her exquisite eyebrows were furrowed tightly together. The words that he just said to her kept replaying in her mind. Dont be like this in the future.

In the past, if she took a bit of initiative, he would always be elated and excited. He had always been the more domineering and wild party in their relationship, while she was more shy and reserved.

He had changed.

Did he really lose his feelings or interest in her?

At the thought of something, Nan Zhi hurriedly went down.

When Mu Sihan forcefully pulled Nan Zhis hands apart and walked down the stairs, his head started to throb painfully, as if countless sharp needles were poking into his head ruthlessly..

The vein on his forehead popped up.

Yi Fan! He called hoarsely as he panted roughly.

Yi Fan hurriedly walked to the stairs, hurriedly helping Mu Sihan when he saw Mu Sihans red eyes and distorted face from the pain.

Help me to the car.

Yi Fan did not dare say anything, hurriedly helping him onto the car.

Go to Lucy.

Yi Fan started the engine, glancing back at the man through the back mirror. The man was sweating terribly, curling into a ball as he growled softly like a wild beast from the pain. He furrowed his eyebrows tightly. Young Master, what are you suffering from?

The doctor had given him a full body checkup, and he was fine after his injured chest was completely healed. However, this pain accompanied him from time to time.

It was the type of pain that felt like ones bones were being ground up and gave so much pain that one felt like dying when it acted up!

What Yi Fan could not comprehend even more was why his Young Masters pain would disappear the moment Lucy appeared!

Yi Fan did not dare to stop the car when he saw Mu Sihan banging his head against the cars window from the pain. There was once when he tried to stop Mu Sihan when the pain acted up, however, he did not manage to stop Mu Sihan and got injured by him instead.

Yi Fan could only drive faster, speeding towards the hotel where Princess Lucy was staying.

Within 20 minutes, Yi Fan stopped the car in front of the hotel that Royal Palace used to accommodate important guests.

The moment the car stopped, someone was already knocking on the car window.

Seeing Princess Lucy standing outside, Yi Fan unlocked the doors.

Lucy opened the car door and sat on the car.

Seeing Mu Sihans pale face and red eyes from the pain he was suffering, she hurriedly took out a black pill from her bag. Yi Fan, come and help me.

The two almost used all of their energy before they finally managed to push the pill into Mu Sihans mouth, who had lost his rationality from the pain.

Lucy took out her handkerchief, wiping the sweat on his forehead for him, before she glared sharply at Yi Fan. Which woman did he touch tonight?

Yi Fan was speechless.

Was it his wife, Shangguan Wan?

Yi Fan furrowed his eyebrows tightly. Princess, our Young Master

Scram, I dont want to hear it anymore.

A few seconds later, Lucy narrowed her eyes when she saw that Yi Fan did not leave. If your Young Master doesnt need my help when he acts up next time, you can go against my orders.

Yi Fan glanced at Mu Sihan, whose pain was slowly going away after taking the medicine. He asked respectfully, Young Master, do you need me to leave the car?

Lucys expression changed, this damned servant.

Mu Sihan lifted his hand, gesturing for Yi Fan to get out of the car.

After Yi Fan left, Lucy lowered the separating panel between the drivers seat and the passenger row behind, separating them from the rest of the world.

Mu Sihan and her were the only ones left in the narrow space.

Lucy reached out, caressing the mans well-defined face. Did you touch a woman tonight?

Before her fingers touched him, he waved her hand away coldly.

Lucy did not mind, merely laughing as she stared at him meaningfully. I told you that you would regret it when you took me hostage a month ago. Do you believe me now?

After the pain went away in Mu Sihans head, he stared stonily at Lucy with a dark expression. What have you done to me?

From the moment since the bullet at his chest was removed, his body had changed.

He would get splitting headaches suddenly and they hurt so much he felt like dying!

When Nan Zhi hugged him tonight, it had acted up as well.

Lucy stared at how aloof he looked, laughing coyly. To be honest, I had too many admires around me since I was young. I would be able to get anyone who I liked with just by curling my fingers. I had never seen a man like you who ignored me so completely.

Women, like men, actually possess a very strong sense of desire to conquer someone they want. Lucy leaned towards Mu Sihan. Smell me, doesnt it make you relax?

You can only have me in the future. If you touch any other woman, I told you before that you would die!

A murderous aura flashed in Mu Sihans red eyes. He lifted his hand, moving to strangle Lucys slender neck.

Lucy clearly did not expect him to strangle her.

He did not care if she was a woman at all, strangling her like he wanted to kill her. Lucy huffed in pain, feeling like the air was only leaving her lungs instead of entering them. She stared at the mans extremely cold red eyes, her face turning red as she said unstably, You will regre

Before she could finish, the man let go of her neck, as if he had lost all his energy.

Lucy coughed violently. She stared at the man who was cupping his neck with both hands when she regained her senses, smirking as she said, I forgot to tell you, when youre hurting me, you will feel the same pain that Im feeling. The two of us will be like Siamese twins and will never be able to separate from each other again!

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